What is the difference between lamination and Botox?

Eyelash lamination

What is lash Botox?

To find out the difference between eyelash lamination and lash botox you have to find out the key point of each method at first.

Botox is a technique in which the roots are saturated with a selected solution that consists useful minerals. This procedure is aimed at restoring and rehabilitating the natural lashes, so their appearance doesn’t change much.

Botox, lamination and eyelash coloring differ, since in the first option the product does not contain components that are aimed at changing the color. The main goal of the method is to improve the health of the hair. However, the color also gets darker after the session, but this is facilitated by a strong internal nutrition of the bulbs.
What is the difference between lamination and Botox?

What is lamination

To find out how botox differs from eyelash lamination, you have to understand the second notion. In this case, the cosmetic service affects the appearance of the woman’s eyes, so after a visit to cosmetology, woman notices a significant result.

During the session, there is also an internal transformation of the hair follicles, but this is given less impact.

After the visit, woman gets a curved hair shape, it becomes darker, stronger, which is why she doesn’t have to use decorative cosmetics during the effect.
What is the difference between lamination and Botox?

How are Botox and lamination done

The description of Botox and eyelash lamination will help you to understand the main differences between the techniques. These methods are being done at home or in the salon, since there are several methods for home procedures.

Let’s look at the main stages of lamination and botox of eyelashes to determine the differences.


During the procedure in cosmetology, specialist selects a solution that affects the shape change. The following conditions are met:

  1. First, the surface needs to be completely degreased, makeup removed with special lotions.
  2. The carrying base of different sizes is being attached on the eyelid with a special gel, depending on the length of the natural hair.
  3. The gel is applied to the top of the substrate, and the client’s lashes are being gradually attached to it. It’s important to separate all the hairs on the platform to evenly apply the composition on them.
  4. The first composition is applied to the platform which binds the hair and gives a bend. After a while, this composition is removed.
  5. The second composition is applied, it’s important to apply it evenly to prevent hairs from sticking together later.
  6. Hair-dye is applied. It’s removed from the eyelid with a cotton swab after ten minutes. The same is done with the lower eyelid.
  7. The hairs are separated from the platform by an additional tool with careful movements.

The entire procedure takes up to an hour, usually during the drying of the composition the specialist repeats the procedure on the second eye, then removes the product and conducts a new stage.


The sequence of lamination and botox of the eyelashes is similar because there is a gentle effect on the hair follicles but the main essence is different in these methods.

During the session, the specialist also works with a silicone platform, which is applied to the upper eyelid:

  1. First, makeup is removed and surface is degreased.
  2. The first composition of the eyelashes is attached to the silicone base and dried for 10 minutes.
  3. The second strengthening compound is applied, which affects the speed of growth and restoration of lashes.
  4. The third composition is applied evenly 10 minutes after the second stage.
  5. The lashes are gradually detached from the silicone platform by applying the last fixing product.

Botox has the cumulative effects, so the lashes open a day after the session. It’s different from the eyelash lamination in time: the first method lasts up to two hours because more products are used.

Knowing about the methods, you can judge the competence of the specialist at the session. This procedure cannot be repeated at home, so it’s being replaced with similar options.
What is the difference between lamination and Botox?

Differences in procedures

Botox and eyelash lamination benefit the client, but in different manifestations and areas, which is the difference between them.

This difference can be divided into categories:

  1. Hair health after the visit. Botox maximizes the impact on this area, so after the procedure lashes are regenerating. The other method doesn’t have such a clear purpose of recovery, so this indicator is lower here.
  2. Curvature. Lamination promotes curling and shape change for a long time which can’t be said about the second procedure.
  3. Color change. One of the stages in lamination is hair-dye, so this factor succeeds in the method.
  4. The duration of the session. Botox procedure lasts from one and a half to two hours or longer, the second method requires less time – the specialist will need from half an hour to an hour.
  5. Price. Botox costs more since the products being used are aimed at harmless regeneration of follicles, which is more expensive.
  6. Frequency of sessions. After lamination you should visit the salon every month to refresh the keratin coating. With another technique, this time increases – the client only needs to repeat the procedure every two or three months. If we talk about how long botox and eyelash lamination lasts, the indicator for one-time passing of the technique is the same – it is about 1.5 months.

Is it possible to do both lamination and Botox

The essence of cosmetic services differs in the impact on a particular area: if the first method affects the external state of the eyelash, the second affects the roots. The internal health of the hair is also important, so that when the effect subsides eyes will look fresh.

Lamination plus Botox of eyelashes are the techniques that by definition complement each other, since one affects the outer shell, and the other-the internal state.

Lamination and Botox of eyelashes are also done together, now a days specialists recommend such combination because you can achieve the most long-lasting effect. Lamination of eyelashes with the Botox effect lasts twice longer than the usual option, since they are additionally affected by other products.

If you decided to perform botox plus lamination of the eyelashes, the stages of the procedure are combined which means the session will last longer than each technique separately.

When asked whether it is possible to do botox of eyelashes without lamination, the answer will be positive, but the result won’t last long, and the hair will only acquire a healthy state which practically doesn’t affect the appearance. There is also a difference between laminating with botox and without in the health of bulbs.

Eyelash care after lamination and Botox

During cosmetic procedures, the client’s skin is not affected aggressively, so there is no recovery period after working with hair follicles.

Care after techniques is not very different because it doesn’t take a lot of time. However, there is a critical difference:

  1. After the first method, it’s not recommended to exercise, wipe the face with a towel, sleep on the stomach, and generally touch your eyes. The reason is that the hardening of keratin on the hair takes a day. At this time, it’s easy to damage the result what will affect the period of its wear.
  2. The second method is a complete technique that doesn’t require further care after leaving specialist. The client has no restrictions on actions, because the effect occurs only on the hair follicles.

But there are also similarities in the limitations of these methods – it is not recommended to use makeup on the eyelids during the effect, otherwise it will reduce it. This negatively affects the connection between the product used and the hair structure, that’s why it deteriorates the effectiveness of the technique.


Lamination and Botox are similar only in place where the impact occurred, so it’s easy to choose the procedure. The decision should be made based on the initial motives and aims that woman sets – either the appearance or the internal health of the eyelashes. To achieve greater efficiency, you can make a set of services.

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