Length of nails for extension

длина ногтей для наращивания Nails

The natural size of the nail bed is far from always enough to perform a spectacular manicure with a decorative coating, which is why is leading to building it, now the procedure can be done even at home.

However, before artificially lengthening the free edge, it is recommended that you pay attention to the original length of the plate and the result you want to achieve. Neglecting the observance of the recommended parameters, there is a high probability of premature convergence of gel polish or breaking of marigolds, including a natural substrate.

Length of nails for extension

Before performing the extension procedure at home, it is recommended to pay attention to the state of natural manicure, since the procedure is not always safe for a lady.

Length of nails for extension

Pay attention to the fact that for the long-term preservation of the build-up, the natural plate must be healthy and complete. There are several factors in the presence of which repairs should not be made:

  • Mechanically damaged nail surface;
  • The presence of strong flaws and irregularities in the coating, regardless of how they appeared;
  • Fungal infection. In order not to aggravate the development of pathogenic microflora, the technique should not be done;
  • Thinning of the marigold;
  • The presence of numerous detachments or cracks on the nail.

If you have recently injured your nail, a bruise or hematoma has appeared under it, the covered manicure should also be postponed so as not to aggravate the situation.

To create a dense substrate on which the extension form will be fixed, the marigolds must first grow a little. If you cut them completely without leaving at least a minimum free edge, the form will not be fixed.

The optimal length of natural nails before extension is 1-2 mm of the free edge. It should not be too large for the work to look neat and natural, but also complete it’s absence will not work. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the form, and the only option will be to mount the finished tips, which does not always look natural and long keeps in the same state.

How long can extended nails be?

From the initial state of the nail plate is also the size of the extension, which can be performed safely for natural manicure and matrix.

If you saw off too much the free edge during nail correction, only medium length should be attached to a small substrate, and the classic shape is an oval or soft square to avoid strong pressure on the free edge.

If the free edge is 1-2 mm, as it is recommended to do, the plate can be extended longer, the lady has no restrictions on the choice of the shape, and she can even make stilettos or the “ballerina” shape. However, keep in mind that the length of the extended nail should not exceed the size of the base on which it is attached. Otherwise, a large risk zone can lead to plate breakage, even if it was healthy.

The size of the nail that can be extended also depends on the type of material used for elongations:

  1. Acrylic. Acrylic powder is mixed with liquid to a viscous consistency, and then spread over the nails. The option is used most often in the salon, since it can be difficult to achieve the desired consistency on your own. Acrylic is a rather aggressive substance that often causes an allergic reaction when it comes into contact with skin. Acrylic creates a dense base that is not subject to any mechanical stress, but because of this it should not be used for significant elongation nails.
  2. Gel. An easier-to-use composition, however, it takes up to two minutes on average to distribute it evenly over the surface, which is associated with a thick consistency solution. The gel base is absolutely safe for the lady, so it is used most often now. The porous structure of the gel will provide a manicure close to natural, which is similar to the nails of a woman and does not weigh them down, therefore create using gel can be almost any length and shape.

If you want to grow long nails, it is recommended that you first pay attention to the tool that will be applied to the form.

Gel is especially suitable for stilettos or strictly squares, since it prevents mechanical stress on the regrown free edge, preventing it from breaking and premature convergence of the decorative coating.

The optimal size, which will look beautiful after visiting the salon and remain in the same state for a long time, depends only on the condition of the ladies hands and the size of the original cover.

Length of nails for extension

Also, when choosing the length of the nails, you need to take into account the thickness and size of the fingers:

  • Thin, long fingers are recommended to be combined with a small length of the plate, the free edge should not exceed half of the main stock in order to visually shorten your fingers;
  • Plump, short toes. For their visual lengthening, it is recommended to use longer plates;
  • Wide nail bed. In order not to emphasize the defect, you should visually stretch it with an almond or an oval, use symmetrical figures (square, circle) not recommended.

When decorating nails, consider some tricks: applying light tones visually lengthens the manicure, and dark ones, on the contrary, emphasizes its boundaries, making it more modest and smaller.

With the right choice of the optimal length for building, its result will last up to 3-4 weeks. It is not recommended to hold the cover any longer, since the risk zone increases with time.


The length of nails for extension is an individual concept that depends on the characteristics of the ladies hands, and her nail bed. First, you should grow the surface a little so that it is possible to fix the forms, and when choosing the size of the extended free edge, focus on the material used.

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