Why do bruises appear after lip augmentation?

Увеличение губ отек Lips augmentation

Patients who are doing an injection procedure for the first time may experience a slight shock immediately after lip correction, looking in the mirror and seeing they are not quite what expected. But, according to experts, swelling and bruising after lip augmentation takes the first place in terms of the frequency of complications. It happens in every 3-5 cases. And even if everything went well, it is possible to detect the emerging edema closer to night.

Causes of edema and bruising after lip augmentation

bruises appear after lip augmentation

The most common complications and adverse events are usually associated with skin punctures. Most of all, bruises are encountered during lip augmentation. Swelling after lip correction is a common story. But in a normal situation, swelling is not too strong. Their peak occurs 2-3 days after the procedure.

Within normal limits, edema and minor subcutaneous hemorrhages may persist for about 2 weeks. But it happens that during lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, an anesthetic injection was used and, as a result, the swelling will last longer. When anesthesia is in soft tissues, it interferes with vasoconstriction by trapping moisture. Hence the long resorption of bruises. The needle, penetrating into soft tissues, harms capillaries and blood vessels. Due to the released blood, the skin becomes a different color.

Although rare, there are times when a specialist touches a large blood vessel. The resulting hematoma can only grow. In this case, it is necessary to urgently consult your doctor in order to avoid serious consequences.

How long do hematomas last?

The procedure will be more convenient to do on vacation. It is difficult to predict the appearance of hematomas. You can’t go to the sea a week after lip augmentation.

If you take alcohol 48 hours before the operation, then the time for the disappearance of hematomas after lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid will be longer. It is normal that on the first day or even a week the lips will be quite dense, tense and unnatural looking. They will become softer over time.

It is difficult to estimate how long the bruises last after lip augmentation and hematoma for each patient. But after two days the bruises should go away. Sometimes the healing time is increased and reaches several days.

How to speed up the healing process?

bruises appear after lip augmentation

An understandable question, but how to remove bruises after lip augmentation, may arise if there is no time to wait until it resolves itself. This is important if public events are planned for which attendance is required.

You can speed up the healing process, for example, with a piece of ice wrapped in a piece of thin cloth. Experts advise smearing the lips with Traumeel S. It helps to absorb swelling and bruising after lip augmentation.

It is recommended that you add foods that contain vitamin K (broccoli, avocado, olive oil) to your food. Vitamin K maintains normal blood clotting, prevents calcium from accumulating around blood vessels. The calcification process interferes with the work of the circulatory system and the vessels harden.

You can drink some anti-allergenic agent, as it has the additional property of stabilizing blood vessels.

Folk remedies, proven over the years, will not be superfluous. They each have their own uses:

  • Mask from viburnum berries;
  • Aloe leaf;
  • Compresses from potato starch;
  • A decoction of wormwood.

It is required to exclude physical activity. Then bruises after lip augmentation will go away faster. Indeed, when playing sports, blood circulation increases, and this does not allow the fluid to completely dissolve in soft tissues.

Prevention of complications after lip augmentation procedure

bruises appear after lip augmentation

It is simply impossible to completely avoid the risk of undesirable phenomena, but it is quite possible to reduce their likelihood. To do this, you will have to observe certain points. Proper care after lip augmentation surgery means protecting them from negative environmental influences. You can’t:

  1. Go to the sauna for 2 weeks, take a hot shower or bath. This is the first step in reducing the risk of bruising after lip augmentation. Hot air and water increase blood flow and the lips harden. In the early days, even hot tea is best drunk through a straw.
  2. Alcohol, smoking after the procedure, as well as drinking alcohol the day before will also increase pain and increase the risk of developing hematomas.
  3. Kissing and also closeness for 2 weeks will have to be excluded.
  4. Wash with water. It is best to wipe the lip area with chlorhexidine.
  5. Sunbathe and be in direct sunlight in the first week.

The simplest thing to know is that you have to go for the procedure in a calm, relaxed state. If there is stress, it is best to wait it out and not rush. Since during stress the entire body is “compressed”, the muscles are in hypertonicity. Even the most experienced professional will not be able to withstand stress.

The lip correction procedure, like other injection procedures, is best performed in the middle of the cycle. It is not recommended to perform at the time when your period has begun.
Before the procedure, it is undesirable to drink hot drinks, as well as those that can raise blood pressure – that is, coffee and strong tea.

Even if the patient is late, there should be no rush. Indeed, after a short run, microcirculation will improve, blood will flow better to the lips. The likelihood of bruising will be greater, as, by the way, the procedure itself will be more painful.

For prophylactic purposes, to reduce the risk of edema and bruising after lip augmentation, it is advisable to drink vaso-strengthening drugs a couple of days before injections.

In many countries, the use of non-certified drugs is punishable by law. Rather, there is no need to fear forgery. But here the drug and the needle or cannula are necessary for the specialist to unpack with the patient. You cannot share one drug with a friend.

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