Lashes C Curl


A lady can do eyelash extensions in different techniques, it depends on the client’s initial preferences and appearance features. The bend of additional artificial lashes can also be pre-selected and changed, preventing excessive sharpness of the stylistics, or, conversely, changing the smoothness chosen by the master.

What does it look like?

When getting cosmetic services in the salon, the lady preliminarily chooses three components of the procedure: color, shape, density and technique of filling the eyelid with eyelashes. The style that will turn out after visiting cosmetology depends on ladies choice.

Lashes C Curl

The smallest bend is B. It starts the curvature scale and has a smooth transition, which is suitable for girls with a special appearance. Usually he chooses it with straight natural eyelashes looking down. Eyelashes 2D curl C – the second degree of curled hair. It looks far from sharp, but only slightly upward.

Stylistics is chosen when a lady wants to achieve something close to the natural result. And this shape of the eyelashes helps to obtain an emphasis on the look and an imperceptible increase in the volume of eyelid hair.

For whom C curl eyelashes is suitable

The style is part of the line of classic forms for performing eyelash extension C curl, so the beautician often recommends performing its features for the first time. This way you can prevent a result that visually you do not like and will look ridiculous.

When visiting a beauty salon to sign up for a technique, the beautician helps the woman choose the degree of curl of her hair. Curvature C is often recommended as it is considered a neutral extension option.

Taking into account aesthetic indicators, it is recommended to perform the procedure with this light curling of eyelashes in the following cases:

  1. If you are doing extensions for the first time and want to achieve a result that will look neat, use this method with a C grade on the lashes. So you can play it safe in case the chosen style looks too harsh, which is why it is aggressive.
  2. If you want to achieve the most natural effect, this method is usually used, since the artificial threads attached to the upper eyelid adapt to natural ones. This will create a natural C-curl lash extension effect.
  3. If you are adding density to the upper movable eyelid for wear on a daily basis, it is worth choosing discreet options so that they are suitable for permanent wear. With a well-chosen style, the C shape does not stand out much on the eyelashes, therefore it is suitable as an everyday option.
  4. With natural semi-straight eyelashes, you can use the C curve, as it contributes to invisible filling of the eyelid with artificial threads. They adjust to natural ones, creating visual volume in the end.
  5. It is possible to choose not very curled hairs if by nature the client’s eyes are located far from each other. The style C looks on the eyelashes in this case, it is appropriate and allows you to hide the peculiarity of the girl’s appearance.

Bending C can be done in other cases, you just need to consult with the master first, whether the shape on your face will look neat and natural.

When not do a C curl eyelashes

The C bend will not always look neat, which can make woman appearance look ridiculous. This happens when the technique does not match the visual features of the ladies appearance.

There are few cases when the degree of curvature C may look unnatural on the eyelashes, but consider these criteria when choosing a shape in the salon:

  1. If by nature you have curled hairs on the upper movable eyelid, you should not do the procedure, as it will look sloppy. In this case, additional threads will be strongly knocked out, since they have a smooth transition, unlike natural. Keep in mind that with naturally curled lashes, the C curve is not suitable, as it gives a weak and smooth arch that should resemble natural.
  2. When deciding to do a complicated technique in the salon, it is not recommended to use the C curve. A strong volume on the hair vegetation of the upper movable eyelid will look sloppy, due to the fact that a large number of unbent eyelashes look empty. An additional disadvantage of this method is the visual weighting of the eye. The slight curvature is not high, so it often has this effect in terms of the aesthetic quality of the work.

In other cases, the C bend usually looks natural, so you should take into account the peculiarities of the appearance in order to select the shape and style of the extension for it. This will prevent the appearance of side effects, as a result of which you will not like the result.

Pros of C curve

If you need to make a choice of the degree of curvature of the hairs that attach to the movable eyelid, consider the advantages of the method so that the result looks neat. So you can choose a neutral technology that will effectively emphasize the advantages of your appearance and hide any of its flaws.

There are many advantages when choosing a C bend:

  1. Getting close to the natural result, since the smooth transition looks spectacular, merging with the general appearance of the hairs on the girl’s upper eyelid.
  2. Long wear. The durability of the build-up, due to the low weight of artificial hairs, increases, therefore, the result will last for a long time if it is performed correctly. And this is explained by the fact that a small overflow of C does not become an inconvenience for a lady to wear, therefore it looks neat and retains this effect in any case. Less contact helps prolong the retention of the build-up on the face.
  3. Curve C is comfortable to wear, as it is not very curved and does not rub against the overhanging eyelid. Stylistics also allows you to create external convenience, in which the way looks neat and natural. It is also difficult to damage the result, because it is as similar as possible to natural hairs, which is why the girl does not have to avoid contact with them.
  4. It is easy to get used to the transition C on the eyelashes, because it is similar to the client’s natural hairs, which is why there will be no discomfort after visiting a beauty salon. There will be no discomfort externally and for others, since it is clear that the result does not interfere with the woman.

Visually, the method looks spectacular, so you should carefully choose the shape of the hairs in order to prevent an unnatural result of the procedure.

Of the negative aspects of eyelash extensions with a C bend, we can only note the discrepancy between the features of the construction of the girl’s face. In this case, the method visually does not suit her, which can make it look sloppy.

You can choose a shape that will look natural in cosmetology, when discussing the details of the extension, the master will help you choose a technology that will look neat and emphasize the positive features of the client’s face.

What techniques are used

Classic extensions look neat and appropriate with all methods, however, varying degrees of curvature, including the C curve, may look out of place with the chosen methods of filling the eyelid with hairs.

It is generally recommended to perform C-curl eyelash extensions using certain techniques:

  1. Fox effect. It implies predominantly filling the eye with a long hair layer along the outer edge. And the area at the inner corner of the eye is filled with short hair. The result is a smooth transition, similar to the fox’s look. In C form, the technique looks neat and fulfills its intended functions.
  2. Squirrel effect. It is similar to the previous one, but it does not create a smooth transition. Long hairs are predominantly located at the outer edge of the eye, while in the rest they are of the same short length. The sharp transition gives the effect of a squirrel ponytail on the ears, which emphasizes the natural C curl on the lashes.
  3. When performing a classic extension, volume 2d and 3d, bend C will also look, because it does not highlight the eye much, but significantly increases the volume of the hair of the upper eyelid.
  4. Tufted extension also looks impressive with C bend selection, because it does not create a visual unnaturalness that is accentuated by strong curvature. And this problem often occurs when the method is performed incorrectly.

In such cases, the work will look appropriate and carefully emphasize the features of the structure of the woman’s face. However, keep in mind that a mismatch in the selected degree of transition will look unnatural, which will ruin the quality of eyelash extension.

Lashes C Curl

It is worth consulting a beautician when visiting a salon to advise you on the C bend or another option. During the session, he should take into account several criteria: the features of the structure of the face and hair, the effect to be achieved, as well as the technique used. Subject to the factors, the result will look neat.


C curl lashes are a common shape because they suit many ladies, especially if you want to achieve a natural result after visiting the salon. The style is not suitable for everyone, so take into account the peculiarities of the structure of the face to choose a shape that will emphasize natural advantages and hide small flaws.

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