Lash extensions


Lash extensions is a cosmetic procedure created for visible increase of volume and density of a natural eyelash line. Before application you should learn what lash extensions exactly is, in order to prevent negative consequences after visiting a beauty salon.

Application process

Lash extensions is a method which implies boost of natural eyelashes by applying faux fibers to girl’s eyelid hair follicles. The technique is suitable for both upper and lower eyelid, it’s the same, but for the second option (for lower eyelid) partial lash extensions is performed.

Lash Extensions

Before application pay your attention to the description of lash extensions, so you will get a desired and naturally looking result, in order to end up with a positive result that will look natural.

The result of lash extensions technique doesn’t always look natural, so it’s highly recommended to check the quality of a beauty salon. Read reviews about specialist’s previous works, ask to provide certificates for expendables and materials he or she is using to prevent the negative effects of unqualified application.


Professional lash extensions are not advised for clients with certain health issues. We recommend to take into account all the restrictions given by technician before visiting a beauty salon.

There aren’t many of them, but it’s better to follow all specialist’s recommendations to prevent the negative outcome of the application:

  1. Conjunctiva irritations and infections (also called ‘a pink eye’). A stye or conjunctivitis might have negative impacts on the strength of eyelash line. It’s better to postpone the application of faux lashes in order for the result not to fade away too quickly and, of course, not to worsen the health conditions by damaging the eyes.
  2. Allergic reactions to the expendables used by beautician. If the skin of the client is too sensitive, application might cause itching, red rash and even edema. Full cosmetic application might be dangerous in this case.
  3. Facial skin problems (around eyelids). In this case a decision to do lash extensions might lead to worsening health conditions and lower the quality of result.
  4. Weakness of natural eyelashes. Lash extensions with significant length of fibers and complicated techniques won’t be lasting long on eyelashes of this kind. In this case it’s better to do a simple lash extensions technique.

Pay attention to technician’s advice before application. It will help to prevent all the negative side effects. There can be other restrictions too, it depends on the beauty salon where a woman plans to do lash extensions.

How faux lashes are applied

Fibers can be applied to the eyelid differently, but both visual effects and durability depend on the technique: it can create a lush layer of eyelashes or provide more natural look.

Ladies are usually given two standard options to choose:

  1. Lash-by-lash method. Individual single lashes are used for this technique, they are applied to eyelid one by one. This method helps to create a natural effect, because lashes are being applied evenly. When such a technique is used, lashes are coming off gradually, not ruining the whole look.
  2. Flares. Individual lashes are put together into bundles that are applied to the eyelid with adhesive. This technique creates an effective result, so it’s advised to use it instead of makeup for events and ceremonies.

Another option is called lash band technique. But it’s mostly used at home when a woman needs to boost the volume of her natural lash line quickly. Such technique is for a single use only, it won’t last long.


There are several techniques of faux lashes application. The visual effects created by each technique are different, and the result of lash extensions depends on choice of method. A way of application also influences the durability, that’s why it’s important to dedicate some time for learning about methods of lash extensions and choose the most suitable option for you.

Volume lash extensions with a faux lash fully glued to a natural one are unique and might not be done even with use of the techniques. Also they might not be suitable for client’s appearance, so you need to see the previous works of the beautician to picture the result.

Fox effect

This method implies application of faux lashes to the lash line gradually for creating so-called ‘fox eyes’. Starting with applying short faux lashes at the inner corner of the eye the beautician gradually increases the length of lashes as she moves to the outer corner, applying the longest fibers there.

Squirrel effect

The technique is similar to the previous one, but with one main difference: the gradual increase of lash length is replaced with abrupt and less smooth change. The major part of a lash line in the center is filled with faux lashes of middle length, and very long lashes are applied at the outer edge of the eye. This effect reminds tufted ears typical for squirrels, that’s why it was named after them.

Natural method

For natural lash extensions individual lashes of different length are used. They are gradually applied to the client’s lash line. This technique helps to create naturally lush lashes, that’s why it’s also called classical method. It’s one of the most popular lash extensions technique that is suitable for everyone.

Effect of rays

Choosing lash extensions technique this method is not always offered, but there’s a possibility to create rays with faux lashes. For this effect the main part of lash line is filled with alternating middle length and long lashes. First long lash applied, then one or two middle lashes, then long lash again.

Doll eyes effect

For an effective makeup this technique is being chosen, because it requires the longest lashes possible. Faux lashes are applied gradually, filling the whole lash line. It can be also combined with other methods of emphasizing the eyes.


Before lash extensions a good beautician describes in details how to prepare skin and the whole body of the client for the adhesive application. You should strictly follow all recommendations to prevent negative consequences.

Lash Extensions

Even before a partial lash extensions certain recommendations for sensitive skin care are being made:

  1. Stop taking any unnecessary medications one week before a visit to a beauty salon. This will help to balance your hormones naturally.
  2. Try to avoid all aggressive beauty procedures at least for three days before going to beauty salon.
  3. Do not consume alcohol and caffeine for 24 hours before application.
  4. Do not use makeup (especially for eyes), because the remains of mascara or other cosmetics might become a huge obstacle to a correct cosmetic application, resulting in less effective lash extensions.
  5. It’s possible to tint your natural lashes three days before the application. This will help your lashes look more natural without makeup. This method is used for clients with light lashes.

It’s important to follow all the recommendations and to prepare the skin and the eyes for the application. Proper preparations will result in neat effect, that will last longer, and create a natural, gracious and stunning result.

The process

The process of lash extensions can be different, and largely depends on the beautician performing the cosmetic application. Nevertheless, all specialists stick to the standard stages of the process:

  1. Firstly, the beautician uses cotton pad with micellar cleansing water to get rid of all possible makeup remains on the eye area. It helps to clean the eyelash follicles and to get rid of oil and sebum.
  2. Then the specialist puts disposable shadow shields on the lower eyelids to prevent an occasional application of adhesive to the face.
  3. The beautician prepares faux lashes and applies them on adhesive. For lash-by-lash method the glue is applied along lash line, for applying flares the glue is added only to the basis.
  4. After all faux lashes are applied, the beautician puts little pressure to fix them on the client’s eyes.
  5. After the application disposable shadow shields are being removed, and the client is given recommendations about lash extensions care and maintenance.

The process itself is relatively simple, but it might require 2-3 hours to complete when a complicated technique is performed: the specialist applies lashes one by one gradually. The client is always staying in comfortable horizontal position during the whole process.


Lash extensions when performed by a skilled beautician can change woman’s appearance, but before application we recommend to pay attention to the features of work. Follow all advice given by a specialist to get a positive result, that would not only be looking neat but also suitable for client’s appearance.

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