How to remove eyelash extensions at home?


The result of eyelash extensions is not always positive, which is why the lady has to decide on the correction of the style or its premature removal. Because of this, the client has to learn how to remove eyelashes at home without a special liquid. However, you should be careful with the cosmetic procedure not to damage health of natural eyelashes.

Why remove eyelash extensions

Woman do not always figure out how to remove extended eyelashes by themselves. Often a woman has the main motives for which the client decides to carry out stylistics correction, or its complete removal.

How to remove eyelash extensions at home?

As a standard, women decide how to remove their extended eyelashes at home, with the formation of work defects:

  1. Premature partial detachment, after which work looks unnatural and sloppy, that is why you have to choose how to remove extended eyelashes at home carefully in order to restore the previous volume of hair.
  2. Poor combination of women’s appearance and eyelash extensions. Often, the features of the technique can look sloppy, emphasizing the flaws in the structure of the client’s face.
  3. Often women choose a way to quickly remove extended eyelashes at home without harm if there is an allergic reaction to consumables. The consequences of allergies are irritation, itching and redness of the eyelid area, which is why the fake lashes must be removed.
  4. Clients often make complicated techniques with increased volume for a special occasion, but it is not always convenient to wear it. Because of this, ladies get rid of the result after completing the original motive.

Be careful when choosing a style so that after it you do not need to find out how you can remove extended eyelashes at home because of a poor result.

Removal in the salon

Usually, ladies sign up for the correction of extended eyelashes, when they do not want to learn how to remove extended eyelashes at home, if they want to wear them for a long time, constantly continuing to preserve the style. And it’s worth correcting every three or four weeks. While correcting the work, the specialist removes the old artificial lashes and reattaches new ones.

However, you can simply sign up for a separate removal of additional hair. For this, a special liquid is used – a remover. You can do this removal at home, but for this you should carefully follow all the stages of the technique:

  1. First, a disposable liner is applied to the lower eyelid to prevent the product from being applied to the sensitive face.
  2. The brush is dipped into the remover, and then the solution is distributed along the lash line. It is not necessary to distribute the mixture over the entire surface of the vegetation in order to prevent deterioration of the health of natural hairs due to the presence of aggressive components in the composition.
  3. A minute after applying the remover, its effect begins, so the adhesive base is soaked and can be partially removed. With the beam version, the beams are detached, with the eyelash extensions, the hairs are gradually removed with tweezers. If the effect of the remover is not enough, it must be reapplied along the hair follicles and the removal must be repeated after a minute.
  4. After removing all the eyelashes, the eyelid is wiped with a cotton pad moistened with micellar water to prevent excess glue residues on the sensitive surface of the eyelid.

However, salon removal is not always suitable for clients, which is why they have to use methods of how to remove extended eyelashes at home so that their own remains in the same state.

How to remove with oil

Oil is an aggressive component that is prescribed as the restrictions after the extension. Because of this, in recipes how to remove extended eyelashes at home without harming your own, oil is often added, as it contributes to the gradual deterioration of the structure of the adhesive base.

You can use different types for such pledged:

  1. Cosmetic oil. Many people use methods of how to remove extended eyelashes at home with castor oil, since the element effectively liquefies the adhesive structure. You can also use burdock oil, peach seed oil or similar constituents, which act to nourish and moisturize the hair layer.
  2. Vegetable oil. The element is not always used, but its fat content will help to quickly remove the glue from the sensitive skin surface. But be careful using the homemade vegetable oil method for removing eyelashes.
  3. Olive oil. Olive oil is used as a remedy to remove extended eyelashes at home, due to its gentle effect. But to partially remove the glue, you can make compresses of olive oil at night every day.

Carefully choose how to remove eyelash extensions at home with your own oil in order to get a positive result after using the oil composition on the sensitive surface of the eyelid.

Home compresses

You can use other means based on how to remove eyelashes at home, eyelash or beam extension. Typically, these compresses are used based on the client’s restrictions after visiting a beauty salon.

However, be careful using such recipes for premature removal of stylistics, so that the result looks neat and does not damage the natural lashes while removing the eyelash extensions at home.

For this you can resort to different technologies on the sensitive surface of the eye:

  1. Using a fat cream. Use a greasy cream daily, which will gradually deteriorate the structure and fixing properties of the adhesive, due to which the eyelashes will weaken quickly and begin to gradually fall out.
  2. Steaming. To save work after visiting salon, ladies are not recommended to visit the bathhouse due to exposure to high temperatures and humidity. When exposed to water vapour on the face, the adhesive becomes softer, which gradually contributes to the loss of artificial lashes.
  3. Albucid. You can buy the product at a pharmacy and in its composition contains substances that aggressively affect the preservation of the adhesive composition in its previous state. Albucid can be used as a remover or debonder – just apply along the hair follicles for ten minutes, and then remove with a cotton pad. It is not very strong, therefore, for a spectacular result, you will need to do the job several times in a row (but not in one day)

You can combine techniques to speed up hair loss. However, be careful – use cotton swabs and cotton pads for a gentle effect on sensitive skin.

What not to do when removing extensions

Often, ladies, before removing the eyelashes themselves at home, need to take into account the prohibitions on removing them, since aggressive actions can lead to a violation of the integrity of natural eyelashes and the condition of the skin and face.

How to remove eyelash extensions at home?

Be careful with the following factors:

  1. Do not use tweezers for pulling out of eyelashes, as it is painful and can lead to accidental tearing of natural eyelashes and weakening of hair follicles.
  2. When carrying out a cosmetic procedure, it is undesirable to break the integrity of the adhesive layer, because this can be dangerous for the eyelid.
  3. If you have a strong allergic reaction to an irritant – glue or artificial threads, you should not use home methods to remove eyelashes on your own. It is better to consult a professional to neutralize the negative effect on the sensitive surface of the eyes.

There are many ways to remove eyelash extensions yourself at home without harm, but be careful when applying them because you risk damaging your eyelids or natural eyelashes.

If the parameters are observed, it will be easier to remove additional hairs, and the risk of negative consequences is reduced with the proper use of technique.


You can remove additional eyelashes in salon or at home, but you should be careful with home methods to prevent side effects after removing them. If you follow the recommendations, you can carefully neutralize the fixing layer, which will save the appearance from defects.

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