How to remove eyelash lamination

Eyelash lamination

Mistakes of technician

Before you learn how to get rid of eyelash lamination, you need to determine the reason why the technology cannot keep the same effect.

How to remove eyelash lamination

When laminating eyelashes, the mistakes of the technician are encountered, because the technique has important points that should not be missed. As a result of such defects, some methods are used to remove lamination from the eyelashes with a bad effect:

  1. Negative effect on the mucous membrane. This can happen if the products used fall under the woman’s eyelid, so it is important to choose a specialist carefully.
  2. The eyelashes are stuck together. If the work is done carelessly by the beautician, the result does not look impressive.
  3. The hairs are badly curved. If the shape does not have a beautiful curve, but rather uneven creases, the result does not look beautiful.
  4. The client is allergic to the product. The allergic reaction stops only after the effect subsides, so it is better to pre-test woman presence for allergies.

How to remove lamination

If you are thinking about how to wash off eyelash lamination, you should contact the salon where you underwent this service. They shall help you cope with appeared problem in the most respective way for eye health.

In the salon, professionals carefully remove the composition from the eyelashes, while not greatly damaging their condition. The only disadvantage of this method is the price. You will have to pay the same amount as you originally paid for the session.

The sooner you think about how to remove the glue after lamination of eyelashes, the more productive you will be able to do it, because over time the keratin hardens more, which can negatively affect the hairs after the visit.

How to remove lamination at home

The first technique is a quick method that must be carried out if the procedure was done not later than one day, since during this time the keratin solution hardens as much as possible.

To use the technique, it is enough to simply soak the cotton wool in water at room temperature, and then apply it to the eyelashes. So the product will slowly split, and with each application, go off the woman eyelashes.

For the second method, tar soap is needed, since it has a rather aggressive effect on the applied composition.

How to remove eyelash lamination

The technology itself is performed in the same way as the previous one. You just need to make eye masks to gradually remove the effect without aggressively affecting the eyelashes and their health.

Removing lamination with a remover

The result of the technique lasts up to one and a half months, which means that the product is carefully fixed on the eyelashes. Many women, due to this factor, tend to remove the effect with the help of a remover, but this solution is not successful.

A remover is a special agent that can remove permanent makeup, as it contains fine particles that gradually destroy the lamination structure from the eyelashes.

If this consistency comes into contact with the composition applied to the eyelashes, the result may be unpredictable, since this chemical bond is not fully understood. However, woman who used this technology often had negative consequences due to the improper influence on the removal of the technique.


If you don’t want to raise a question about how to remove the unsuccessful effect, you should carefully choose the specialist whose procedure won’t leave side effect. With the wrong approach to this cosmetic service, one should not make harsh decisions about its removal, since the final effect often becomes noticeable only when the day passes.

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