Can I do keratin on bleached hair

Кератин на осветленные волосы Hair keratin

Many people have heard about keratin. Not so long ago, this procedure has become very popular, and most people who care for hair, dream of doing a Brazilian smoothing keratin. In addition to the process itself, they are interested in how keratin affects bleached hair, as well as highlighted.

Bleach and straighten or color?

Can I do keratin on bleached hair

Hairdressers allow to color hair after keratin treatment. Stylists recommend to color hair before the procedure or 14 days after. Advantages of coloring before using keratin are the following:

  • sealing of the dye substance;
  • long-term shade retention;
  • long-term gloss retention.

Professional hair color can be applied 4 days before keratin treatment.

The effect of the hair dye and keratin

Keratin is very strong and unique fibrillar protein,. This protein is present in:

  • Hair;
  • Nails;
  • Epitheliums.

Keratin product for treatment must contain keratin substances in composition. In addition components should have other useful ingredients. High-quality keratin products can completely restore even much damaged curls. The procedure restores the damaged hair structure.

It should be noted that the hair consists of 90% protein. And during the Brazilian smoothing, the product seals natural keratin and makes hair healthier. Whether it is possible to do keratin straightening on bleached hair in a particular case- hair stylist or trichology specialist will answer.

Cosmetics containing keratin elements give hair elasticity and strength. The condition of the hair depends on keratin. In the liquid state, the protein enters the structure and recovers after coloring, perming or bleaching.

The process of keratin treatment involves process with a high heating temperature. The scales are sealed-this ensures smoothness. The actions of the keratin treatment and coloring process are opposite. When coloring, the scaly structure loosens, and under the influence of keratin, it’s on the contrary improves. According to professional hair stylist, keratin has a positive effect on bleached hair.

What time should I choose for bleaching?

Keratin for bleached hair. Terms for coloring

Experts believe that the most effective time for coloring hair is before keratin. In this case, the dye is securely sealed in the hair, and the hairstyle retains its color longer. But it is important to remember that the product used should be as safe as possible, since the dye will be in the inner part of the hair for a long time. Many people wonder if you can do keratin straightening on bleached hair with dye. You can, but you must use an ammonia-free agent.

Bleaching is allowed to be carried out three weeks before the Brazilian smoothing. Highlighting near the roots should be carried out 30 days before. Apply hair dye after 14 days. It will take about 14 days to wash out the layer of protein that forms the protection around the hair structure. Dying the head earlier is pointless, since it will be dull. The hair will not be dyed, and the pigments of the coloring substance will not get caught by the hair. The dye may appear in spots, it will not be the color that was planned. Highlighting is allowed 3 weeks after keratin. If you use the Japanese method of straightening, then bleaching is prohibited.

When used for coloring tonics, it is recommended to do this after keratin straightening on bleached hair. High-temperature exposure to keratin treatment will change the tone of the unstable dye. Dye washing off and full coloring of the head after keratin treatment is performed not earlier than after 3 weeks. If the hair coloring is planned before the Brazilian smoothing, it should be carried out 60-90 days in advance.

The use of natural colorants allowed both before and after keratin treatment.

Does keratin affect bleaching?

Keratin for bleached hair. Terms for coloring

ПAbout keratin straightening for lightened hair, reviews on forums are mostly positive. Some believe that the level of keratin substances after coloring can significantly decrease if you do not give the hair a significant rest between salon visits. Also, the pigment will not settle evenly, since it cannot uniformly get into the hair structure. Hair will look messy, not healthy. In this case, the result of keratin action will almost completely disappear. Money that was spent on hair health improvement, and then on discoloration or highlighting, will be spent in vain.

If you carry out keratin treatment 14 days after coloring, the new tone will not lose intensity for a long time. By this time, keratin substances in the hair structure will still be fresh, the scales will be pliable. Pigmentation will take place in the required volume, and the substance will be firmly fixed.

Making a choice between lightening before Brazilian smoothing and after, it is correct to paint first. This sequence, according to experts, carries fewer risks and is much more effective. Trichologists, answering the question whether it is possible to make keratin on bleached hair, say an unequivocal Yes. The main thing is to comply with deadlines and rules.

Does keratin lighten hair or not?

Keratin does not lighten the hair surface. Keratin procedure is suitable for any type. Hair becomes shiny and smooth after straightening. This is, no doubt, the advantage of keratin, since a brilliant hairstyle is well-groomed hair.

To perform straightening and lightening yourself, you must purchase a professional kit for keratinization and a gentle Brightener. In addition, it is important to buy a hair dryer with ionization mode, as well as an iron, preferably with ceramic plates, heated to a temperature of 200-240 °C.

Bleaching and straightening are completely similar to the procedure in the salon. But if you have doubts about your own abilities, you need to contact a professional. He will consult on all issues.

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