Eyelashes degreaser for lamination

Eyelash lamination

Eyelash lamination can be done not only in a beauty salon, but also at home. In such cases, it is important for woman to know how to degrease eyelashes before lamination. This stage is important for obtaining further results, so it is not recommended to omit this point.

How to degrease eyelashes

Degreaser for lashes lamination can take a different form when performing the procedure at home. This is due to the fact that when performing technique in the salon, specialist uses professional products.

To select the agent suitable for this function, you first need to study the reason why it is important to use them:

  1. First, during the procedure, make-up is removed, and the degreaser helps to completely get rid of cosmetics from the eyelashes.
  2. If a girl has recently used face care products, the composition will help completely remove foreign substances from the eyelashes, leaving them clean.
  3. Removal of the grease layer that accumulates on the eyelashes. This will help to achieve a stronger adhesion between the product and the lashes.
  4. Complete cleaning of the surface, its preparation for lamination.

For home use of equipment, it is not necessary to buy special solutions, since they are replaced by similar compositions. The main thing is that there is a small amount of alcohol in the product. Only it can degrease the surface, but pure alcohol can burn the eyelids, so it cannot be used.

Eyelashes degreaser for lamination

Thus, at home, you can replace the degreaser with other solutions:

  1. Micellar water. This product helps to cleanse the face of cosmetics, but can also be used to remove excess grease.
  2. Skin care gels containing an alcohol component. It is important that they are intended for the face, this contributes to a safe effect on the sensitive skin of the eyelids.

You can also use a special product that you can buy it at a cosmetic store.

Degreasing stages

The preparation of eyelashes should be carried out according to specific instructions, which are selected depending on the selected tool. The technique differs, so you need to carefully follow the procedure to obtain a neat result after lamination.

If you are using a special degreasing liquid, the instructions for use are usually attached to it. Typically, a bottle with a formulation has a spray dispenser that sprays cleanser onto the eyelashes comfortably enough. Typically, you need to make three or four taps on the dispenser to completely cover the lashes with the product.

After applying the liquid, it must be given time to dry. This usually takes up to a minute, after which the main lamination phase can begin.

When using a micellar product, apply a generous layer on a cotton pad and then apply to the eyelids. So hold the compress for 30 seconds, then remove and let the liquid dry on the hairs.

Eyelashes degreaser for lamination

The lotion is most difficult to apply and also has a minimal defatting effect compared to other methods. The gel is applied to the eyelashes with a generous layer using a cotton pad, and after a minute, wipe the eyelashes with antibacterial wet wipes to remove excess product.

When making lamination, it is important to follow the recommendations of specialist so that the result looks neat and lasts more than a month with competent healing properties. But you also cannot neglect the restrictions and measures to prepare for the cosmetic service.


The degreaser will allow you to prepare the eyelashes for the procedure, while after it the long-term preservation of the result without side effects is guaranteed. When carrying out technique at home, it is also important to use a product, but it can be replaced with other compounds with similar properties.

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