How to glue rhinestone on gel polish?

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The spectacular design of a natural manicure using gel polish often includes fixing any design elements. One of the most common options for an unusual decorative covering of nails is rhinestones. With their proper arrangement, the effect will look graceful and feminine.

However, keep in mind that before you glue the rhinestones on the gel polish yourself, you should study the options for attaching such a design, since many ladies make mistakes when choosing a decor, which can make the nails look vulgar.

Types of rhinestones for gel polishes

Before you glue the rhinestones on your nails, pay attention to thinking over the composition that you want to embody on the manicure. Despite the fact that decorative elements always look spectacular because of their flickering, it is enough just to overdo it with their number, which make the manicure look cheap, vulgar, and sloppy.

The technology, how to glue rhinestones on gel polish, is quite simple, so often ladies independently use this option for decorating a manicure.

How to glue rhinestone on gel polish?

But keep in mind that there are several types of rhinestones according to the material from the manufacture:

  • Acrylic. They are used most often because they have a low price, which is why their quality is appropriate. Not always performed accurately, but there is a large assortment of stones of different shapes and shades that can be used on nails. Keep in mind that acrylic decor lasts for a relatively short time – as a standard it remains in its previous state up to 4-5 days;
  • Plastic. Their wear resistance is higher, however, over time, they begin to quickly fade and fade, which spoils the quality of the design of the marigold. The result with their use is usually not saved for more than 7 days;
  • Glass. The higher segment can be used to create a long-term manicure, because they do not change color over time, and they also reflect light well, which is why they shine quite brightly;
  • Crystal. The most expensive type of rhinestones, which is rarely used, since the price of a manicure rises significantly. The composition of the option is close to the mountain crystal, so the shimmer of rhinestones looks spectacular, naturally, graceful. The increased strength of the material prevents damage even with aggressive the influence of external factors.

You need to choose the material based on visual preferences, since all decor options have a different final effect – shine, shade, flicker duration.

Also, you should first select the shape of the stones – now there is a wide variety of them, including round rhinestones, oval, in the shape of stars, hearts or polygons.

Unusual forms are common among woman, since they radically transform manicure.

When choosing a decor size, you need to focus on the result you want to achieve, since different options are selected for different designs:

  • When creating a monochromatic design with a neat splash of shimmering particles, large stones should be fixed;
  • If you want to make a gradient – a smooth transition of the size and structure of stones, you should choose them of different sizes (from medium to small);
  • If you want to inlay a large part of the plate or several marigolds at once, only small crystals should be used.

It is better to add a little rhinestones than a lot, since minimalism always looks feminine, elegant, which cannot be said about the excess in manicure, which often looks ridiculous.

How to attach rhinestones to gel polish?

Before you fix the rhinestones on the gel, you should pay attention to the rough surface treatment. Only when creating a smooth base will the work turn out to be neat, and the rhinestones will not fall off prematurely, since fixing on the bumps reduces the period of their preservation in their previous state.

After correcting the shape of the free edge, removing the cuticle and carefully sanding the surface, you can start working with the gel polish that you plan to use for procedures. The procedure for applying the pigment is standard – first a primer to increase the adhesion of the gel to the base, then the base, color pigment (in two layers) and top. Each layer is dried in an ultraviolet or LED lamp for 1-2 minutes.

How to glue rhinestone on gel polish?

However, the techniques for fixing rhinestones may vary:

  1. On special glue. Often in manicure, manicure glue is used to attach design elements. Sometimes it is also used for rhinestones. Apply a second layer of pigment, dry it, and then apply a little glue to the base of the stone and fix on the gel polish for 10-20 seconds. After that, dry in the lamp and fix the work with the top.
  2. On top for gel polish. The gel has a fairly dense consistency, so it can be used for attachment. To do this, you need to apply a finishing coat, and then, without drying it, apply rhinestones and quickly put in the lamp to solidify. You need to work quickly so that the gel does not have time to flow.
  3. On a mixture of acrylic powder and gel. You can use an extension gel or a thick top. In proportions of 3: 1, the powder is mixed with the composition, and then applied to the base
    crystals. The composition is usually used when choosing large rhinestones, which are difficult to attach only to the finish coating.

After applying the top to the rhinestones, be sure to remove the sticky layer from it using a cleanser. This will prevent the work from being smeared, which will lead to premature separation of the decorative stones from the surface.

With proper attachment of rhinestones, they can remain on the nails for up to three weeks.


Rhinestones are a rather difficult material to work with, especially if large crystals are fixed on a gel. But, despite this, this type of nail design is common among ladies because of how impressive it looks. However, in order to properly fix the decor, you need to pay attention to some of the subtleties of the procedure, non-observance of which can spoil the result.

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