The composition of the mascara


Mascara is a decorative cosmetics tool that is used by almost all ladies, as it helps to curl and darken the eyelashes. However, attention is usually not paid to the composition of the product, which can lead to negative consequences after its use and damage the structure of eyelashes.

What should be in the composition of mascara?

We can give an example of the components that should be included in the mascara. If these elements are in the facility, the probability of a positive result and the correct action of the product in the end is high.

The composition of the mascara

It is impossible to give a strict clear composition, since there may be interchangeable elements. However, many of the constituent parts must be included in the mascara. What mascara is made of:

  1. Water. Usually it is in the first place in the composition, as it prevails in the carcass, having its correct structure and consistency.
  2. Cosmetic wax. It is usually found in its pure form in mascara, as it firmly adheres the mascara to the lash, maintaining a long-lasting makeup result.
  3. Oils. Various oils, which contain useful components, allow maintaining the health of the vegetation of the eye, therefore it is important that oils are present in the mascara.
  4. Lanolin. In the classic recipe, this substance should be contained in the composition, because the element ensures the preservation of the correct structure of the mascara and its long-term fixation on the eyelashes.
  5. Dye. Keep in mind that there should be a safe dye that will gently touch the sensitive and delicate area of the eyelids. Preservatives, which contribute to the long-term preservation of the product in its previous state and smooth application to the hair.
  6. Keratin. This factor contributes to the protection of the hair structure from the effects of ultraviolet rays on the street and other negative effects of external factors.
  7. Vitamins. Often, additional substances are indicated in the composition that strengthen the hair follicles and correspond to the correct fixing of the effect on the hair layer.

If these components are contained in the composition of decorative cosmetics, you can use it, as they have a gentle effect on the health of the eyelashes and are neatly fixed on it.

What shouldn’t be?

Pay attention to those elements that are in the composition of mascara. They can lead to the formation of a negative effect, due to which the effect will be poorly applied to the sensitive structure of the hairs.

Pay attention to the safety of the carcass if it contains the following components:

  1. It is undesirable for the carcasses to contain aggressive fragrances. Smell is not the main component of the result, however, the presence of aggressive fragrances can lead to a poor quality of fixing of the product on the vegetative layer.
  2. Acetate is also a negative component that can be contained in the composition of the product. Its negative effect is to disrupt the health and structure of the eyelashes. It is undesirable to choose mascara in which there will be acetate, since it is capable of disrupting the quality of the cells of the eyelashes, because of which they will lose their former appearance and density.
  3. Aluminum powder. Such a low cost addition to mascara increases the quantity of the product, but negatively affects its quality. It clogs the blood vessels and lymphatic pathways through which excess harmful substances leave the body. The danger of the component lies in the fact that the powder negatively affects the durability of the stylistics, since the period of preservation of the mascara in its previous state decreases.

These elements are dangerous when present in mascara, because they lead to the formation of negative consequences after applying decorative cosmetics for makeup by a woman.

What can it lead to?

The negative consequences of low quality work can be reflected in the form of deterioration in the visual and aesthetic quality of the makeup, as well as the health of the ladies eyelashes after makeup.

  1. Detachment and premature descent of mascara from the eyelashes. If it’s gradually peels off during the day, it will look messy, which is why the lady will have to periodically correct her makeup.
  2. Poor aesthetic effect of mascara. With a low quality of the composition of the product, there is a possibility that the shade of the work and its quality may deteriorate. The eyelashes will stick together, and small lumps will form on them, which will ruin the visual style.
  3. Rapid deterioration of the product. Due to the poor composition of the mascara, there is a possibility that it will dry out quickly and lose its former functions and properties.
  4. Damage to the health of the hair. This factor affects the deterioration of the structure of the hairs, so they lose their previous state and volume.

Be careful with the composition of the mascara to prevent the appearance of side effects after daily makeup with decorative cosmetics.


In addition to the composition of the product, you should carefully choose the brush with which it is applied. Most often, ladies prefer thin brushes, since they are inconvenient to work with. Also, the negative effect is usually made by a thick brush nap, because it gains an excessive amount of mass, not always distributing it correctly.

The composition of the mascara

It is best to choose a short-bristled brush that is nice and well-packed. This will distribute the mascara correctly, creating a neat and natural technique effect.


The composition of mascara should be considered when choosing decorative cosmetics, because this way the likelihood of positive makeup increases. Be careful with some ingredients that can lead to negative effects. And also consider the quality of the brush that comes with the mascara.

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