Eyelash Lamination – restrictions after the procedure

Eyelash lamination

After the procedure of eyelash lamination, restrictions are issued individually and personally, it depends on the specific case. However, there are also general criteria that you cannot do after laminating your lashes – for example, how long after laminating your lashes you can wash your face. These parameters are important to follow in order to get a neat result.

What not to do after laminating your eyelashes

How long you cannot wash your face after laminating your eyelashes – this is one of the criteria’s that is considered as standard restriction. This and other similar factors limit the client’s actions on the first day after visiting eyelash specialist for a session.

During the first day, the eyelashes are restoring after performing a cosmetic procedure, and the material that was applied to them is getting fixed. This is the answer to the question why you cannot wash your face after laminating your eyelashes.

Eyelash Lamination - restrictions after the procedure

Eyelashes after the procedure are fixed by composition that was applied at the session. This agent covers every hair, so it is important to be careful during the first day. Incorrect movement can deprive a woman from desired effect, and her eyelashes will suffer.

There are other instructions that shall be flowed for a day after doing the procedure:

  1. Sleep should be prioritized on your back. If you experience discomfort, you can carefully sleep on the right or left side, but you should not spin around in your sleep much, as the friction of the eyes on the pillow have negative effect on the safety of the product. Especially if the technique was performed in the evening, you need to approach the night time as carefully as possible, not to leave consequences.
  2. You cannot wet the face regardless of the type. This includes using the bath, sauna, swimming pool, and other places where high humidity and high temperature accumulates.
  3. Use decorative cosmetics on treatment area.
  4. Usage of beauty products (especially with aggressive composition), is not advisable to touch the eyelashes on the first day, which is an additional restriction for the client.
  5. Engage in heavy physical activity. Sports include sweating, which are a source of moisture for new lashes.

Carefully treat your lashes for one day, this way you will prevent a large number of negative consequences. This can affect the final effect or its therapeutic effect for the worse.

How long after laminating the lashes you can wash a face

This restriction is included in the list of recommendations that should be followed within a day after the session, so it is not recommended to wash only for one day.

Most of the day is spent at night, so if the lady did lamination in the morning or in the afternoon, the next morning she can wash her face. By this time, the lashes are fixed and it is difficult to harm them.

However, there are also nicety in washing face:

  1. If necessary, within 24 hours after the service, you can wipe your face with a wet cotton pad or towel, but without touching the eyelids. At this time, they are most vulnerable.
  2. When you start to fully wash your face, do not rub your face with a towel. Lightly touch the face, and then the remaining moisture will dry spontaneously.
  3. If you want to use beauty products, use foams or light gels. Compositions with aggressive components have bad effect on the condition of the eyelashes. This do not apply to prohibitions, but it is better to use only gentle products.

Following these instructions, the effect of lamination will look neater, and they will not appear unnecessary bends. This also affects the wear time of the result, so we recommend that you take care of them.

Can you wear makeup or not?

After laminating the lashes, there are no clear instructions and restrictions on the use of mascara, except for its prohibition during the first day. However, it is important to observe careful handling of it, so that the lashes retain the effect longer.

You need to start with the fact that the product must be fresh. Dry mascara leaves a large number of lumps when applied to the hair, as well as during very hard contact with them can be harmful. This causes the lack of sliding on the smooth structure of the hair.

Instructions are also provided when performing makeup:

  1. Apply the product in one layer. This is enough for coloring the lashes, but it will not weigh them down during the day.
  2. When applying mascara, it is important to avoid the appearance of lumps. If they are present, thoroughly wash the brush with which you apply the mascara, and warm up the tube in which it is contained in warm water. This will soften the composition, which contributes to its accurate application.
  3. When you wash off makeup, do not use a cotton pad with a micellar base, since using it, you will rub the hair. It is better to use a gentle method-a foam or soft gel for washing and flushing cosmetics.

If you apply the make-up, following the instructions of the beautician, it will not lead to harm and side effects of the result of lamination, and its effect will be noticeable for a long time.

How to sleep properly

When laminating you lashes, you should minimally touch the lashes, because this way the product will last longer on them, taking into account the constant influence of external factors.

Sleep is not always a controlled process, so at this time you need to train yourself to sleep according to the rules, not to touch the pillow with your face, as this negatively affects the safety of the lamination result.

Eyelash Lamination - restrictions after the procedure

It is preferable to spend the night lying on your back. This way your face will not be in direct contact with the bed and pillow, which can lead to a deterioration of the connection between the applied product and the eyelash.

If you find it difficult to sleep only on your back, you can sleep on one of the sides, the main thing is not to roll over on your stomach. If you sleep restlessly, before the first night drink tea with chamomile, it has a positive effect on the calm flow of sleep.

It is important to sleep strictly on your back only the first night, but the rest of the time it is desirable to follow the instructions, so that the result persists longer.

The repetition of the lamination

If a lady has done lamination and she likes the result, most likely, you should repeat the cosmetic service sometime after the first performance.

There are restrictions that are prescribed for the frequency of sessions. Do not do lamination too often, not to overextend the lashes. The effect of lamination after a one-time lasts up to a month, and if the lady does it periodically – up to two months.

Thus, you need to repeat lamination one or two weeks after the previous result passes. It is also sometimes recommended to take longer breaks so that the lashes have time to rest and take the applied product as productively as possible.


There are practically no restrictions and recommendations for lamination, since the technology is a safe method, so you can do it without fear of consequences. Side effects can only result from non-compliance with total prohibitions, and the recommendations of the cosmetologist are intended to keep the effect longer.

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