What to do if a nail comes off?

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Problems with natural nails are not always taken seriously by ladies, however, ignoring severe damage to the nail bed can lead to problems with the matrix, due to which there is a high probability of damage to nerve endings.

Not all woman know what to do if a nail comes off, although almost everyone faces a similar problem, even with additional strengthening of the surface in the salon.


A torn off nail is a rather serious problem, ignoring which can lead to total damage to the nail bed. It always happens due to mechanical damage to the free edge, however, this can be provoked by a fairly large number of factors – internal or external.

Thinned manicure is always accompanied by the risk of damage with strong pressure on him, so it is always important for women to pay attention to nail health.

nail comes off

Factors that can trigger thinning:

  • Lack of trace elements and vitamins in the body;
  • Hormonal disruption associated with the transfer of a serious illness or during pregnancy;
  • Long-term wearing of decorative coating or building-up without interruption. Nail the bed in this case is locked under a dense base, which is why it does not come to it oxygen, metabolism decreases;
  • Injury to feet, legs or fingers. Any injury affects the deterioration blood circulation, a decrease in metabolism and the rate of regeneration of epithelial cells;
  • Damage to the nail bed with aggressive substances, chemicals. If you neglect to wear protective gloves when using detergents, acids and alkalis, nails may begin to thin and crumble;
  • Wearing uncomfortable, tight shoes. If the shoes squeeze the ladies fingers, they embarrass movement, you always need to be prepared for the occurrence of problems reflected in pedicure.

The damage itself can occur as a result of a strong blow to the marigold or simply a strong mechanical impact on it.

Sometimes the nail can come off if you do a manicure carelessly in the salon. For example, if the nail technician uses the apparatus for removing decorative coverings or cleaning the cuticle illiterately, touching the nail, she gradually thins it. Severe damage to its structure sometimes leads to the fact that it can come off.

First aid

If only the free edge of the nail bed has come off, you do not need to take special measures. It is enough just to correct its shape with a file so that it does not scratch.

However, if the main part of the plate comes off from you, pay attention to performing first aid on the affected area to prevent the introduction of infection into the body through an open wound or accidental damage to the matrix.

First aid depends on the type of defect:

  1. Remove the part of the nail that came off. It will still not grow back, however, with a sudden movement, it can damage the open area. Cut it off carefully with a file or scissors.
  2. In any case, you first need to disinfect the place where the nail came off. Use a skin antiseptic or hydrogen peroxide for this.
  3. If bleeding occurs, it must be stopped. For this it is recommended perform a cold finger bath.
  4. Apply a special breathable adhesive plaster to the damaged area, which will protect the finger from external factors, but also provide oxygen to it.
  5. If the periungual area is affected, use an anti-cut ointment. So you speed up rehabilitation of epithelial cells, increasing local immunity.

Sometimes during the period of nail regrowth, in order to ensure a competent restoration of a manicure or pedicure, Ladies resort to prosthetics. The technique involves covering the nail bed with artificial material – complete or partial, which has a safe antibacterial composition.

nail comes off

Track how you feel after applying the compress to the area where the plate came off. If you feel discomfort, burning, pain, you should consult a doctor.

It is recommended that you apply an antiseptic to your finger every 1–2 hours to prevent infection or dirt from entering the open wound. The vulnerable area should be handled as carefully as possible during the healing period.


The nail can spontaneously break off when it is severely thinned as a result of external or internal factors. In any case, a similar problem associated with the health of a manicure or pedicure can lead to damage to the matrix, which is why you should immediately provide first aid to the vulnerable area, preventing its repeated damage. The nail grows back completely in 5-6 months, so ladies should be careful in this time.

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