Pros and cons of eyelash lamination

Eyelash lamination

The advantage of eyelash lamination is that it provides a positive effect on a woman’s eyelash condition. However, it is important to know whether lamination of eyelashes is harmful in order to prevent any consequences after procedure and side effects reflected in different areas.

Is lamination harmful?

On the background of the service, questions arise whether this technique has a negative impact. However, this criteria can be described by the degree of impact of the product effect on the client’s eyelid.

The benefit of lamination lies in the healing properties of the formulations used, because they contribute to the restoration and regeneration of the woman eyelashes. Selected products are applied on top of the eyelashes, therefore, if the work is done correctly by the beautician, no harm is done during work.

The absence of a harmful effect on the woman’s body is ensured if the master carefully applies the product, avoiding contact with the eye, or the damaged area of the facial skin.

Pros and cons of eyelash lamination

Contraindications for the procedure

Before performing a session, it is important to check the contraindications of the cosmetic service, because non-observance leads to the negative consequences after the procedure.

There are few limitations in the technique, since it does not harm a woman:

  1. The presence of inflammatory processes in the eyes, or in the area around them, brings troubles that will affect the client’s health.
  2. Recent surgery or eyelid surgery.
  3. The presence of an allergy to a component that is contained in the composition of the product used. To prevent this aspect, a preliminary allergy test should be performed.

Violating these guidelines for restricting the implementation of the method, the client receives side effects that affect their health and the effectiveness of the service.

Consequences after the procedure

After the session, the usual consequences are not observed, because eyelash lamination is a gentle technique, it does not damage woman health.

However, if the client does not follow the instructions and restrictions of the wizard, side effects may occur:

  1. Retinal burn. This is formed when the specialist does not work properly, and especially in the presence of inflammatory processes before the session.
  2. Allergy to the product. For this, it is important to test before the cosmetic procedure.
  3. Poor quality result. This may affect the appearance of the eyelashes after the procedure, or the lack of a healing effect.

Gentle lamination does not cause harm if you follow the recommendations of a specialist, which is why it is not recommended to neglect them before the session.

Pros and cons of eyelash lamination


The positive aspects of the technology allow woman to decide on a cosmetic service, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the pros before the session.

The benefits of lamination are presented in different areas:

  1. Improving health of the client’s eyelashes. The product acts on the hair follicles, therefore the quality of the hairs increases and their growth increases.
  2. Change in the shape of the eyelashes, they become curved, darken the color for 1.5 months.
  3. You need to repeat the procedure once a month or two months, during this time the effect remains unchanged.
  4. Cosmetic service does not harm the woman, subject to the restrictions and recommendations of the technician. There are not many instructions for lamination of eyelashes, so they are easy to follow.
  5. Absence of pain during the session, if the beautician does the job correctly and accurately. The eyelashes are carefully attached to the silicone platform, and then, with the help of the composition, they are carefully detached from it, so the girl is not harmed during work.

Eyelash lamination is useful and it is worth familiarizing yourself with these parameters so that the technique ends correctly, leaving a positive result and impressions. The service is a positive option in all areas of manifestation, therefore, the technique is safe for a woman.

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