Is it possible to apply mascara on laminated eyelashes?

Eyelash lamination

Mascara and eyelash lamination

It is not recommended to apply mascara on laminated eyelashes only within 24 hours after the session. This is due to the fact that after the procedure, you need to wait a day for the product to completely solidify on the eyelashes, as this helps to preserve the result.

The mascara does not contain prohibited ingredients, so it can be used after lash lamination. However, it is important to pay attention to the composition: it should not contain aggressive components, and the mascara itself should not be dry. It is preferable to choose a fresh product so that it is neatly and evenly applied to the lashes.

Is it possible to use mascara before the procedure

It is definitely possible to use mascara after the procedure, but women also have questions about whether it can be done immediately before the session.

Is it possible to apply mascara on laminated eyelashes

Before the procedure, there are no additional measures for clients to prepare for the procedure, so there are no restrictions on applying mascara before the visit. The girl is allowed to use cosmetics before procedure, regardless of the type of mascara and the amount of time passed before performing the cosmetic service.

The procedure includes the removal of decorative cosmetics from the face, therefore this parameter is fully allowed for a woman who is going to do lamination. It is important to completely remove the makeup with a special product.

Is it possible to use mascara after the procedure

After lash lamination, it is allowed to use mascara, as it does not damage the structure of the cosmetic service. The only factor is that you need to do this when a day has passed after the procedure.

However, there are other parameters that are important to observe in order to maintain the effect of the technique:

  1. Applying on the lower eyelashes mascara during lamination is allowed if they do not participate in the technique. However, you should also wait a day, as the upper and lower eyelashes are in direct contact during sleep.
  2. It is important to know how to wash off mascara from laminated lashes. For a gentle effect, you should carefully wash your face with foam, and you should not rub your eyes with a cotton pad.
  3. Apply the product evenly, in a uniform layer. In order for the lamination result to hold correctly, you should not apply a thick layer of makeup on the eyelids, and it is not recommended to do several layers. Lumps of mascara also do not look attractive, moreover, they negatively affect the lashes after lamination.
  4. Do not choose dry product, as it will peel off the eyelashes, which will gradually make the eyelashes heavier and remove the effect obtained during the session. In addition, the dry mascara will look messy on the eyelashes.
  5. Do not apply mascara every day, use it constantly. Give your eyes at least two full days off a week. For daytime use, wash off your makeup immediately when you get home to keep your eyelashes free from makeup.


If you follow these instructions, you can apply mascara on your eyelashes, but do it carefully. To fully guarantee the normal preservation of the effect, you should consult with the beautician who performed the cosmetic service.


After lamination of eyelashes woman can safely use mascara, as it harms the condition of the eyelashes and the condition of the covering agent. The main thing is to carry out the use of it correctly, following the recommendations of the beautician who conducts the cosmetic procedure, in which case there will be no harm to the effect.

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