How long does eyelash lamination effect last?

Eyelash lamination

If a woman does eyelash lamination, how long does the effect last? This is the first question, because it is important to know the time of the lasting result in order to understand how often to do lash lamination. This parameter varies from case to case, so only guesses can be made.

Effect and benefits of eyelash lamination

How long eyelash lamination lasts is only one parameter, but the cosmetic service has other positive factors that make women decide on the procedure.

The advantages of the technique, expressed in benefits, are as followed:

  1. During the lamination of the eyelashes, the hair follicles are nourished. This contributes to their accelerated growth, structure improvement, and an increase in the number of hair roots.
  2. The method has a residual effect – after the action of the service, the number of eyelashes increases, they become more voluminous.
  3. Visually, the eyelashes acquire a graceful bend.
  4. Eyelashes darkens, this visibly distinguishes a woman’s gaze and makes it more attractive.

How long does eyelash lamination effect last?

The lamination effect throughout the entire time makes the girl’s eyes stand out, making them more noticeable, and the face more attractive.

How long does the effect of lamination last?

Lamination has a rather long effect, but due to its technique it cannot last for a very long time. This factor is due to the fact that the effect on the hair is gentle, without damaging its structure and without affecting health.

The minimum period for saving the result in its initial form is 21 days. Usually, during this time, the eyelashes are preserved in one-time sessions, and if the technique is repeated periodically, the effect lasts longer – more than a month.

It also depends on the density of natural eyelashes. The thicker and more voluminous they are, the longer their well-groomed condition remains after the implementation of the technology.

It is also important to consider that if the client does not follow the recommendations of the cosmetologist, the result can come off faster. Similarly, the opposite effect: with the right attitude, the eyelashes will look fresh longer.

What can be done to prolong the effect?

To add the result, you can deliberately apply certain actions – the recommendations and advice of the master who performed service for you.

To make the effect last longer, follow these steps:

  1. During the first day after the session, you should not aggressively affect the eyelashes, because at this time the result is consolidated.
  2. Use mascara and other cosmetics on the eyelid area as little as possible. All cosmetics breaks the connection between the applied composition and the structure of the hair.
  3. Do not use products with aggressive components in the composition, this will damage the effect of the method.
  4. Apply mascara in one layer, without lumps.
  5. Prepare carefully for the procedure. For this, it is important to choose a good beautician who can perform professionally. Also, observe health restrictions not to get negative consequences.

Such criteria contribute to the long-term preservation of the lamination on the client’s eyelashes. It is important to follow other instructions of the technician, which they issues after and before the visit.

How often can eyelash lamination be done?

If you do the technique periodically, without interruptions, it will last longer, so it is more beneficial for a woman who is undergoing the session.

Too often you should not make a visit to beauty salons for this technique, because a strong load will come on the eyelashes in the form of a laminating agent. This composition makes the hair heavier, after which it takes time for it to recover.

How long does eyelash lamination effect last?

Lamination should be done every 45 or 60 days. This time is enough for the natural fall of the previous result, a slight rest of the eyelashes. This frequency contributes to the constant regeneration of hair follicles, which maximizes their natural health.

Between periodic sessions, you should take short breaks of two or three weeks, during which time the hair will be renewed and restored.


Eyelash lamination is a safe procedure that provides client with a good result for a month. You can carry out the procedure periodically, but you do not need to go through a session too often, because the eyelashes need rest.

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