Gel nail coating at home

покрытие ногтей гелем Nails

It is quite simple to make a manicure at home using gel polish, if you correctly follow the technique of its implementation and pay attention to the choice of consumables materials. However, sometimes ladies still face the premature convergence of the decorative coating, which is far from always related to the quality of the procedure.

Often, the design of weakened, thinned nails leads to premature detachment of gel polish after 1.5-2 weeks, therefore, it is recommended for many women beforehand cover nails with gel to further strengthen them

Coating nails with gel at home: step by step instructions

Before covering your nails with gel, it is recommended to pay attention to the peculiarities of the procedure, since not all ladies need it. In addition, illiterate implementation of the technology can spoil the visual effect, making the plate thicker.

It is necessary to apply an additional layer of gel before coating the nails with pigment for ladies with weakened nails prone to breaking. This is often due to their mechanical damage, prolonged wear of varnish or natural features of the matrix.

Gel nail coating at home

Then, in order to keep the manicure in its previous state for 3-4 weeks, you will have to perform a strengthening technique, following the instructions on how to apply the gel correctly.

What is required for this?

Before performing the technology, you need to pay attention to the selection and preparation of consumables, tools that will be needed during the manipulation.

The procedure begins with the classic treatment of nails, which is why many tools are needed specifically for it:

  • File;
  • Remover;
  • Pusher or orange stick;
  • Nail scissors;
  • Buff;
  • Degreaser;
  • Primer;
  • Gel;
  • Brush;
  • Ultraviolet or LED lamp;
  • Base, colored pigments, top.

All instruments must be treated with an antiseptic before use to prevent the accidental introduction of dirt or infection into the body if the periungual zone is damaged.

When choosing a composition, pay attention to the fact that there are two main types – three-phase and single-phase. The first option involves the application of three different compositions to the surface – basic, modeling and finishing, which create a dense substrate for a manicure.

The single-phase version is more convenient to use, since it involves the application of only one composition, however, it is not always recommended to apply it on very thinned, painful nails.

Features of the procedure

The use of a base to strengthen the nail bed is now quite common, since the additional surface preparation procedure prevents the premature convergence of the decorative coating, prolonging the durability of the result.

It is especially important to use the composition on damaged, problematic natural manicure, which can lead to premature peeling of the base. Otherwise, the pigment can last up to 1.5-2 weeks and peel off.

Before performing manipulations, it is recommended to take into account some recommendations:

  1. For 2 days before performing a manicure, it is recommended to discard solutions and recipes that can increase the fat content of the surface. So, nutritious fatty creams, oils or hand baths with their addition cannot be used. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to degrease the nails, which will reduce the long-term preservation of the result.
  2. If you have chosen a colored gel for decorative design, you need to apply it in 2-3 thin layers. Do not rush to cover, creating one thick layer. This will look sloppy, and the terms of wearing will decrease.
  3. Make sure the quality of the composition first. It should not be as thick as a gel base for building, this factor can only speak of non-compliance with the terms or conditions of storage.

After the gel has been applied and hardened, due to its structure, it needs some time for the final hardening. During the first 2-3 hours, you should not wet your hands, and during the day, visit the bath / sauna / water park or expose the body to physical stress.

Gel nail coating at home

If you take into account the specifics of the technology, you will ensure a positive outcome by extending the retention period.

Main steps

You can do the procedure at home if you correctly follow the step-by-step technology for its implementation, taking into account and applying all the compositions.

The procedure begins with a basic correction of the nail plate:

  1. Make a steaming bath (optional) with sea salt to soften the epidermis on the hands.
  2. Use a file to correct the shape of the free edge. In preparation for building it the size should be 1-2 mm.
  3. Apply the cuticle remover. After a minute, push it aside with a pusher / orange stick and cut with nail scissors.
  4. Sand the surface with buff.
  5. Degrease the nail, apply a primer.
  6. Place a large enough drop of gel in the center of the plate. Gradually spread it all over the nail. Dry the layer.
  7. If you plan to apply only gel manicure, apply another 1-2 thin layers and dry them.

This should be done with single-phase products, which are now most often used at home or in salons.

However, when choosing a three-phase kit, you need to distribute everything one by one:

  1. Apply a base thin layer, cure in a lamp.
  2. A dense modeling layer is distributed, which corrects the shape of the marigold, makes it strong.
  3. If desired, decorate the nail with colored gel bases, apply more 1-2 thin layers, dry.
  4. The work is fixed with a finishing agent.

Most often, a sticky layer remains on the nails after the distribution of the finishing compound, which must be removed using a cleanser or degreaser.

How to properly apply gel to nails

The structure of the solution does not always ensure its spontaneous leveling, so the lady needs to take into account the tips on how to evenly level the coating.

Gel nail coating at home

The technology is quite simple:

  • Do not use too much composition on the brush, it should not drip from it in a continuous stream. Excess must be removed against the wall of the jar;
  • First, a drop of solution is marked in the center. And only then it needs to be distributed along the side lines, in the central zone;
  • To draw the cuticle line with gel, you can use a thin brush;
  • To remove irregularities on the backing, turn your finger face down for 7-10 seconds, in this position you can adjust the smoothness with a brush. Then return your hands to their original position and check the quality of the work.

Most often, there are no difficulties with the correct application of the gel composition, which is associated with the elasticity and uniform consistency of the solution. However, for this, you first need to make sure of the quality of the gel used.


Gel nail art is now common in the same way as regular pigment application.
The main advantage of the technique is that it allows you to strengthen the nail bed, which will prevent premature convergence of the decorative coating and the occurrence of detachments within 3-4 weeks after the correction.

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