How to make sharp nail form

острые ногти Nails

The state of the natural nail plate often bothers ladies, which is why they decide to make an unusual design of manicure with a complete change in style or a small shape correction.

Now many people prefer to make long sharp nails – stilettos that emphasize elegance of a woman’s hands, but keep in mind that to get a harmonious manicure, you need pay attention to the features of the technology.

What is the peculiarity of the pointed nails shape

Many ladies prefer to make almond-shaped nails or stilettos (the latest have a sharper tip) constantly, since this type looks spectacular almost always.

How to make sharp nail form

You can make a unique design yourself, but pay attention to the features of sharp nails:

  1. Correction of fingers and hands. Clients are often advised to make a sharp shape, since it visually lengthens the fingers, makes the hands thinner. Conversely, on work can look messy with thin hands.
  2. Ability to perform at short lengths. Although stilettos require strong growth of the nail bed, almonds can do almost anything.
  3. The inconvenience of wearing. Due to the pointed top point of the manicure, it can be uncomfortable in everyday life.
  4. ДLong nails break easily. A large risk zone for stilettos affects the fact that mechanical pressure on the free edge often leads to its breaking.

Also, before performing the technique, take into account the initial state of the nail bed. When a square cuticle, a sharp design does not always look harmonious.

How to make sharp nails

Even beginners can achieve an unusual effect at home, but for this you need to follow the step-by-step instructions for performing the technology.

What is required for this?

You don’t need a lot of tools for basic processing:

  • File;
  • Orange stick or metal pusher;
  • Nippers or nail scissors;
  • Buff for polishing.

Use a remover or regular hydrogen peroxide to soften the cuticle. Pre-disinfect all tools with an antiseptic.

Step-by-step instruction

Cuticle roughing is straightforward. To do this, a remover is applied to it, and after a minute it is pushed back by a pusher and cut off with nippers / nail scissors. After that, you can start filing the free edge.

First, you should ensure that all nails are the same length. To do this, focusing on the smallest nail plate, cut them down without giving a special shape.

How to make sharp nail form

Start correcting by finding the top point, which will be the longest. To do this, visually draw the central axis on the nail bed and start cutting the corners towards it. Move the file you want in one direction. You need to work only with a free edge, you cannot touch the main nail bed, so as not to lead to its defect.

However, do not overdo it with the file – the pointed tip should not too sharp, check if it is scratched. You can remove the remnants of an uncut nail with a buff.

If you are going to be making a decorative finish, degrease the surface and apply pigments, be sure to seal the butt to strengthen it.


A lady can make a sharp design of natural nails at home herself, however
for this you need to pay attention to the initial state of the nails. To make the work look
harmoniously, grow the free edge a little so that it is more convenient to adjust it.

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