Laminating lashes during menstruation

Eyelash lamination

Lamination of eyelashes has different restrictions for health reasons, which allow you to prevent the appearance of negative consequences reflected on the result. Whether it is possible to do eyelash lamination during menstruation is also a frequently asked question, because sometimes this point is found in contraindications of the procedure.

Lamination of eyelashes during menstruation

Cosmetologists who perform the technique do not always have a clear answer on whether laminating lashes during menstruation is allowed. This means that there is no total ban on this cosmetic services during period.

During the menstrual cycle, the internal health of a woman absolutely changes, which is reflected in different areas. This interferes with the proper conduct of the technique, while providing a good result.

Laminating lashes during menstruation

Lamination of eyelashes during menstruation does not have a clear positive answer for various reasons:

  1. Hormone spikes. This factor is a primary phenomenon during menstruation. It causes changes in different systems of the body, which leads to deviations from normal health. Due to hormonal surges, the result of the procedure will not last as well as it does in a normal situation at any other time.
    The product that is applied to the lashes should harden during the day, and hormone surges affect the premature leaching of foreign components from the body. Thus, the effect does not last on the hair during menstruation.
  2. The change in mental health. To transfer the procedure, you need to lay down for about an hour with your eyes closed when working with the eyelashes. With monthly periods, it is not always possible to lay quietly during this time, which can become a repulsive factor to the technique.
  3. Incorrect adoption of the effect. A change in the hormonal background leads to incorrect assimilation of the product applied to the eyelashes. This affects the type of final effect. In particular, the color of the lashes may not be correct, and the shape sloppy.

Performing technique for laminating eyelashes during menstruation does not lead to a positive result, but this factor is not a complete ban and restriction on this cosmetic service.

If possible, you should reschedule the procedure. At least during the first three days of menstruation, you should not do this, since this time is the peak of the menstrual cycle, during which the main internal changes of the woman’s body occur.

If you decide to do the technique at this time, warn the master about it, so that he or she works as carefully as possible with the lashes. Also, this way you remove from the specialist the previously imposed guarantee of high quality of the procedure, since menstruation is a partial restriction on the method.


In order to achieve a competent and beautiful result from laminating eyelashes, you should observe all the health restrictions prescribed by the cosmetologist.

The following restrictions are issued before the procedure, except for menstruation:

  1. Inflammatory processes reflected in the eyes. They may have different forms, but inflammation of the mucous membrane leads to changes in the normal health of the eyelids, which completely forbids the client from performing the technique. Also, inflammation is accompanied by local increase in temperature, tear, which worsens the effect of the method.
  2. If the client has recently undergone eye surgery, there is no need to perform the procedure. This is decided by the master, but it is important for the lady to specify the time when the operation was performed. Otherwise, the specialist can harm the woman and spoil desired effect.
  3. Use of antibiotics or medications that are responsible for hormonal changes. To be have a cosmetic services woman should stop using medications.
  4. If around eye area there are damages on the skin surface: scars, wounds or scratches. If the composition gets into an open wound, it will get into the blood, which leads to various consequences.


By observing such restrictions for health reasons, the client eliminates the risk of consequences in various areas. It is also important to listen to other instructions from the cosmetologist so that the lamination service is successful without negative result.


Lamination of eyelashes during menstruation is not a clear withdrawal of the client from the service, but hormone surges can lead to a deterioration in the effect of the technique. To get a good result, you should not do the method at this time, in order to avoid the side effects of the technique.

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