How long does eyelash lamination take?

Eyelash lamination

Lamination helps ladies to highlight their look by visually lengthening their eyelashes. When doing eyelash lamination, the procedure time differs, so there are questions about how long the eyelash lamination takes.

About the procedure

Lamination is a cosmetic technique in which the hair on the eyelid is coated with a composition that affects the internal and external structure. The use of the product allows you to improve the health of the hair, create visual curvature, and the quantity growth of the eyelashes.

The question of how long eyelash lamination lasts does not play a special role, since the technique does not have to be carried out at high frequency. To maintain high quality, it is sufficient to repeat the service every three weeks.

How long does eyelash lamination take?

How long does eyelash lamination take?

It is impossible to give an exact answer how long the eyelash lamination procedure takes in time, since the parameter differs with respect to different factors.

The standard time frame is 50 minutes. During this time frame the procedure is usually done. However, deviations from this time are allowed – up to 20 minutes. Such a range meets the criterion of how long eyelash lamination is done.

What determines the timing?

How long the lamination of eyelashes takes is an individual indicator, therefore it differs at times. The following indicators affect the parameter:

  1. Experience of the master. The more experience the service provider has, the faster this cosmetic technique is done. This factor is logical, skill maximally affects the speed of the technique.
  2. The quality of material used. A high quality brush for applying a product, degreaser or other products is important when performing the technique. This contributes to the rapid application of the solution and the implementation of the method.
  3. Characteristics of the fixed composition. This includes the speed of its action, this affects overall quality of the solution.
  4. Work performance accuracy. Rapidly executed procedure does not always provide the correct result. It is important to keep the product on the hair for the allotted time so that it provides the correct result. This also includes the thoroughness of the work carried out. Sometimes it takes a long time to dye all hair evenly.
  5. Individual parameters of the lady. This includes the length and thickness of the eyelashes, since with a high rate of these factors, applying the solution is a time-consuming procedure.

The speed of the procedure is not a clear indicator that guarantee the quality of the work performed. This is influenced by many indicators that differ for all masters who perform the work.

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