At what age eyelash lamination can be done?

Eyelash lamination

Lamination is gradually becoming more popular, which raises questions, from what age can eyelash lamination be done? The age factor is considered in many cosmetic services, so it is important to check this before going through the procedure.

At what age eyelash lamination can be done?

To remove the age parameter from the question, you should exclude this task. First, it is better to understand the technique, after which you can conclude if the procedure can be performed by people of young age.

At what age eyelash lamination can be done?

Lamination itself is a safe technique, since it works in a gentle way. Experts can give reasons that positively affect the performance of the technique at a young age:

  1. The structure of the eyelash is not damaged during the session. Specialist applies only an additional layer that envelops the natural hair. This eliminates the possibility of damage to the eyelashes.
  2. If the work is done correctly, the lamination means do not get on the sensitive skin of the eyelid, since the procedure is performed on a silicon substrate. This contributes to the safe implementation of the technique. It is also important that the composition does not get on the mucous membrane of the eye.
  3. The composition used during the session has a beneficial effect on the health of the eyelashes, restoring their condition. If handled correctly, it cannot harm the eyelashes, but only positively affects their structure, giving a curled shape
  4. In order not to use decorative cosmetics on a permanent basis, you can resort to lamination. The procedure is more therapeutic, but at the same time it gives an elegant shape to the eyelashes, which makes the eyes noticeably stand out.

The advantages of the procedure contribute to its safe conduct regardless of age, so there are no restrictions for clients in this area. The only thing is that the technique should not always be used before the age of 14, since at this age the eyelashes do not need to be restored, but they look neat and without cosmetic impact.

Are there any restrictions for minors?

If you decide to have a cosmetic procedure early, you should first contact your beautician about possible recommendations and instructions related to your age.

As a standard, the procedure is carried out on a standard basis, regardless of the woman age, since eyelash lamination is a gentle technique that gently affects the hair and skin of the face.

However, all general parameters and restrictions for young clients must be fully observed, as this contributes to the correct provision of the service.

At what age eyelash lamination can be done?

If you want to make eyelash lamination before 18 years old, you need to be as attentive as possible to the choice of a salon and a beautician who will conducts the technique. This will help to avoid the negative consequences associated with the improper work of the specialist. Also, a good beautician will be able to monitor the implementation of the preparation and accompany your case after undergoing a cosmetic procedure, which gives a guarantee for it.


There are no total and clear age restrictions for lamination, so the technique can be performed at any age. However, it is important to consider that it is not always recommended to undergo a session – it is not always necessary. It is also recommended to consult with a specialist on this issue, so that he would suggest and clarify this topic.

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