What can replace the nail extension forms?

чем можно заменить формы для наращивания ногтей Nails

Over time, any decorative coating can break, especially if there is a mechanical load on the free edge. But the opportunity to visit the nail technician for manicure repair is not always there, which is why many ladies resort to home extensions.

The required element used for the procedure is the form. It is on it that the gel base is fixed, but not always the consumables are at hand, which is why the ladies are looking for how to replace the forms for nail extension at home, sometimes losing the quality of technology.

How to replace forms for nail extension

Before looking for an alternative irreplaceable material, it is recommended to pay attention to its main properties, since to replace necessary manicure accessories is quite difficult.

The essence of the basis for the procedure lies in the fact that it becomes an artificial continuation of the nail plate, pre-fixing itself at its base. Gel or acrylic is applied to the plate, which polymerizes in the lamp. After fixing 1-2 layers, the form is separated from the surface, and the nail is filed to the desired size.

What can replace the nail extension forms?

Because of this, the material must meet several properties:

  • Durability. Since the levelling compound is most often applied in one layer, the base should easily withstand it, without creating kinks or other cosmetic defects on the surface that spoil the uniformity of the application;
  • Possibility of drying in an ultraviolet or LED lamp. Building compounds always need polymerization, so the material must be preserved in the device up to two minutes in the same state;
  • Smooth finish. For even distribution of the composition, the base must be absolutely flat and smooth. Only in this way will the product, after hardening, create a natural result;
  • Possibility of easy separation from the coating after polymerization. An obligatory step in creating extended nails is the elimination of the substrate.

When choosing a foundation that suits you according to all criteria, you can competently replace the classic form, creating a natural result.


One of the most common search options that replacing standard tips during technology. Many craftsmen advise using ordinary foil, since it is quite simple to model and has a smooth surface on which the gel can be applied easily.

To fix the foil, first fold it several times to create a solid base, and only then fix it at the bottom at the base of the nail bed. For a stronger adhesion, you can use materials at hand – a stapler, tape, etc.

However, keep in mind that you need to apply the fixing agent to the glossy part, since it will not be possible to separate the foil from the matte surface with a single rag. It will remain on the inside of the free edge, which will require you to use oil, an orange stick for the final cleaning of the manicure after curing.

Be careful when folding the foil in several layers before fixing it – do not create bumps and fractures on it, as this can lead to uneven distribution of the product and get an inaccurate result.


You can replace the classic base with thick cardboard, but not all ladies manage to do this, because for a tight fit of the cardboard to the inside its free edge must be carefully cut, this creates difficulties.

In addition, cardboard is a rather difficult material for correction, so it’s even attachment to the nails can create an absolutely even artificial length that will look unnatural.

What can replace the nail extension forms?

It is recommended to preliminarily hold the cardboard in a folded state, so that it is more convenient for them to replace the standard version, it is easier to use it for correction.


Sometimes ladies at home use ordinary oilcloth when they are looking for what can replace standard forms. But keep in mind that oilcloth has several disadvantages:

  • Cloth structure;
  • Difficulty in detaching from the surface;
  • Softness, which makes the gel difficult to apply.

It is not recommended to use oilcloth, as well as cellophane, regardless of the size of the area to be extended and its complexity.


You can always replace special manicure forms for extension, there are several options for their home analogues that will help create a spectacular, unusual manicure with
perfectly smooth surface. However, it is recommended to use options for repairing broken nails, but not for their full renewal on an ongoing basis.

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