Squirrel eyelash extension effect


Eyelash extension contributes to the rapid and radical transformation of the ladies appearance, but for this, you should first pay attention to the choice of technique in which to perform the procedure. The squirrel effect is a common technique that allows you to create an unusual result that will emphasize the client’s eyes and hide some flaws.

How the technique is made

The squirrel effect is not available in all beauty salons, so initially it is worth clarifying its presence and the technology in which it is carried out so that the style looks natural.

Squirrel eyelash extension effect

The technology is not similar to other techniques, so you can imagine its characteristic features to describe the procedure:

  1. The specialist uses two types of hairs during the session: medium-length and long cilia. However, their exact length depends on the client’s appearance and on the result he wants to achieve – close to natural, or unusual and effective.
  2. The specialist fills in the main part of the ladies eyelid with medium hairs. They attach to two-thirds of the eye, starting from the inner corner. The outer edge remains initially free.
  3. The specialist attaches long hairs to the empty space, thus creating a sharp transition. It doesn’t look natural, but effective if the beautician selects the correct difference in the length of the hair.

The resulting gradient looks like the tails on a squirrel’s ears. The squirrel effect of eyelash extension is an unusual technique that is not suitable for all ladies, due to the fact that it is appropriate for special occasions and events.

For daily wear, the technique is not used as standard. However, the client can ask the beautician to soften the abrupt transition, creating a smoother and more appropriate style that will look adequate for the daily use of the result of the procedure.

Whom does it suits?

Before providing cosmetic services in the center, you should initially consult with the specialist about the coincidence of the features of the structure of the face and the characteristic features of the work. It doesn’t look good on all ladies, so consider this criterion carefully.

As a standard, cosmetologists recommend performing an unusual technique based on the structure of the face and appearance:

  1. The lowered outer corners of the eye are a direct indication for a cosmetic procedure, because this technique will help to visually raise them, changing the structure of the face.
  2. With bulging eyes, the lady can make a technique to create the style of a normal eye fit. This will visually reduce this feature, so it is recommended to do a technique to reduce the saturation of this feature.
  3. Round eyes are also an indication for the provision of cosmetic services, because long lashes at the corner of the eye contribute to the visual lengthening of the natural shape of the eyelid, changing the natural incision into a sharper one.
  4. If you want to increase the volume of the natural hair of the eye, the lady can use this non-standard technology, combining it with an increased density when building. But you should not do too much volume, as it will look sloppy with stylistics.

Consider the recommendations that will transform the client’s appearance. But pay attention to the peculiarities of the structure of the face so that the technology ultimately looks natural and emphasizes the positive aspects of a woman’s appearance.

Who shouldn’t do it

It does not always look neat when building up. Often, a non-standard technique creates an unnatural style, which is why it is not recommended to carry it out. Otherwise, you will get a job that will accentuate the visual features of your appearance.

The result will look messy if there are structural features of the client’s face:

  1. If your eyes have a non-standard position – close or wide to each other, squirrel style will only emphasize this feature, because of its abrupt transition. Consider this parameter to prevent the formation of unnatural stylistics.
  2. It is undesirable to do squirrel-eyed eyelash extensions in adulthood, since small wrinkles in the eyelid area can stand out and become emphasized after performing eyelash extensions in cosmetology.

Pay attention to these criteria in advance to prevent the formation of side effects after visiting a beauty center to perform squirrel-eyed eyelash extensions.

Which volume is better?

The squirrel effect is a non-classical option for adding lashes with artificial threads, therefore, before the session, it is advisable to pay attention to the choice of the density of hair in which you plan to provide the service.

Too thick lashes with the squirrel method is undesirable, since it looks like a sharp transition on the increased density of the hair layer of the eye is unnatural. On the other hand, the classic version of increasing the density of eyelashes or small volumes, which involve attaching one or two additional eyelashes to each hair, will well emphasize the client’s view.

The work will look natural if you correctly choose the cosmetology in which to carry out the procedure. To do this, read reviews about the work of a beautician and see photos of the previous work of a specialist. Check the certification for the consumables used during the session so that the volume obtained will last for a long time. If it begins to disappear from the eye prematurely, the squirrel effect of the eyelashes will lose its former appearance, the style will be spoiled, since an even row of eyelashes is important in it.

Care after the session

The squirrel effect is a non-classic build-up option that requires special attention in order for the style to look neat. However, keep in mind that if the work is removed prematurely, it will look sloppy, and eyelash extension squirrel effect 2d or other volume will be ruined.

After adding eyelashes, it is recommended to follow the care tips:

  1. Reduces mechanical damage associated with eyelashes after squirrel eyelash extension. They can spoil the visual aesthetics, so it is dangerous to come into contact with the eyelids frequently.
  2. It is not recommended to use decorative cosmetics on the hair layer of the eye, as it can negatively affect the attached row of artificial eyelashes during extension.
  3. Wash your face gently. To do this, do not use care products, rub your eyes, lightly rinse your face with warm water, and then blot it on a disposable towel.
  4. Brush your eyelashes daily to prevent matting after sleep. This can lead to premature deletion of the work.
  5. Sleep on your back so as not to touch your eyelashes after visiting the cosmetic center to the bed. Otherwise, constant contact of the eyelashes with proteins will lead to their fragility and damage.

Observing a similar hair care after eyelash extension, the effect of protein, you will keep the result of work on the client’s eyelids longer. And the previous result will last longer and look natural.

Squirrel eyelash extension effect

Keep in mind that compliance with the recommendations and indications of a cosmetologist when visiting a cosmetic center is important. They provide the visual style of the procedure and the durability of the work. If the instructions of the specialist are not followed, the result is saved less, and disappears from the sensitive skin of the eyelids faster.


The squirrel scheme looks unusual for eyelash extensions, but it is worth taking into account the peculiarities of the technique in advance, since it is not suitable for all ladies. With the correct provision of cosmetic extension services, the technology emphasizes the client’s gaze and imperceptibly hides the flaws in appearance.

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