How to make a soft square nail shape

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There are a lot of design options for natural manicure, including changing their shape. However, fashion and trends related to the type of nails are constantly changing, moreover, not all options are universal and suitable for all women.

The soft square shape of nails became widespread 3-4 years ago and many girls still wear it, considering it feminine, natural. Despite the fact that it looks impressive, you can achieve such a cut of the free edge on your own at home, taking into account the peculiarities of the style.

Characteristic of soft square shape

As a standard, a strict square is an unusual design option for the nails, which, if properly done, looks spectacular on the hands of ladies. However, it does not always look harmonious and feminine, which is why many of them prefer to make a smoother design form.

How to make a soft square nail shape

The soft square has smoother corners, which is why it is suitable for almost all women, and this effect looks equally beautiful, regardless of the features of the natural nail bed.

But this form is not universal, because of which, before creating it, you need to take into account some features:

  1. Uniqueness. Since almost always natural manicure has the oval shape, the creation of a square design is always striking and looks unusual, shows the decisive character of its owner.
  2. Suitable for thin fingers. If the client has thin long fingers, they can visually shorten, making a square shape.
  3. Convenience. Often, the style is not made long, so it is absolutely convenient in everyday wear by ladies.
  4. Possibility of unusual design. In terms of decorative coating, a soft square is universal, since it can be used to create unique design options or make a classic jacket.

Many ladies suits an unsharp shape, often it looks feminine and harmonious, especially if the cosmetic procedure is performed correctly.

You can make a variations on almost any length – both at the minimum (with a free edge of 1-2 mm) and at a large one. However, the effect looks more harmonious on the average size of the nail plate.

A step-by-step guide to creating a form

In any salon, a nail service technician can do your nails, since soft square is one of the most common shapes now. But to save time and budget, you can do it by yourself at home.

How to make a soft square nail shape

Despite the unusual style, if you follow the step-by-step instructions, you can beautifully design your nails


First, you need to pay attention to the preparation of consumables and tools that you will need during the procedure. Keep in mind that the evenness of the free edge and the visual state of the work largely depend on their quality.

For a basic manicure, you don’t need a lot of tools:

  • File (better to use on a cardboard base);
  • Metal pusher or orange stick;
  • Manicure scissors or nippers;
  • Buff for surface polishing.

To soften the cuticle, prepare in advance a special liquid – a remover. Sometimes at home it can be replaced with hydrogen peroxide, but its effectiveness is lower.

Before starting to correct the shape of the nail bed, pay attention to disinfecting all instruments with an antiseptic. This will prevent the introduction of infection into the body in case of accidental damage to the periungual zone.

If you will be applying gel polish decorative coat, prepare the base pigments, primer, base, top, and UV or LED lamp to dry them.

Instruction and diagram

Before starting the nail correction, you can perform a steaming bath. It will soften your nails and make them easier to work with. However, you can simply treat your hands with an antiseptic and begin the procedure.

You need to start the technology by removing the cuticle in order to clean the nail plate. To do this, apply a remover to it, and after a minute with a pusher or an orange stick, move it to the base, slightly lifting it. Cut away the keratinized epidermis with nippers or nail scissors.

How to make a soft square nail shape

After cleaning the nail, you can start creating the shape:

  1. File all nails in the area of the free edge so that they are the same length. To do this, attach them to each other, checking the sizes. They need to be sawed parallel to the cuticle, moving the file in one direction to avoid damage to the stratum corneum of the plate.
  2. After making sure that all nails are the same, start rounding their corners. To do this, carefully create a smooth transition from the side walls to the end using a gradual rounding motion of the file.
  3. With a gentler file, go around the entire end. Make sure it is smooth, even, and free of bumps or other cosmetic defects.
  4. To remove the remnants of the sawn-off nail, use a buff. Sand the entire nail bed with it.
  5. Lubricate the cuticles with essential oil and hands with nourishing cream. This will increase local immunity and metabolism, which will speed up the process of new cell regeneration and improve the state of natural manicure.
  6. Apply a decorative finish as desired.

When changing the original shape of the plate, you only need to work with its free edge – the white part. You should not touch and correct the main nail bed, as this can lead to its deformation, which is why, with a future change in the shape of the manicure, the result will turn out to be sloppy, unnatural.

The whole work usually takes about 1-1.5 hours, so free up a lot of time beforehand so as not to rush.


The square shape of the nails always looks unusual, especially if you make it soft. So the ladies manicure will look feminine, neat, and harmonious. You can make an unusual design at home, for this you just need to take into account its features and technique.

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