Upper eyelid permanent make up with shading – procedure, care, healing

Permanent eyeliner

Nowadays, permanent make-up of the upper eyelid with shading is often done, because the effect looks fresh, adorns woman eyes with the correct execution of the technique. Shading is very different from an arrow, but both techniques are popular among women.

What it is

The shaded eye permanent make up is a cosmetic procedure that is done in the salon. The goal is that after the session the lady does not need to apply decorative cosmetics to the upper eyelid every day, this saves time and cosmetics.
Upper eyelid permanent make up with shading - procedure, care, healing
The advantages of the session are as follows:

  1. A woman does not need to waste time every morning for applying makeup, decorative cosmetics are saved.
  2. Permanent make-up is not influenced by external factors. The result remains in any weather, as well as under any external circumstances, but over time, due to such factors, it fades.
  3. Shading is done on the upper eyelid area in one or two sessions. This time depends on the chosen style, as well as the complexity of the cosmetologist’s work.
  4. Feathering emphasizes the look of the lady. With the right shades, it suits any occasion in everyday life.

The downside is that the shading has a high price. This is due to the fact that not all specialists have the skills for such a service.

Permanent make-up in the shading method is called in another way a decorative technique. In it, the dye is applied in a dense layer to part of the eyelid, and then shaded to the eyebrow, filling the entire mobile eyelid in the upper part.

Does it hurt

A similar question arises for all female representatives who decide to shade the pigment on the eyelid.

Before the main visit to the salon, the master writes out the instructions for the woman to follow. This includes: you should not drink alcohol one day before caring out cosmetic procedures, do cosmetic procedure two weeks before, sunbathe for a week or apply make-up 24 hours in advance.

Follow the instructions of the beautician to protect yourself from pain. Also, be attentive to contraindications, their non-observance lead to negative consequences.

Before dye is injected, an anesthetic gel is applied to the upper eyelid area. It has such an appearance so as not to damage the skin several times, since the injection is additional stress for the epidermis, especially the thin skin of the eyelid.

The pain reliever takes 20 minutes to work. If you have a low pain threshold, ask the specialist to apply more anesthesia to protect yourself from pain, as it is not recommended to add anesthetic during drawing, because it impairs the absorption of the dye.

Subject to the instructions of the cosmetologist and the standard case of a woman’s health, the PMU goes without pain.

Check the certification of anesthesia prior to application to ensure that the product is of high quality. You can test for allergies first so that it works right in the end.

Why to do permanent makeup arrows

Arrows are the most common permanent make up technique that is done on the upper eyelid area. There are reasons for this:

  1. In everyday life, using decorative cosmetics, a minority of clients are able to draw neat lines that give a fresh look. For such ladies, permanent make up is a way out.
  2. Arrows give a woman’s look appearance, freshness and youth. They are especially suitable for female representatives at a young age, since in a mature state the skin of the upper eyelid is not even, which is why the arrow turns out to be sloppy.
  3. Drawing a clear line takes a lot of time, and with a PMU done, a female representative does not need to spend time every morning on this type of eye makeup.
  4. Feathered stripes are a combination of two methods of service, therefore it is suitable for a larger circle of people, fulfilling their initial wishes.
  5. This type of makeup looks spectacular in any situation. It is suitable for office work or evening out, holiday, business meeting.

Usually, based on such motives, lady decide to carry out PMU and shading the upper eyelid.

Arrow on eyelid with shading

Upper eyelid permanent make up with shading

Such an unusual option for shading the upper eyelid is not common, as clients usually prefer to use the standard techniques offered by the salon.

There are three types of permanent make up that is performed in the upper eyelid area:

  1. Arrow. It is a popular type of PMU, because the line is the standard upper eyelid makeup, which is often used by modern women in everyday life.
  2. Shading, or decorative make-up, in which the dye is applied in a dense layer at the lash line, and closer to the fold of the moving eyelid, this layer becomes transparent. This overflow looks impressive in any case.
  3. Inner-eyelash PMU, in which the pigment is applied along the line between the eyelashes, emphasizing the border of the upper and lower eyelids. Thanks to this method, they visually look darker and longer.

Arrow feathering is a combination of two techniques, due to which this method is suitable for a larger circle of customers, because it has more positive aspects.

How the eyes look after the shading procedure

Upper eyelid permanent make up with shading

The upper eyelids are a delicate area of the face, therefore, after the shading permanent make up, they are severely damaged, which is why you should provide the correct care prescribed by the beautician.

The first common side effects are redness and swelling of the upper eyelid. You can get rid of them with a compress made of ice wrapped in a bag and a thin towel. Do not put ice directly on the damaged area, as this will cause a cold burn of the epidermis and also wet it, which should not be done.

Then the following care is needed for the cover in order to get a neat result:

  1. Apply an antiseptic and healing ointment to the skin every hour to an hour and a half until a protective layer appears. It is impossible to wet it at this time.
  2. On the third or fourth day, a film forms on the tissue, which protects the affected area of the upper eyelid. It should be smeared with products up to five times a day. You can gently wash your face with micellar water.
  3. By the end of the week, the crust begins to flake off, which is accompanied by itching. It is not recommended to scratch the upper eyelid, as this can accidentally peel off the crust and lead to infection.
  4. Until the end of the month, after shading, do not sunbathe, do not go out into the open rays of the sun without protection, do not visit places with a high level of humidity, and do not use decorative cosmetics on the upper eyelid.

Observing such instructions, the permanent makeup in the shading technique will last longer than the minimum time.

How long does the effect last?

The time that is saved by the permanent make up technique of shading the upper eyelid is individual. Usually the minimum shelf life is one and a half or two years. During this time, the complete fading of the pigment enters.

When using high-quality consumables and observing all the important instructions of a specialist by the client, the maximum time for complete preservation of the PMU is 3 years, but this is rare.

There are factors that affect the durability of the result, knowing them, you can deliberately increase the time of its preservation:

  1. Depth of dye injection. This item has certain norms, and deviations from them are controlled by the cosmetologist.
  2. Selected shading method color. The darker the drawing is, the longer it will last on the upper eyelid to a weak tone. Weak palettes fade faster.
  3. Compliance by the client with contraindications and recommendations of the master before the visit.
  4. The quality of the consumables that the specialist used during the session.
  5. The correctness of the care provided during the rehabilitation of the epidermis.
  6. If a lady goes out in the sun with upper eyelid protection, the result will last longer. This also applies to sudden temperature changes.

If the client liked the permanent make up, she can prolong it with the help of correction or refresh (shade renewal). Additional services are often not recommended as it affects the rate of tissue regeneration. The optimal time for their holding is a year or a year and a half.


The upper eyelid PMU, made using the shading technique, looks impressive and refreshes the woman’s appearance. However, in order to get a good, natural result, you should follow the instructions that the beautician prescribes during the shading sessions.

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