Is pregnant women allowed to do eyelash lamination?

Eyelash lamination

Is it possible to do eyelash lamination for pregnant women – this is a common question when deciding to do this cosmetic service. Specialists do not always give a direct answer, so it is worth understanding the issue to avoid any harm of the child or the expecting mother.

Eyelash lamination during pregnancy

The question of whether or not lamination of eyelashes for pregnant women is possible does not have a clear answer, since this is influenced by various factors: the woman’s health status, the materials used during the session, the month of pregnancy.

Lamination of eyelashes during pregnancy does not affect the health of the client, because the products are not injected into the body, but only applied to the outer shell of the eyelashes.

Is pregnant women allowed to do eyelash lamination?

In order to answer positively to this question about the permission of the technique, the measures of the competent performance of the work by the specialist must be observed. If the agent does not get on the eye shell, no harm is done to the body of the expectant mother.

Eyelash lamination is a therapeutic service, so the lady is not harmed. However, after the technique, she gets a different shape of the eyelashes – curved, and the color becomes darker, which transforms the client’s look.

Can lamination be done for pregnant women

The answer whether or not lamination during pregnancy is possible is given by the specialist, however, no harm is done to the woman’s body, therefore, as a standard, this indicator is not a limitation to the session.

The only moment that the technology affects is the durability and preservation of the lamination result.

The peculiarity of this technique is that during pregnancy, and especially the first three months, the mother experiences hormonal jumps, which affects her general condition. This can adversely affect the preservation of the lamination result. On the eyelashes, this can be reflected in the form of a rapid decay of the effect, a change in the shade of the eyelashes, or a poor healing effect.

When deciding to do the procedure while waiting for the child, you should not go through it during the first trimester, so the result of the technique will be more effective.

Contraindications of the procedure

In order not to get side effects after the procedure, instructions and restrictions for health reasons should be followed.

Eyelash lamination is the safest technique, so this service has only three simple limitations, which are not always total:

  1. The presence of inflammatory processes associated with the eyes. In the form of this, various diseases can act, they negatively affect the lamination of eyelashes.
  2. Recent surgery with surgical interventions near the eyelid. After the operation, this zone becomes as sensitive as possible, therefore, the technique cannot be carried out until it heals.
  3. The presence of allergies to the components that are contained in the lamination product. To prevent the presence of this parameter, you must first make an allergy test.

Is pregnant women allowed to do eyelash lamination?

It is important to observe contraindications in order to prevent the occurrence of negative consequences. They can affect the appearance of the result of the cosmetic service (eyelashes get stuck together), or the state of the client after the session (lack of effect, or getting the product under the eyelid).

It is possible to do eyelash lamination during pregnancy, but first tell the technician about it so that he or she can take the necessary measures. It is important to observe the restrictions, since during pregnancy female’s body is especially susceptible to the formation of side effects.

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