Eyelash lamination with gelatin at home

Eyelash lamination

Useful gelatin properties for eyelashes

To determine the benefits of such lamination technique, it’s enough to deep into the composition of the product.

The base of gelatin is a protein that has strong connective properties for cells. This protein positively effects the structure of tissues and cells, improves skin elasticity and improves health.

When performing the technique, applying the composition with protein, it holds on the hair, positively affecting their internal and external condition.

Gelatin lamination has other components useful for hair that are included in the composition:

  1. Full complex of PFC (proteins, fats, carbohydrates). This ensures high quality of use of the product during lamination.
  2. Starch. The binder improves the external condition of the hair, giving it shine and curvature.
  3. Mineral components: zinc, iron, phosphorus, calcium and other trace elements that improve the quality of hair.

Eyelash Lamination with gelatin at home

Lamination of eyelashes at home with gelatin allows you to amend the poor condition of the hair due to external factors and improve their appearance. The method has no time limits in terms of the health of the hair, important trace elements are gradually absorbed, giving them a natural normal state.

The benefits of a home lamination

Lamination of eyelashes with gelatin is a common method that has received good reviews because of the result. The appearance of eyelashes after lamination can be compared with the technique performed in cosmetology.

Lamination of eyelashes with gelatin individually has advantages which induce women to choose the method:

  1. The lashes become curved, which visually opens the eyes and enlarges them. The effect is suitable for all women, because the long curved shape emphasizes the natural beauty of the face.
  2. The product penetrates into the roots, so eyelashes begin to shine after the session. This effect maintains for the entire time after the procedure, gradually fading.
  3. The color becomes intense and bright. The previous tone becomes darker.
  4. You should do gelatin lamination of eyelashes at home with a low frequency. The effect maintains for up to two months without any critical changes.
  5. When deciding to do gelatin lamination of eyelashes, the recipe doesn’t require special components, reducing the material costs of the procedure to a minimum.
  6. Performing lamination of eyelashes at home with gelatin, the product does not form consequences when applied.

Gelatin lamination allows women to decorate the innate beauty of the face, emphasizing the advantages and hiding possible features of appearance.

Gelatin lamination recipe

To perform lamination of eyelashes at home with gelatin, the recipe should be followed clearly, so you will conduct the procedure with a good effect.

A small amount of available materials is required to perform the method by yourself:

  1. Half a tablespoon of gelatin.
  2. Brush for application.
  3. Makeup remover.
  4. Alcohol-based product for removing grease from hair.
  5. Clean, dry container.
  6. Water.
  7. Cotton pad.

If you chose to laminate your eyelashes at home using recipe with gelatin, you should have the expendable materials you may need to remove the excess.

The method starts with surface preparation. To do this, you need to completely remove cosmetics, dry and degrease with a special lotion.

Place gelatin in a container, fill it with water – the amount of water should be three times more. Leave it to swell, usually it takes 20 – 25 minutes.

Eyelash Lamination with gelatin at home

At the end of that time, dissolve the gelatin in a water bath, but do not let it boil, otherwise the binding properties will lose their effectiveness.

Cut the cotton pad in half, wet it with water and put it under the lower lashes in order not to stain the skin of the lower eyelid during the procedure.

Gelatin mixture should be applied to all the hairs, evenly applied to the surface. Leave the solution to dry for 40 minutes.

Soak the gelatin in warm water and remove it from the hair. The result can be seen after drying the eyelashes. You can do the procedure regularly, not to lose the resulting effect.

Important basics of proper lamination

For the technique to be successful, you should follow some tips for improving the effectiveness of the gelatin solution.

Compliance with these rules that will help to avoid negative consequences associated with improper preparation for the procedure:

  1. You should not perform the procedure if you have any inflammatory processes of the eyes.
  2. When choosing a food product, give preference to the product in the form of a powder, as it dissolves better and has strong binding properties.
  3. When applying the solution, you should take in account each hair, so that the effect is evenly distributed. Move the brush from the base.
  4. It is not always recommended to do the technique, if you are an owners of long eyelashes because you can get the opposite effect: lashes will become heavier, thereby covering the eye.
  5. You need to perform this method regularly, but don’t do it often: it is enough to perform it a couple of times a month.
  6. Sometimes you should take a break to give your lashes a rest. This will help them to restore their growth and structure.

Observing simple rules, the method will produce an effect that will emphasize the natural beauty of the woman, femininity.

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