What kind of materials are needed for eyelash lamination?

Eyelash lamination

Eyelash lamination affects the outer and inner side of the result, so many ladies like this beauty service. Because of this, it is important to know what is needed for lamination of eyelashes, the list of materials consists of many things, so it is difficult to make a multi-component procedure at home.

What is needed for eyelash lamination

The beautician knows exactly what is needed for lamination of eyelashes, so you can check this list with the specialist who performs the procedure.

What kind of materials are needed for eyelash lamination?

Knowing what materials are needed for eyelash lamination, you can try to repeat the technique yourself. What’s included in the salon lash lamination kit is different from household items, as the technique is a bit simplified.

All the products used can be divided into two categories: formulas applied to the eyelashes, as well as consumables and improvised items that contribute to the procedure.

The basis of lamination is solutions that strengthen eyelashes, there are several types of them:

  1. The main solution, which is applied as the first stage after preparing the surface of the eyelashes for the procedure. It is the ultimate measure in preparing the eyelashes to carry special agents. Also, the product is a link in a further session between the structure of the hair and other components.
  2. Dye. During lamination, eyelashes are also dyed, after which the woman does not need to use mascara. The dye is used with a special gentle composition not to damage the delicate surface of the eyelids with inaccurate movements.
  3. Keratin. It is the main element of lamination, as it creates the shape of the curvature of the eyelashes and fixes it. Also, the keratin mass promotes the healing effect of the cilia, which determines the effectiveness of the cosmetic service after.

In addition to non-replaceable items, there are other items that should be present during procedure. These include consumables that come in different forms but perform the same function.

For lamination, the minimum composition at hand should contain the following aspects:

  1. Silicone patches. The patches is placed under the eyelashes, after which various compositions that strengthen the structure of the eyelashes are applied to them. Of all the materials, silicone is the most suitable, so only this material can be used for a competent session. The patches itself is inexpensive and reusable.
  2. Brush for applying solutions. It can be replaced with different options, the main thing is that it should be convenient for you to work with the selected element, as this affects the quality of work.
  3. Micellar water for removing cosmetics from the skin surface. It is important to remove make up from the treatment area, since it will worsen the quality of the procedure, and also relieve the technician for performing quality work, if the preparation was not followed.
    Beauty care cosmetics should also be removed from the surface of the eyelashes, as it is considered a foreign substance during procedure.
  4. Degreaser. It helps to remove excess grease from the eyelashes, which are constantly formed there, impairing the quality of the connection of the applied composition with the eyelashes.
  5. Cotton pad. Is cut in two and placed under the lower eyelashes for ease of use and keeping the lower eyelid clean.
  6. Wet wipes. They may be needed at any time to remove excess product, or other urgent measures during lamination.

It is not recommended to omit any elements, as they constitute the general literacy of the cosmetic procedure. The use of the correct means during procedure does not exclude the obligation to comply with the preparation measures for the procedure and the prescribed restrictions. If a woman does not follow the recommendations of the specialist, there is a risk of negative consequences, reflected in the woman’s health and the quality of the work performed.

Compositions for lamination

One of the limitations that can have negative effect on the health states of a woman is the presence of an allergic reaction to the agents used in the technique. Namely, an allergy appears to any component contained in the composition.

It is important to check for allergies to the solutions used, as this can lead to side effects. To make a check, you need to be tested for a reaction. If the result is positive, another remedy should be chosen.

For home lamination, you can also choose different products depending on their composition or effective features.

  1. LVL Lash. This brand is professional, therefore it is often used in beauty industry. If you are planning a home cosmetic service, it does not always make sense to buy products of this brand, since they are often much higher than the average products of other brands. The company also has procurement divisions. Kits are on sale, which are enough for different time periods of use. At the same time, the high price is also manifested when buying large sets. For example, the price of a large set reaches hundreds of dollars.
  2. Yumi Lash. This configuration is an analogue to the previous version, only in a large train. Moreover, the price of such product is even higher than the previous one, which is why this option is usually used only in luxury cosmetic centers. However, the price of the product also affects the quality of the cosmetic service. Its effect lasts longer on the eyelashes than the usual time range, and also has strong healing components.
  3. Luxe Lash. The name of such a complex absolutely contradicts its real essence, because it is suitable for home performance of technology. It is much easier to buy a product than the previous ones, since the price is an order of magnitude lower – it differs in different ways in a positive direction for the client. The qualitative and quantitative aspects of the product are much lower than the price is determined by. However, with the right approach to work, the effect of lamination with other components does not differ much from this, especially in the early stages.
  4. Lash up. Such a brand offers consumers two options, which differ in quality characteristics and price category. In composition, they differ only in the element responsible for the fulfillment of the therapeutic function of the agent. At the same time, in terms of the quantitative parameter, the funds will be enough for the number of procedures equal to the second option, but their price varies greatly. This method will cost much less: four or five times.

What kind of materials are needed for eyelash lamination?

All brands of laminating agents differ in different characteristics that determine their quality and durability of the effect. You should not separate products only by price category, because such options usually persist less on the eyelashes and have weak effect.

For home use, it is not always rational to buy promoted products, since they usually have an overpriced category of prices, but they do not always meet the properties declared by the description.


Laminating materials facilitate the correct conduct of the cosmetic procedure, which as a result affects the outcome of the procedure. It is important to carefully consider the choice of consumables, since their poor quality affects the condition of woman eyelashes after the session.

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