How to glue false eyelashes at home?


All girls want to have luxurious, long and fluffy eyelashes that effectively emphasize the look and transform their appearance. To do this, you can use glued eyelashes, but first you should pay attention to the technique, how to properly apply false eyelashes step by step. So you get a positive result and artificially increase the volume of natural lash line.

Attachment methods

Before you properly glue false eyelashes at home, it is recommended to choose a method of attaching artificial lashes to the sensitive surface of the eyelid. So you will select the technique by which it will be more convenient for you to distribute the hair layer over the skin.

How to glue false eyelashes at home?

You can choose a technique based on the visual style of the work, or the complexity of the technique, how to glue false eyelashes at home by yourself.

As standard, there are three options, differing in complexity and visual constituent factors of work:

  1. Band method. The technique of how to put on false eyelashes involves attaching the hair layer to a single tape, which is then glued along the growth line of the lashes. It is convenient method, but the style does not always look natural. Because of this factor, there is a risk of inappropriate makeup.
  2. Lash by lash option. This technique, is usually not picked by ladies who are going to apply false eyelashes for the first time. It is quite difficult to make it, so woman must have a certain skill for it. The artificial lashes are individually attached to the hair follicles, so it is not easy to glue them evenly.
  3. Bundle or bunch. Often, this method is chosen at home, since it is an alternative option between the first method and eyelash extensions. How to glue artificial eyelashes in bunches is practically not difficult, since a single bunch is made from the hair, which is then applied to the surface of the eye with glue.

Before sticking false eyelashes at home step by step, choose an option that will not be difficult to do, but it is a positive result and will be combined with the client’s appearance.

How to use a glue

The adhesive backing is important for attaching artificial lashes, therefore it is recommended to pay attention to its choice in order to prevent negative consequences when using a poor quality product. This can lead to negative effects on the sensitive skin of the face, or poor hair adhesion.

As a standard, glue is selected from two varieties:

  1. Transparent. In the package, it has a dull light shade, and after you stick the eyelashes at home to yourself and the glue hardens, the white color will subside and the base will be transparent, almost invisible. However, if applied too thick, it may look like silicone and spoil the style.
  2. Dark. To visually emphasize the look, you can use dark glue. After hardening, it forms an almost imperceptible dark strip. It will further highlight the look of a woman.

Before applying eyelashes at home, you should pay attention to the adhesive base so that the false hairs are carefully fixed along the lash growth line and merge with the woman’s natural hairs.

The quality of the product also needs to be paid attention to. To do this, first check the components that will be part of the solution, reviews on the composition should be positive in order to prevent poor adhesion of the hairs.

How to stick

After selecting an adhesive base and artificial lashes, you can proceed to glue false eyelashes at home by yourself. Consider all stages of the cosmetic procedure so that the style looks natural and neat.

The technique of how to glue false eyelashes at home step by step for beginners can be difficult, so at first it is better to choose simpler methods so that the style looks neat and natural.

Standard fixing of artificial lashes takes from five minutes to an hour. It depends on the type of fixation of the hairs, consider this factor before properly sticking false eyelashes at home:

  1. First, treat the surface of the eyelid with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water. This will remove excess makeup from the base of the hair follicles and the natural greasy layer of the hair.
  2. A disposable paper backing is applied to the lower eyelid for ease of use and to prevent accidental application of the adhesive base to the lower eyelashes.
  3. For convenience, artificial lashes are laid out, and then picked up with tweezers and applied to the eyelid. With overhead band hairs, the tape is attached to the existing fixing layer, for the bundle version – on the bases of the bundles, and for the individual lash method – along the eyelashes growth line.
  4. After putting on the false eyelashes, they are given a slight load for thirty seconds to secure the hairs in a fixed position. You can use a wooden stick to correct the style.
  5. After securing the entire hair layer, you need to detach the disposable backing, and then carefully handle the added styling to prevent its premature removal.

It is important, after you step by step stick false eyelashes at home, to pay attention to hair care. Regardless of the literacy of the cosmetic procedure, you need to take care of the eyelashes in order to prevent the poor quality of fixing the false lashes.

How not to spoil the style

To complete all the stages of adding artificial lashes to the sensitive skin of the eyelid, you should pay attention to the peculiarities of how to stick eyelashes by yourself at home.

There are no characteristic features of the technique, but be careful with the parameters:

  1. Before adding artificial lashes to the eye, you can use heating method to make the hairs more elastic and comfortable to work with. To do this, you need to grind the villi between your fingers, so it will be easier to give them a bend and the desired position.
  2. Blondes should not use a dark adhesive, as it can look too gloomy, darken the woman’s appearance and spoiling the natural style.
  3. False lashes can also be added to the lower eyelid, but this requires the use of special artificial vegetation. It is not so thick, curled up and shorter to look natural.
  4. Be careful with tape extensions, because before applying false eyelashes, it is recommended to choose the length of the tape to match the width of the eye. If necessary, trim the tape for a natural look.

Beforehand, you can consult with a beautician so that the style looks natural and appropriate for everyday wear of false hairs or as makeup for a special occasion.

How long does it lasts

The durability depends on few factors, including the literacy of the cosmetic procedure. The standard eyelashes extensions in the salon lasts up to one , one and half months. However, the home it may be shorter.

How to glue false eyelashes at home?

Durability largely depends on how false eyelashes are made and from what consumable material. For this, it is preliminarily recommended to pay attention to the selection of artificial lashes.

Resistance also depends on the option of attaching the hair layer:

  1. Tape extension. When you add a tape to the eye, the style usually lasts up to three days. Do not keep it too much, it is often used for a one-time wear for a special occasion or other event.
  2. Lash by lash. The style is preserved longer, when performing the classic version, the hairs stay up to one, one and half months.
  3. Bunches. The load is not quite evenly distributed over the eyelid, so the work usually lasts less, up to one month. And when the work is removed, don’t separate artificial lashes from a bunch, remove a whole bunch at once.

To prolong the preservation of the style, you can first pay attention to the selection to the quality. The result can last longer, but it does not always look impressive and suits the woman.


The technique on how to use false eyelashes has its own peculiarities, so it is worth considering them before carrying out a cosmetic procedure. Otherwise, there is a risk of negative consequences. But at home you can make a result that will look beautiful on your eyes, and transform your appearance.

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