Why are toenails crumbling?

ногти на ногах крошатся Nails

You should always pay attention to the condition of natural nails – on the feet or hands. This is due to the fact that the nail plate serves as a kind of protection for sensitive fingertips, in which are the nerve endings. Because of this, almost all internal problems affect the health of a manicure or pedicure.

Sometimes ladies are faced with the fact that their toenails are crumbling. And this is not always related to their mechanical damage, which is quite dangerous for them.

Why are toenails crumbling?

To restore the health of the nail plate after its significant damage, you need to pay attention to why toenails are crumbling.

There are many factors that can influence this. They are divided into two main groups – internal and external. The former depend on the state of health of the woman, and the secondary depend on the impact of external factors.

Why are toenails crumbling?

If your nails are crumbling, pay attention to the possible causes:

  1. Lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. One of the most important points which always affects the quality of marigolds – reduced immunity. For nails recovery, it is important to pay attention to vitamins and beneficial elements, coming through food and other external sources.
  2. Mechanical damage. Any injury to the feet, toes, legs, or the nails themselves, leads to damage to blood circulation and a decrease in metabolism. Because of this the plate can begin to crumble, flake off, and thin out.
  3. Wearing tight shoes. Often ladies wear tight shoes that squeeze their toes and constrain movement.
  4. Hypothermia or burns. Exposure to sudden changes in temperature always affects on the matrix.
  5. Long-term wear of building-up or decorative coating in the form of gel polish. Despite the fact that hypoallergenic formulations are often used in salons, their illiterate application can always ruin the nail bed, it will begin to crumble.
  6. Hormonal disruption. Sometimes problems with the marigold appear during or after having a serious illness during adolescence or pregnancy.
  7. Temporary defects. With age, the amount of building material produced in the woman’s body decreases, which is why many have problems with pedicure. It becomes rough, detachments, yellowness, etc. are formed.
  8. Illiterate performance of nail processing. Most ladies now prefer do a pedicure in the salon so that the specialist professionally corrects the shape of the free edge and ensured the neat condition of the marigolds. However, specialists do not always sterilise, sharp instruments and consumables that affect health matrix after work.

A lady can control almost all the reasons, therefore, knowing them, you can prevent further damage to the nail plate.


If you know exactly why the plate began to crumble, you can quickly rehabilitate it by eliminating the irritant factor. However, even after nail health is restored, attention should be paid to recommendations that will help prevent relapse.

Why are toenails crumbling?

Prevention is as follows:

  • Balance your diet. Include in it fiber, protein, vitamins in the form of cereals,
    fruits and vegetables. This will help you maintain a healthy immune
  • Perform grooming manipulations 2-3 times a week. Compresses, baths,
    lotions, masks for the sensitive area can be made independently. They will improve
    its visual state and normalize microflora;
  • Pay attention to the shoes you are wearing. She should not hinder movement, and fingers
    should be in a relaxed state;
  • Be careful when choosing a specialist and salon where you want to get a pedicure. You
    have the right to verify on the spot the sterility of consumables and certification of a specialist who works with your feet;
  • Avoid hypothermia of the feet. Because of this, doctors always recommend even at home
    put on socks. You may not feel cold, but a large number of nervous
    endings on the feet are irritated.

At the first signs of a fungal infection, see your doctor in order to eliminate it in time. This precaution will prevent serious nail damage.


Natural nails can chip for completely different reasons. There are enough factors that affect health – both internal and external. At first signs of such a lesion in the sensitive area, it is important to consult a doctor so that examined you and prescribed treatment, since the consequences of an illiterate recovery can be serious enough.

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