How to wash your face with lash extensions?


After the cosmetic application it’s advised to follow beautician’s tips and recommendations of how to take care of faux lashes. The way you wash your face daily at home after lash extensions application is described by a specialist, so it’s better to follow the rules after visiting a beauty salon. In this case the result would stay effective and last longer.

Specialist’ Advice

Contact with water might have negative impact on the work performed by a specialist. You should gently wash your face with lash extensions, because aggressive manner towards eyelashes will lead to a quick come off.

How to Wash Your Face with Lash Extensions?

This negative side effect will impact on adhesive first, when water comes in contact with eyelid, it is making the quality of glue worse and watering its homogeneous structure.

Depending on complexity of cosmetic application the advice about washing the face and even showering with lash extensions can differ. They are set by a beautician and can be based on facial skin type, health conditions, and kinds of materials and expendables used in the beauty salon.

Anyway, be careful around water. Its aggressive impact can reduce the durability of faux lashes at least twice.

When to wash your face

Specialists often tell the client, when it’s advisable to wash the face with lash extensions and when to start showering and bathing. This period of time depends on several factors that can be changed.

According to the standard rules, it’s not advised to wash the face within 24 hours after procedure. After the application avoid any contact of faux lashes with water for at least 4 hours. During this period adhesive components are most vulnerable to negative external factors.

Before washing the face with lash extensions consult a specialist. It will help to prevent all the negative consequences that can be revealed after: worsening of durability and fixation of the cosmetic application.

It’s always recommended to do lash extensions in the first half of the day, so you can wash your face without any problems the next day. Check the weather forecast on the day of your appointment to make sure that rain or snow wouldn’t ruin a freshly performed job.

How to wash your face

Before washing your face with lash extensions correctly, we recommend to consult your beautician who would explain the proper technique. It can be different, because it depends on individual case of the client and the beauty salon where application is done.

To prevent faux lashes falling our prematurely you should learn the proper way of washing your face with lash extensions:

  1. After a certain period of time necessary for the recovery and partial drying of the adhesive, you can start performing the technique. Be sure to restrain washing before recommended time.
  2. Gently rinse the face with water. It’s not advised to rub the skin, especially in the eyelid area, because it might ruin the work and cause lashes coming off quickly.
  3. Limit the time of face washing, because it might make eye epidermis wet. The result of this would be the tendency of adhesive to come off faster than usual, but the lashes would remain of same quality.
  4. After washing the face, gently wipe the remains of water with a disposable towel. It’s not recommended to take the towel you use regularly, because its rough fibers might lead to fixation detachment and short life of faux lashes.

It’s important to take into account the technique of washing eyelashes to prevent the effect coming off quickly. Be careful around water, because careless treatment will remove the work.

What water temperature to choose

Temperature of water is essential for washing your face, especially after lash extensions application. Washing the face with water of proper temperature you will prevent worsening glue quality.

For this you should not only pay attention of how to wash the face with lash extensions. For washing choose a warm water, close to the temperature of your own body, and even a bit cooler. It wouldn’t seem cold but would be gently affecting the structure of adhesive and keeping its strength.

But be careful: if temperature it’s too high, water will ruin the structure of glue and faux lashes will start falling out. To keep the result for a long time follow these recommendations.

Additional products

Many woman using various cosmetic products when washing their faces to take care of sensitive or damaged eye area. But they should be used with attention, because the effects can be the opposite.

Very often the specialists provide a detailed description of how to use these cosmetics when washing a face:

  1. Don’t use facial scrubs. A contact of fine particles with eye area will result in aggressive impact of the scrub, leading to altering the structure of adhesive and changing the even distribution of glue along lash line.
  2. An oil-free foam for face wash with lash extensions is a great option for those who wants to remove makeup. It is a gentle way to get rid of all make up products from your eyelids.
  3. When choosing a product pay maximum attention to its components. If there are some aggressive ingredients in the product, there’s a high risk of negative impact on the initial result of beautician’s work and visual effects.
  4. Be careful using oil-based products. They might ruin the homogeneous structure of the glue and destroy all useful features of adhesive.

A special face wash for lash extensions is a good alternative. But even this cleanser shouldn’t be used quite often, if you want to keep the neat result of lash extensions. When removing your daily makeup use a special product instead of micellar water or milk cleanser if you want to prevent creation of visible defects.

Steam rooms with lash extensions

Steam rooms, saunas and swimming pools are three popular entertainments that frequently become restricted after lash extensions application. First of all, because of high temperatures and increased humidity.

How to wash your face with lash extensions

Plenty of ladies want to plan their leisure time, so they ask multiple questions about swimming pool visiting after a cosmetic application. You should consult your beautician who will make the decision, because each case is individual. Chlorine that always added to the water in swimming pools might have negative impact on the result of work. Try to avoid visiting swimming pools for at least 2 weeks after the application.

If you are hesitating between steam room and sauna, it’s better to choose the second option. Visiting steam rooms will lead to negative consequences for faux lashes. They have higher levels of humidity and temperature, and both these factors combined create numerous side effects.

Crying with lash extensions

Tears are another factor that can also cause negative consequences after visiting the beautician.

Many specialists, however, don’t specify whether it’s possible to cry with lash extensions or not. But you should take this factor into account too. Salt water in the tears usually don’t create an obstacle for the result of beautician’s work, especially if there is just a couple of drops.

But try to restrain yourself from crying hard, it would make your eyes puffy and swollen and also wash out the fixation layer that is located along your lash line.


Wash your face with lash extensions gently, taking into account all the restrictions and recommendations given by beautician. Pay attention to all the cosmetics you use daily for facial skin care. This is how you will be able to prevent the negative consequences: visible decrease in the quality of work and shortening its life and durability.

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