Recommendations for lip care after augmentation

Реабилитация после увеличения губ Lips augmentation

Rehabilitation after lip augmentation is essential. The procedure itself for the introduction of hyaluronic acid is only the first stage to make the lips beautiful. After injections, tissue cells and blood vessels of the lips are damaged, edema and hematomas appear. With proper care after lip augmentation, the negative effects of the procedure can be minimized.

What can and cannot be done?

lip care after augmentation

What to do after lip augmentation, so that the result is pleasing, and there are no unexpected consequences after the procedure, the cosmetologist must tell before the injections.

Temperature control

When the temperature rises, the vessels dilate, the blood flows faster, and the swelling increases. Also, the metabolism is accelerated, and the breakdown of hyaluronic acid is faster. It is necessary to refuse to visits to the beach, baths and saunas, otherwise the lips will noticeably decrease in volume. In addition, sweating may cause irritation, small lesions in the lips, and inflammation.

At low temperatures, the uniform placement of the injected drug on the lips and, in general, the regeneration process slows down. The skin dries up, the edges of the wounds crack.

In the first week after the procedure, it is prohibited to consume both hot and cold drinks and meals. Use cold compresses with caution. It is better not to eat salty and spicy foods that irritate the skin of the lips.

Physical impact

lip care after augmentation

Various excessive physical activity can lead to deformation of the lips. What is prohibited after lip augmentation:

  1. 7 days after the introduction of the gel, try not to open your mouth too much, not smile, strain your lips, biting off something hard. Due to active movements, the gel may be unevenly distributed, and compaction or skewing will occur.
  2. You can not visit the dentist for a month, as long keeping the mouth open is a big load on the lips.
  3. It is inadmissible to lick your lips. While the wounds are healing, pathogenic bacteria can enter them with saliva.
  4. Banned nuts, seeds and other products, the sharp edges of which can break the skin of the lips.
  5. In order for the gel to sit inside the tissues of the lips exactly, only light, gentle kisses are allowed for a week.
  6. During rehabilitation after lip augmentation, it is better to postpone intensive sports. With physical training, the pressure rises. Blood flows to the face faster, increasing the swelling. Sweat over the lips interferes with healing. An increase in metabolism leads to an acceleration of the absorption of the gel. Therefore, a hot shower is undesirable.
  7. Swimming is not recommended for two weeks. This dries out the lips and increases the likelihood of infection.
  8. To avoid lip deformation, it is better to sleep face up for 10 days.
  9. In the early days, do not touch your lips.
  10. Lips can be massaged only with the permission of a specialist.

You cannot cleanse your face using a scrub or peeling. This damages the skin, possibly inflammation. You should beware of injuries and bruises.

Alcohol and smoking

lip care after augmentation

The first week is required to flatly refuse to drink alcohol, as it causes blood flow to the face. This will increase the swelling, and the composition will be dissolved faster, the effectiveness of the procedure will decrease.

Smoking is unacceptable in the first 48 hours, because the smoke dries out already damaged skin. Toxins constrict microvessels and tissue regeneration is slower. Then smoking is not prohibited, but at first it will be difficult to carry out due to the increased sensitivity of the lips. The touching will be extremely unpleasant and painful.

Creams, ointments and medicines

You should definitely check with your doctor what to do after lip augmentation to reduce pain. For severe pain, it is recommended to use Paracetamol. Do not use the vasodilators Aspirin, Nurofen and Ibuprofen, this will cause hematomas.

You should stop taking antibiotics before lip augmentation so that the infection against which the drug was prescribed does not appear.

To relieve inflammation and accelerate tissue healing, drugs are used:

  1. D-panthenol helps with irritation and dryness.
  2. Dolobene gel, Traumeel, Heparin ointment, Troxevasin reduce inflammation and edema.
  3. Bepanten promotes healing.
  4. Suprastin or other antihistamines for allergic reactions.
  5. Acyclovir and its analogues for the treatment of herpes.
  6. Antibiotics for the formation of inflammatory processes.

The injection sites are treated with solutions of Miramistin or Chlorhexidine digluconate.

Traditional medicine – lotions and masks – will also help reduce swelling, provide additional nutrition, and accelerate lip restoration. But in each individual case, only a beautician or cosmetologist who performed the procedure should recommend how to smear lips after augmentation.

Cosmetics and hygiene

lip care after augmentation

Rehabilitation after lip augmentation will be faster if there is a constant flow of air to the wounds on the lips. This favors the formation of new cells. Oils and other ingredients in decorative cosmetics clog pores and prevent tissue regeneration. Can cause inflammation of the injured.

It is better to start applying decorative cosmetics after the procedure not earlier than 3 days later. You can’t go to bed without removing the remnants of makeup. For natural self-healing, the skin needs to breathe.

Permanent makeup is done after complete healing. And then you need to keep in mind that it lasts about 3 years, that is, longer. When the gel begins to dissolve, permanent make up can emphasize this deficiency, so it is applied before lip augmentation.

Special hygienic lipsticks and balms have a moisturizing, anti-inflammatory effect and tone up bruises. It is better to choose hypoallergenic, based on natural ingredients.

You should control the movement of your toothbrush when brushing your teeth to avoid damaging your lips.

In the morning and in the evening, do massage and gymnastics for the lips recommended by the beautician. This is necessary for the harmonious distribution of hyaluronic acid, eliminating asymmetry and preventing the formation of seals.

How long is the rehabilitation period?

lip care after augmentation

How long the lips heal after enlargement depends primarily on the ability of the tissues to recover from edema and bruising. They usually disappear within 3-7 days after the procedure. At this time, it is especially necessary to strictly adhere to all the instructions of the cosmetologist. Then the rehabilitation after lip augmentation will take minimal time.

Major bans are lifted after 14 days. It is advisable to postpone the visit to the bath and sauna, as well as the gym for 2 weeks. You should start practicing professional sports no earlier than a month later.

The effectiveness of hyaluronic acid injections is due not only to the quality of the injected gel and the skill of the doctor. Despite the simplicity of the process, only competent care after lip augmentation helps to obtain the desired result. All recommendations must be strictly followed.

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