Can nail extension be done on short nails?

наращивание на короткие ногти Nails

Often, ladies want to have a well-groomed, feminine manicure with long nails, but the length of the natural plate may not be enough for this. Then they have to resort to building the nail bed, with which difficulties can arise.

Before performing the procedure, you always need to pay attention to the condition of the nail bed, its length, then questions arise whether it is possible to build nails on very short nails, although the nail technician usually do not prescribe any special restrictions in this area.

Do it or not?

As a standard, before performing any extension, the nail service master works with the original length of the nail plate. Its free edge is always partially removed, corrected to create a stable, strong base under the shape.

If you leave a long nail for which you plan to increase the extra length, it will look sloppy from under the artificial turf, and also spoil the form hitch.

nail extension on short nails

Because of this, extensions for short nails are always welcomed by nail technicians, since with such nails you do not need to do a lot of work and saw off a lot. But keep in mind that for tight fixation of the shape, you need at least the minimum length of the free edge – 1-2 mm, which can be grown in a few days.

Features of extension for short nails

A lady can even perform modeling of nails on her own at home, but for this it is recommended to take into account some tips and rules for competently performing manipulations.

Correction of short nails has several features:

  1. Fixing the shape can be difficult due to the lack of a free edge on the short plates, then it can be fixed with improvised materials – for example, scotch tape.
  2. Pay attention to the build-up length. It should not be more than 2/3 of the size the main nail bed.
  3. When distributing gel with acrylic powder, concentrate the material on the main smile line, since this area is at risk.
  4. Instead of basic paper forms, it is recommended to use tips – ready-made artificial models of nails that are simply fixed on a short bed. So difficulties with fixing the shape, literacy of the distribution of the gel will not arise.

Keep in mind that performing work on short nails requires constant correction in the future, because gradually their regrowth will increase the risk zone, in which the plate can spontaneously break due to the small base.

The optimal time to complete the correction of work is 2.5-3 weeks. The more time there is between sessions, the higher the risk of damage to the health of natural manicure.

It is recommended to use acrylic as the main composition for manipulations, since it has a hypoallergenic composition, therefore it is absolutely safe even if it accidentally gets into the periungual area.


Despite the fact that it is allowed to do the technique itself on a short length of the nail bed, it is recommended to first pay attention to the quality of the plate, in this area there are limitations.

The main contraindication to the technology is injured and damaged short nails. If they do not grow back due to early mechanical damage, keep the there will be impossible, and the risk of further damage to the natural coating increases.

nail extension on short nails

There are other limitations associated with the health of natural short marigolds:

  • Fungal infection. The application of gel polish blocks the access of oxygen to the surface, what creates a favorable microflora for the development of pathogenic bacteria;
  • Dermatological diseases. Despite the safety of the means used, problems with the periungual area can also be aggravated;
  • Hormonal disruptions. Even if you follow the step-by-step instructions of the technique and using high-quality formulations, their effectiveness decreases in the presence of hormonal surges;
  • Bruise under the nail. If the main problem with plate damage is gone,but a bruise remained from it under the surface, it is recommended to transfer the build-up to prevent the development of hematoma.

When using forms during extension, the technology cannot be made in the absence of even minimum free edge. This way you will not be able to properly secure the cardboard backing, which will greatly reduce the quality of the performed technique.

Subject to all recommendations and restrictions related to the health of nails, hands, you can create a neat manicure yourself, which will last up to 3 weeks.


The short length of the nails can create problems during the extension, especially when it is carried out independently. However, there are several recommendations, compliance which will help to do a neat job, despite the short base for tips.

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