How to curl your eyelashes at home without a curler?


Neat and brightly designed eyelashes transform woman appearance and emphasizing her image. However, it is not always possible to use additional devices, so it is worth considering how to curl eyelashes at home without tongs. This can be done in several ways, however, curling the eyelashes will have a positive result if the lady observes the technology.

Classic method

Usually when applying makeup, woman uses eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes. The tool is not difficult to use if you follow the application technology. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting negative impact on the effect and on the health of a woman’s eye.

How to curl your eyelashes at home without a curler?

It is worth paying attention to the technique of how to curl the eyelashes with curlers, taking into account each step of work:

  1. Initially, you have to clean the surface of the eyelid with a cotton pad moistened with micellar liquid to remove the traces of makeup from the hair follicles. The tool should also be prepared for makeup and treated with a sanitizer.
  2. Carefully heat the curler under a stream of hot air or in hot water so that it can curl correctly.
  3. Put the device to the roots of the eyelashes, and clench them between the two cavities. Press the lever to twist the hair and hold it in this position for 10 seconds. Repeat the technique two more times to secure the resulting bend.
  4. Repeat the procedure on the second eyelid the same way, after reheating the metal and treating it.
  5. Apply mascara in one or two layers.

To learn how to curl your eyelashes, you have to take into account all the stages of the technology of using curlers. However, not all ladies have curlers, so you should pay attention to additional ways how to curl your eyelashes.

Additional methods without curlers

Not all ladies know how to curl eyelashes at home without a curler, but this skill will help to transform the appearance for the better, regardless of external factors and features of the hair structure.

The method to curl the eyelashes without a curler is selected individually by the lady. It depends on the appearance of the lady or the available materials. Initially, try different methods to choose a suitable option.

Hot spoon

A common method that can be used at home without using additional tools is the use of a hot spoon on the eyelashes. This method how to curl eyelashes at home without curlers is long lasting, is safe for the health of the hair and quickly leads to a spectacular result.

The technique is similar to using a curler, but slightly different:

  1. Clean the lashes from the remains of previous makeup with a cotton pad moistened with micellar water. Treat the spoon with a sanitizer, to avoid infection of mucous membrane of the eye.
  2. Heat the spoon, to do that you can put it under the hot air stream from the hair dryer or put it in a container with hot water for ten seconds to heat the metal, so that it could change the natural shape of the lashes.
  3. Bring a spoon to the hair follicles of the eyelid, but be careful not to burn the sensitive tissue. Attach the spoon to the lashes and hold them in this position for ten seconds. Repeat the procedure two more times to secure the perm.
  4. Apply mascara to your lashes while they are still hot. This way you’ll fix the bend that you achieved with a warm spoon.

Repeat the technique on the second eye and fix it with makeup. The style looks impressive, if you correctly perform each step of a perm without the curler.

The method may be dangerous in terms of the risk of burns on the sensitive surface of the eye. It can happen if touching the delicate skin of the eyelid with a hot spoon. Be careful during procedure to get a positive result.

Curling with fingers

To curl lashes without a curler, you can use nothing but finger pads. Many girls use this method if they want to quickly get a small but effective curl of the eyelashes.

To perform the method, it’s practically not allowed to deviate from the classic makeup application:

  1. Treat the surface of the hair follicles with micellar liquid to clean it before applying new cosmetics to the eyelashes.
  2. Apply the mascara to the eyelashes, spreading the product evenly over the hair. This should be done with uplifting movements from the roots. Keep in mind that the result will solidify in this form, depending on how evenly you apply decorative cosmetics.
  3. Bend the entire surface of your eyelashes to your eyelids while the mascara is still wet. Hold them in this position for fifteen seconds, so that the hair get fixed in the selected position.
  4. If desired, you can add an additional layer of mascara, and then re-fixate the lashes in the bend with your fingers, like in the previous step.

Repeat the procedure on the second eye, so you will be able to curl the hair. However, be careful when carrying out the technique to carefully secure the lashes in the curved position with your fingers.

After you curl the hair, wipe your fingers with micellar liquid to remove excess makeup from them.


Aloe oil has strong binding and fixing properties, so it can be used as a gel for curling eyelashes without a curler.

To do that, rub a few drops of aloe with your fingers and apply to your lashes. As in the previous method, place your fingers on the lashes and bend them to the eyelid to curl them and get a spectacular result. The fixing properties of the drops will quickly keep them in this position, and you need to use decorative cosmetics to add aesthetics to your makeup.

Drops of oil can be applied twice. Both times, you should press the lashes with your fingers to the upper movable eyelid, fixing them in this position.

Ordinary mascara

Perform special movements to curl your lashes. To do this, you need to apply the product to the eyelashes, and then to use zigzag movements to evenly distribute the solution over the hair, preventing the formation of lumps due to repeated movements.

Apply mascara starting from the root system of the eyelashes, moving to their tips. Gradually distribute it over the lashes, applying enough force to give the lashes a curl and luxuriance.

How to curl your eyelashes at home without a curler?

The stronger upward movements you make, the better the eyelashes are fixed in the resulting position. However, for this purpose, the mascara should solidify enough on the lashes, so that the effect, performed in advance, is fixed.

You can use a cotton swab as an addition to the brush. You need to set the lashes at the root, lifting them gradually and one by one. This way you can ensure that the entire hair layer of the eyelid is raised.


You can curl the eyelashes with a curler, but even without it you can add an unusual bend to the lashes. Pay attention to additional methods that will help you to get a spectacular version of makeup, but do not injure the sensitive skin of the eyelid or the hair structure during this process.

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