Eyelash lamination after care

Eyelash lamination

Proper care after the eyelash lamination procedure is important, since when performing the right actions, woman increases the shelf life of the result. It is important to follow the recommendations after lamination of the eyelashes, which the beautician prescribes, otherwise there is a risk of getting a side effect, reflected in the form of the result or the healing properties.

Eyelash lamination after care

How to care of the eyelashes after lamination usually tells the beautician after performing a cosmetic procedure. At the same time, they write a prescription and restrictions that are important to observe in order to maintain the result.

To maintain and enhance the effect of the cosmetic service, observe the following care instructions:

  1. Care of eyelashes after lamination begins on the second day. During the first day, you should not disturb the surface, ensuring complete safety for centuries. You do not need to touch them and rub them at this time, also do not wet them, use decorative cosmetics. Watch yourself as you sleep, as direct contact of the hairs with the pillow can damage them.
  2. Many are interested in whether it is possible to smear laminated eyelashes with oil. In fact, it is very beneficial for hairs regardless of the result of the technique. It is undesirable to do this during the first day, but then the oil will enhance the effect of the method. Any oil can be used, since its structure does not pose a threat to the effectiveness of the method. You can clarify the name from the master who conducts the technology.
  3. Brush your hair with a small brush a couple of times a day. This helps to maintain their bending. Such a care measure does not take much time, but it will enhance the effect. You don’t have to brush them harshly because this can remove some of the coverage.
  4. Mascara can be used after lamination, but do not overdo it: apply the product in one layer, avoiding the formation of lumps. A thick layer of makeup makes the hairs heavier, which spoils their shape. If we talk about what kind of mascara can be used after lamination, it is preferable to choose a fresh product that is smoothly applied to the surface of the hairs.
  5. In addition to using oil to accelerate growth and improve the condition of hair follicles, you can use other cosmetics for care. However, it is important to pay attention to the composition of the product; it should not contain aggressive components that can disrupt the bond between the product and the hair.
  6. Pay attention to washing your face in the morning and evening. You can wash your face, but you should do it carefully. After washing, you do not need to rub your face with a towel, it is enough to gently wet it, removing excess moisture, and the residues will air dry. The water temperature should be medium; it is not recommended to wash your face with cold or hot water.

Eyelash lamination after care

Care after performing the technique allows you to extend the duration of the preservation of the result of the technology. Also, the correct actions contribute to the absence of negative consequences after the session, which arise due to non-compliance with the instructions of the specialist.

Memo for eyelash lamination

For a good effect, you need to carry out not only care after the technique, but also other recommendations of the specialist, including preparation for the service.

The general rules for carrying out the technique can be described in three points:

  1. If you are taking antibiotics, you must take a break one week before the procedure and three days after, so that the hair has time to rehabilitate.
  2. Do not expect a strong effect from the technique, since the procedure is mostly curative. During the effect, it restores eyelashes.
  3. If you find the wrong course of the effect of the procedure, you should immediately contact a beautician for advice. This will help eliminate the risk of consequences.

Lamination effectively affects the lashes from a healthy and aesthetic side, if carried out periodically. The more often a woman does the technique, the longer she keeps her hair in the future and restores their health.

However, you should not do the procedure too often, so you can only harm the hairs, weakening the future result. On average, the effect lasts up to one and a half months. Thus, the technique can be carried out every two months.

Eyelash lamination after care

If you wish, you can sometimes give your eyelashes a break from the technique. During this break, they will prepare for future sessions, will be able to more effectively take the applied funds and formulations, and delay the visual effect on the hairs.


Eyelash lamination provides good results when the client fully observes the beautician’s instructions. If you want to get a beautiful effect, you should periodically repeat the cosmetic service, not missing the rules for preparing for the session and leaving after it. Such measures will also help to avoid negative formation.

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