Lamination of eyelashes while breastfeeding

Eyelash lamination

Lamination of eyelashes while breastfeeding

Lamination of eyelashes during breastfeeding, as in pregnancy, is not a total exclusion from the procedure, which are prescribed as a contraindication. Because of this, a lot of questions are received on this topic, since ladies do not understand the peculiarity of lamination of eyelashes when breastfeeding.

Lamination of eyelashes while breastfeeding

As a standard, cosmetic technique applies a special composition to each eyelash, which envelops the eyelashes and gives them the necessary bend. With the correct execution of the procedure, the agent does not get on the mucous membrane of the eye and into the body, therefore the cosmetic service is absolutely superficial.

With the correct implementation of the technique, it will not deviate from the standard technology for breastfeeding, therefore this parameter is not a limitation to the technique. The main thing is to carefully check the quality of the materials used, this will help prevent consequences. And it is important to clarify this matter to the specialist so that he conducts the technology as accurately as possible.

It is also important that there are no other health restrictions when breastfeeding. Otherwise, there may be consequences.


Despite the fact that lamination of eyelashes is a gentle and safe technique, it has health limitations that are important and non-observance leads to negative consequences.

As mentioned above, breastfeeding should not be the same as other contraindications to the service. And there are four clear limitations in total:

  1. Inflammatory processes on the mucous membrane of the eyes. They can be expressed in the form of various diseases, which is accompanied by different factors: lacrimation, inflammation, local temperature rise. This radically changes the quality of lamination, which can negatively affect a woman’s health.
  2. Recently undergone eyelid surgery. Such a matters does not ensure competent work of a specialist, ensuring the correct result.
  3. Open wounds near the work area: scars, scrapes, wounds. This can lead to the introduction of material into the womans body. This phenomenon does not always end positively, at least the body does not accept the foreign substance applied to the eyelashes, worsening the effect of the procedure.
  4. The presence of an allergic reaction to the agent used. When breastfeeding, the presence of allergies is a risk for the baby, so it is important to exclude this factor from the possible hazards. To do this, you need to test for an allergic reaction to the composition before performing the work. The test is usually offered by the master.

Lamination of eyelashes while breastfeeding

If, while breastfeeding, the client has no other contraindications for health reasons, he can safely undergo lamination, but having specified this feature to the master.

At the same time, it is most important to follow other instructions and recommendations of a specialist in preparation for the technology, as well as care after the technique. In this case, the cosmetic service will be successful, leaving no negative health consequences and side effects on the quality of the result.


By doing eyelash lamination, breastfeeding does not restrict a woman from getting a quality effect. The absence of other restrictions and adherence to the recommendations of a specialist completely allow woman to get cosmetic services. Moreover, this does not give any deviations from the standard case.

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