Eyelash perming


Eyelashes are an important part of a woman face that creates her image and can transform it. Many woman are trying to achieve the volume and density of the upper lashes and its lengthening. Eyelash perming is a method that can help to do that by changing woman’s appearance, however it can be done in different ways.

How can you perm your eyelashes

There are various methods of how can you curl the upper lashes. You should make a choice depending on the visual result that you want to get.

Eyelash Perming

You can perform curling in salon or at home using different methods:

  1. Eyelash perm. A common way to make a curl in a beauty salon is the eyelash perm. Be careful using this method because it curls natural eyelashes for a long time.
  2. Lamination. You can use a special makeup that covers natural eyelashes, fixing them in a curled position. This method is used by professionals but you can buy a product and do it at home. Actually it’s not dangerous for the eyelashes health, fixing it in a curl.
  3. Permanent. It is similar to the chemical method, but the permanent method has a gentle effect on the sensitive structure of the epidermis and the health of the lashes.
  4. Bio-curling. It’s a full alternative to the classic method of creating a curve in the salon, however it uses less harsh materials which don’t lead to the allergic reaction of the eyelid tissue. And the health of the hair layer of the eye remains the same.
  5. Home methods. You can also get a smooth or sharp curl at home, which will temporarily emphasize the appearance. The main disadvantage of the method is short-term maintenance. Usually these methods remain in the same form for a couple of hours, and then the curvature straightens up.

Choose the method that suits you for the duration of the effect and the technology of exposure to the sensitive surface of the eyelid and the structure of the eyelashes.


If you decided to do a perm eylashes, you should pay attention to the technology to ensure the result of the method.

Perming eyelashes at home is possible, but you should be careful with its implementation, because the poor quality of the fixing composition will lead to an allergic skin reaction.

The method involves attaching a silicone substrate to the surface of the eyelid with an adhesive composition, and then attaching it to the base of the woman’s eyelashes. A special fixing compound is applied to the hair, which envelops the hair and creates a perm. The result looks spectacular, but without correct fixation you’ll get unnatural curl of your hair layer.


Before performing a cosmetic procedure, you have to pay attention to the restrictions to the technique, failure to comply with which will lead to a negative impact on the structure of eyelashes and the condition of the eye tissue.

There are practically no prohibitions to the technique, but you shouldn’t do the technique in one of the cases:

  1. Allergic reaction to the components of the fixing compound. This will lead to negative results of the method. Be careful with this point, it is suggested to make a preliminary allergy test.
  2. Eye diseases. Inflammatory processes can lead to temporary deterioration of vision when performing eyelash curling.
  3. Menstruation. During the hormonal adjustment of the body, it is undesirable to do eyelash curling in the salon because this will negatively affect the preservation of the eyelash curvature.


The method is similar to the previous one, but this method of curling has no restrictions to the cosmetic procedure. Bio-curling is performed only by professionals, because it is more difficult.

The technology can be carried out without restrictions, and the durability of the work is the same as in a perm. The style can remain on the eye for up to a month in the same form. During this time, the lady may not use decorative cosmetics because she looks spectacular and attractive.

The technique is safe for women but you have to pay attention to lash care, as they are quickly exposed to negative aggressive effects of external factors.


The laminating effect will effectively emphasize the look, so it is often used. It has no prohibitions for health reasons, as it gently affects the preservation of the structure and healthy state.

The session doesn’t last long, and the technique is similar to a chemical method. First, you need to clean the skin with micellar water, and then the work begins:

  1. A silicone base is applied to the eyelid, to which the client’s lashes are attached with a special fixing component. You have to wait thirty seconds for the solution to solidify.
  2. The lashes are treated with a gel that envelops its base and creates a spectacular curl.
  3. After fixing the composition, the base beings to detach from the lashes, and the waman gets a spectacular style of curled eyelashes.

Lamination is safe. It is often chosen by woman with short and thin eyelashes, and lamination is considered a therapeutic cosmetic procedure that allows you to restore a healthy hair structure.

The effect lasts up to a month and a half, and the hair layer of the eyelid gets a healthy, fresh shine that emphasizes the appearance of the girl and highlights her look.

Permanent wave

A fairly aggressive technique that provides eyelashes with a bright curling effect for up to two months. In addition, the technology has limitations for health reasons – an allergic reaction to the components of the composition, a recent visit to the solarium, eye diseases, a weak structure of the lashes. They will not be able to withstand the load of a dense gel that is applied by a master.

After performing the technique, the eyelashes need care and nutrition, as the permanent composition slightly damages them, removing the top layer. So they get a spectacular bend after a perm.

Home methods

Eyelash curling can be performed at home, there are several ways to do this. They usually involve the temporary curl, but there are techniques that involve getting a curl for a long time.

Eyelash curling

Usually ladies use eyelash curling techniques at home:

  1. Curlers. Often, before applying makeup, woman use curlers. They are heated with a warm stream of air or water for that, and then you curl the eyelashes using them. Applying decorative cosmetics reinforces the curl, which looks spectacular.
  2. Spoon. You can use a spoon if you don’t have a curler. For that you have to heat the spoon sufficiently, and then apply it to the upper eyelid along the lash line. With applying mascara on your lashes and holding a spoon. So you get the curl.
  3. Mascara. You can just use mascara. Move the brush with zigzag movements, applying the product to the eyelashes. From the base, apply a small force on the lashes to create a curled result.
  4. Aloe oil. The plant has strong fixing properties, so use its drops to get a bend on the lashes. Rub five drops of oil between your fingers and apply it to the lashes, pressing to the upper eyelid. After twenty seconds, the lashes will be set in the fixed position. You can repeat the procedure to reinforce the result.

Home methods of getting eyelash curl can be combined. There are no restrictions for health reasons, but often a positive result quickly disappears, which is why it has to be repeated periodically.


Eyelash perming can be performed in a beauty salon or at home. Pay attention to the choice of technique, so that the style looks spectacular and so that the method remains on the eyelashes. When choosing a technique, you should be careful with restrictions to the method and its features, thus you will get a positive result of the work.

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