Eyelash lamination allergy

Eyelash lamination

What causes an allergic reaction?

After laminating the eyelashes allergic reaction is a negative consequence that should be taken care of in advance. To do this, it is important to know how to check for allergies towards eyelash lamination.

Allergies are caused by the composition of the product that is used for lamination. Namely, certain components are not always sparing and anti-allergenic, often it can cause the body to react to a foreign substance.

Eyelash lamination allergy

A brighter reaction is caused by getting the product on the mucous membrane of the eyes, because of the wrong techniques, and the mistake of the cosmetologist.

To prevent the consequences, you should be tested for allergies before performing a cosmetic service. This test is common in cosmetology, in which the technique is performed.

Allergic symptoms

The presence of allergy can be observed right after the session in cosmetology, because reaction begins to act immediately.

However, sometimes the effect becomes noticeable only after a day, because during the day after the visit, its freezes, so at this time there are some restrictions and recommendations of the masters must be taken into consideration.

Symptoms appear at different points:

  1. Redness. This factor is considered the initial signal for the appearance of an allergic reaction, the eyes just start to turn red.
  2. Itching. Because of the action of the means for laminating, the eyelids begin to itch, which must be quickly suppressed with cold compresses.
  3. Tearing. The composition for laminating lashes contributes to the rapid release of tears from the eyes, which impairs the effectiveness of its action.
  4. Rashes. With a strong Allergy or its advanced stage, small rashes may form around the eyelid. When they appear, you need to urgently contact a cosmetologist for advice.

An additional symptom is an increase in body temperature, since inflammatory processes are always accompanied by this criterion. Symptoms usually appear as a complex, and not in a single instance, so when one of them appears, you need to pay attention to the eyelids.


The presence of allergies can lead to various deterioration of the client, so you should immediately stop the development of the reaction.

This side effect can lead to local inflammatory processes that have different types of manifestations. The inflammation may be limited to conjunctivitis, or develop into a big problem.

Because of the long-term consequences, there may be a deterioration in vision, since inflammatory processes are not a normal indicator that needs to be treated immediately.

The nose and eyes are directly connected, so severe allergies can flow into rhinitis, or other problems with the nasal cavity. This leads to other diseases that are difficult to treat.

The effect of lamination is also lost due to profuse tearing and severe itching of the eyes. The body at this time tends to quickly remove the external substance, so the therapeutic effect is not allowed.

Eyelash lamination allergy

What to do if allergy will appear

You need to immediately take measures to eliminate the side factor that leads to more serious consequences.

Standard measures are the following:

  1. The first thing to do is to seek the advice of a master. Then you need to act in accordance with his instructions, you may need to consult a doctor for health recommendations.
  2. Probably, to neutralize the reaction, you will have to remove the result of lamination.
  3. Use soothing eye drops, they can improve allergic condition, reduce itching and tearing.
  4. Apply masks of chamomile infusion to calm the eyelids. It also relieves a slight rash, which is a side effect to the consequence.

When contacting a specialist in cosmetology, he will give clear recommendations that contribute to the rehabilitation of the eye mucosa after the procedure.


If you have an allergy after performing eyelash lamination, you should contact the master for advice. It is important to initially perform testing for compliance of the composition used with your health condition. If the master didn’t offer to do this test, ask them yourself to prevent the consequences.

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