From what age nail extensions is allowed?

со скольки лет можно наращивать ногти Nails

Nail extension is a now widespread procedure that allows you to artificially increase the length of the nail plate without affecting its structure. However, not all ladies, when performing the technique, think about contraindications for health that are prescribed for her.

One of these relative restrictions is from how old you can extend nails for children.

The current generation is now growing up early enough, which is why girls tend to take care of themselves from an early age, including resorting to applying gel polish on their nails. But consider the opinion of the master on this matter differs.

Expert opinion

The limitation of the cosmetic procedure, related to the client’s age, is usually relative, since all the masters have their own opinion on this matter. The situation is the same with nail extension.

From what age nail extensions is allowed?
Despite the fact that extended nails are absolutely harmless to the girl, and the basis for their fixation has a safe hypoallergenic composition, restrictions are always prescribed by the client’s age.

There is no general contraindication associated with the age of the girl. However, you definitely should not do the technology earlier than 14 years old, if you do not want to spoil the health of a natural nails.

If you think you can do a technique, regardless of age, pay attention to some factors:

  1. Children’s nail plate is quite soft and vulnerable, which is why aggressive influence on it when fixing tips, applying a gel base and other stages of the procedure can lead to its damage.
  2. The hormonal system during adolescence often gives quite strong jumps, which is why it is reflected in the quality of nails. You can do the procedure if you are not afraid to ruin their condition forever.
  3. The grown nails, as they grow, exert a mechanical effect on the free edge, which increases the risk zone of the bed, there is a risk of breaking it.
  4. The growth of palms, including fingers in childhood, continues until at least 13-14 years of age. If you build up nails during this period, you can disrupt development, leading to different consequences.

Keep in mind that damage to nails in childhood is dangerous because the smile line may not restore its condition. So you can get a sloppy manicure that cannot be corrected even when you visit the salon.

Fashionable procedure is not harmless

Despite the fact that the extension of the artificial length of the plate is considered absolutely safe, there are several factors that suggest otherwise.

They are connected not only with the work of the master, so keep in mind that when doing the procedure at home, you can also come to the consequences, reflected in the quality of the nail bed.

From what age nail extensions is allowed?

The main dangers of technology:

  • Risk of an allergic reaction. Despite the fact that for building hypoallergenic gels with a gentle composition are used, with hormonal imbalance in during adolescence, they can always lead to allergies. It affects not only the health of the periungual zone, but also the entire body of the girl;
  • The periungual area could be accidentally damaged. Even the most competent master nail service in case of careless movement of the apparatus or manicure the instrument may damage the integrity of sensitive skin. Because of this, there is a risk of accidentally introducing infection or contamination into the blood;
  • The plate could be damaged when removing the tips. For removing gel polish as standard two methods are used: hardware and chemical. For sensitive fingers the second method is used as standard, but even when using the composition low quality or its overexposure on the plate can lead to side effects;
  • The nail may start to deteriorate gradually. Gel polish clogs the surface tightly the nail bed, due to which the lack of air and trace elements leads to a gradual deterioration of the coating. And the occurrence of detachment between the nail and the gel polish can lead to a fungal infection;
  • Increased sensitivity during drying of the coating. Especially when the base layer polymerizes, women feel a burning sensation associated with a sharp rush of heat to the fingers. For girls, these sensations will be stronger, they can cause inconvenience when drying the pigment.

A separate criterion that can greatly spoil the health of the nail bed is the use of low-quality formulations and solutions. Some masters save on gel polishes or other products without taking care of the clients’ nails. This can lead to a chemical burn or a common allergic reaction.

Even the correct execution of the procedure can lead to side effects and various consequences, therefore, when choosing a salon, pay attention to the literacy of the master and the quality of consumables.

Many people prefer to make the technology at home to prevent the consequences, but this often leads to the opposite effect – inaccurate use of sharp instruments can only spoil the result and the health of the girl’s sensitive skin.

Age restrictions

There is no direct strict limitation related to the client’s age when fixing the extension plates. As a standard, in the salons, the masters do not check the age of the girl when she comes to the session, so the salon does not bear responsibility for the quality of work in this case.

Before 14 years old, it is definitely not recommended to do this beauty procedure. However, many masters advise starting it no earlier than 16 years old, when the body finishes forming, since the main stage of adolescence lasts until that time. Then the technology will be absolutely safe for the girl, and its result will look harmonious.

You can do the technique earlier, but also take into account the visual result, which will last 3-4 weeks. If a girl has small fingers, a small nail bed, but builds up long nails, relative to the proportions of the body, the effect can look ridiculous, sloppy. In addition, it is far from always convenient for little girls to walk with such a manicure, since not everyone learns to take good care of themselves early.

From what age nail extensions is allowed?

As for the decorative coating in the form of gel polish, it can be done earlier. It is less dangerous than fastening tips or forms for artificial lengthening of the surface, therefore it is allowed to apply the pigment from 13-14 years old. In addition, using neatly designed nails, you can fight the habit of gnawing them, since it is quite difficult to remove gel polish with your teeth, which is due to its strength.


Girls now strive to do their nails extension from an early age, which is why the masters of the nail service may face the fact that they come to them from 13-14 years old. However, keep in mind that the procedure is far from always safe at this age, since it can affect the health of a natural manicure.

Pay attention to the fact that the visual quality of the work often looks ridiculous when girls want to seem adults and create long stilettos or a strict square that looks absolutely unnatural on little fingers.

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