Is it harmful to do eyelash extensions?


When deciding to do a cosmetic procedure to artificially increase the natural density of eyelashes, ladies often seek to find out whether to extend eyelashes. Previously, you can check with a beautician whether eyelash extensions harm your eyelashes in order to prevent negative consequences after visiting the salon.

Cons of technique

Often, ladies do not take into account the negative aspects of building before styling, which is why there is a risk of side effects after the provision of cosmetic services.

Is it harmful to do eyelash extensions?

There are not many disadvantages to the method, however, they are usually not discussed before the style, which is why clients cannot foresee them:

  1. Is it safe to extend eyelashes, this question is largely depends on beautician. Negative consequences can occur when using low quality consumables that negatively affect the sensitive tissue of the lady and are harmful to her.
  2. One session can last up to three hours, it depends on the complexity of the technique. This causes inconvenience to the lady, which is why it is worth considering the parameter in advance.
  3. There is a risk of losing natural hairs after a cosmetic procedure. What is dangerous about eyelash extensions in this regard is the massive loss of eyelashes.
  4. The technique may not be visually suitable for the features of the appearance and structure of the client’s face. Previously, it is worth looking at the photos of the previous works of the beautician, paying attention to the features of the structure of the face, the properties of technology.

According to doctors, the harm of eyelash extensions is provided by the negative sides of the procedure, so be careful before providing services in a cosmetic center.

Why is eyelash extension harmful?

The negative consequences after visiting a cosmetic center are reflected in different areas, but the beautician usually do not warn about this.

Be careful, after visiting the salon, there may be consequences of eyelash extensions that are harmful to the client:

  1. Allergic reaction to consumables used by the beautician. This is usually followed by irritation of the sensitive surface of the eye, the appearance of itching, and similar factors. Eyelash extensions are bad for your eyelashes in this case.
  2. Premature deletion of work. This usually happens when the hairs are poorly attached to the eyelid or when a poor quality adhesive is used.
  3. Inaccurate visual result of work. Often, girls get a style that looks unnatural and inappropriate on the ladies face.
  4. Defeat the state of health of natural eyelashes. With repeated repetition of the technique on the hairs, it becomes harmful to preserve the structure of the natural hair layer of the eye.

Before using the technique, consider how harmful eyelash extensions are in order to prevent side effects after the service is provided.

Is the technique harmful?

The addition of the hair layer to the sensitive surface of the eyelid can become dangerous for a lady, but the technique is not always considered aggressive, there are criteria that explain why the service is harmful.

Is it dangerous to extend eyelashes is often reflected in the repeated repetition of the procedure. You should not provide cosmetic services several times in a row, especially when choosing a complicated style, as this will harm the condition of the eyelashes.

In this case, the ladies eyelashes become brittle, thin, which is why she has to take a break from technique in order to give time to restore the condition of the hairs. Usually, you need to wait up to three months for this to refresh the lashes and replace damaged hair.

Eyelash extensions – whether it is harmful or not, is additionally reflected in the procedure for removing the work. Often the style is removed aggressively for the structure of natural hair, so attention should be paid to neutralizing the technique. This will prevent severe damage to the hair layer of the ladies eye.

How long can you carry on doing the eyelash extension

Whether it is harmful to extend eyelashes for the eyes largely depends on the number of repeated sessions in a row. Clients often do this aggressive technique repeatedly without interruption, which helps to restore the health of the eyelashes.

Whether it is possible to permanently extend eyelashes depends on the complexity of the method you are doing:

  1. When repeating the classic version of increasing the density of vegetation, there are no special recommendations for the number of repetitions of the technique. They do not deliver a strong load, discomfort for the lady, so you can do the technique up to 6 times in a row.
  2. 2D and 3D volume of the technique are rather complex techniques, since they create discomfort for the woman while wearing the style. It is recommended to repeat it no more than two times so as not to spoil the condition of the hairs.
  3. Maximum technologies, as well as non-standard hair distribution over the eyelid, are recommended to be carried out once. So they will provide a gentle effect on the condition of the eyelashes.

The harm and benefits of eyelash extension largely depends on the actions, decisions of the client, so it is worth considering the recommendations on the number of repetitions of the procedure. This will prevent the deterioration of the ladies eyelashes.

How to protect yourself

Previously, you can prevent the formation of side effects after visiting. For this, it is recommended to take into account the advice, instructions of a specialist and other parameters.

It is impossible to give precise instructions for the competent provision of the service, but you should be careful in observing the parameters:

  1. Check the consumables first to prevent irritation of the sensitive skin surface. To do this, you need to ask for certification on the materials used and the literacy of the specialist. Check for allergies to adhesive and man-made fibres.
  2. Observe the preparation before visiting the salon to prepare the eyelashes for styling. This way you will get a neat positive result that will look appropriate and natural.
  3. Take into account the recommendations of the beautician on the restrictions to the service and recommendations after the provision of cosmetic services. This way the work will last longer as it was.
  4. When performing a non-standard method, in order to prevent damage to the visual result, you should look at the photo of the technique and consult with the master if this technique is right for you.

Considering the parameters, you will get a positive result of the session, which will stay on the sensitive surface of the eye for a long time. If you find defects in work, contact the wizard to prescribe remedial measures to solve the problem.


Often, whether it is harmful to do an extension depends on the client’s compliance with health restrictions. Otherwise, there is a risk that the work will not be fixed on the eye, but will lead to side effects on the woman’s health.

Is it harmful to do eyelash extensions?

There are not many restrictions, but first pay attention to them:

  1. Pregnancy, especially the first trimester, as during it the main processes of fetal development go through. This also includes menstruation, since they also affect the state of the hormonal system.
  2. Weak natural eyelashes. When performing the procedure, they will not withstand the load of artificial threads, which is why the result will quickly disappear.
  3. Allergic reaction to the materials used by the beautician. First, you need to do an allergy test to prevent skin irritation and premature removal of stylistics.
  4. Poor health of the mucous membrane of the eye. Barley and other eye diseases negatively affect the quality of the technique, therefore, it is not recommended to do a cosmetic procedure, and it will be harmful for the girl.

To ensure that the service is not harmful to the health of the girl and her skin, it is recommended to follow the indications and advice of the master. So the work will have a positive result, which is reflected in the aesthetics of the technique and the maintenance of the hair structure.


Is it harmful to do eyelash extensions? All ladies are trying to find out before visiting the salon. As a standard, the technology is not harmful to the client, but for this, the testimony of a specialist should be observed. So the method will turn out to be neat and will look natural, to prevent the appearance of negative consequences after a visit to the salon.

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