How long can you wear gel polish?

Сколько можно носить гель лак Nails

All ladies want their manicure to look neat and well-groomed, since the condition of the nails is always striking. For this, more than half of modern women prefer to visit the salon so that the master of the nail service competently processes the nails and applies a decorative coating.

When using gel polish as a decorative coating, correction is recommended every 3-4 weeks, however, most do not think how much gel polish can be worn safely for the condition of nails.

How long can you wear gel polish on your nails?

The myths that a gel coat harms the natural nail plate and the health of the matrix, which were common a few years ago, have been dispelled. However, the restrictions on how much it is recommended to wear gel polish on your hands are still prescribed by the masters.

How long can you wear gel polish?

Typically, the frequency of correction depends on the length of the formed nails and its shape:

  • With long sharp nails, when the length of the free edge exceeds the size of the nail bed, it is necessary to correct the work every 18-20 days;
  • With an average length of the plate, when the free edge does not exceed 5-6 mm, the correction should be done every 25 days;
  • If you wear short nails that have almost no free edge, you can repeat the session a month after the previous one.

Any nail has a “Stress Zone”, based on which, you need to decide how much to wear gel polish. You can only see it when removing the colored pigment.

When pressing on the free edge of the nail bed, a border is formed between the corporal and light areas. It is the danger zone, which determines how much you can wear the coating, since you can wear a gel base before it. As it grows larger, sock becomes hazardous to the condition of a natural manicure.

If a woman wears colored polish for more than three weeks, and it does not grow much and does not cause discomfort, then her nails grow rather slowly, which is why the time for safe wearing of a manicure can be increased.

However, also keep in mind that the composition of the nail polish, which is used in salons, contains polymers. This allows the layers to remain in their previous state for a long time, however, it’s suggested that they completely overlap the natural nail bed, which is why oxygen does not flow in to it.

Because of this, it is recommended to periodically take a break from gel polish: the optimal time for it is every 3-4 months.

How can this affect your health?

The main parameter that woman are guided by when they wear gel polish is the visual state of the manicure. When the pigment grows back, it gradually moves away from the cuticle area, freeing a clean surface that looks rather sloppy. Then the correction of work is usually carried out.

However, there is also a risk of damage to the natural nail, prolonged wear of the coating without rest can lead to side effects:

  1. Formation of numerous detachments.
  2. Thinning of the nail surface.
  3. The occurrence of a longitudinal or transverse crack.
  4. Breaking the nail.
  5. Formation of yellowness on the surface.
  6. The appearance of dark or light spots.
  7. Occurrence of hyponychia (internal growth of the skin on the free edge, which complicates further processing).

Also, take into account the quality of the consumables that are used in the salon beforehand, since the poor quality of pigments can lead to an allergic reaction, which will also affect the health of the matrix (root system).

How long can you wear gel polish?

Sometimes during the wearing of a manicure, with careless handling of the nails, the decorative layer moves away from the bed and an air cavity appears between them, which may not be noticed by the lady. If moisture gets into this area, there is a high risk of fungal infection, which can only be noticed when removing the varnish.

Keep in mind that the fungus is quite dangerous for the health of natural nails, since it can lead to their complete destruction when the doctor prescribes mechanical removal of the process.

In addition, if you wear the work for a long time, there is a risk of cracked nails that will have to be repaired during the correction.


Not all ladies know how much it is recommended to wear a decorative coating on nails, guided only by their feelings. However, long-term wear of the colored pigment can be dangerous to the health of the natural plate, which often causes detachments, breakages, fungus or other defects that are not easy to fix. To find out exactly how much work you need to wear, consult with your nail technician.

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