Eyelash extension 8D


Eyelashes extension 8d is an unusual extension technology that contributes to the addition of a large number of artificial eyelashes to a girl’s eyelid. However, you should be careful with the procedure, since there is a risk that the result of the method will look sloppy and unnatural.

Eyelash extension 8D

The name of the technology defines its essence and the procedure that is performed when visiting cosmetologist. Eyelash extension in the amount of 8 is a non-standard style, because it leads to a large volume and density of eyelashes on a woman’s mobile eyelid.

Eyelash extension 8D

The essence of the cosmetic procedure is that eight artificial threads are attached to each natural eyelash. The beam method is used in the salon session, since the eyelashes are pre-assembled into small beams, and then gradually attached along the eyelashes growth line.

As a result, the method creates a large volume of eyelashes, since the natural density increases eight times when a specialist provides a cosmetic service.

Features of 8D eyelashes

Features of eyelashes in the 8d technique have characteristic features, due to which ladies usually choose the technique. It is worth considering the parameters in order to decide on the technology in the salon, as it can lead to negative consequences.

The method has not many features, but they are significant and change the essence of the technique performed:

  1. The method is usually performed with lashes that are different from those used in lightweight techniques – the classic method, the effect of 3d or 5d. This is due to the fact that this contributes to the creation of a large load on the eyelids.
  2. After procedure, you can use decorative cosmetics, as artificial lashes are made of lightweight materials, which are not affected by the use of cosmetics. Excessive touching of the eyelashes, however, can lead to premature removal of the work, as this negatively affects the durability of the adhesive.
  3. The result may look unnatural, because too voluminous and dense filling of the sensitive eyelid with lashes can lead to its heaviness. This will visually look ridiculous.
  4. The use of thin artificial lashes when performing the 8d technique contributes to a more natural visual result. This is due to the lack of rigid threads that are visible in the aesthetics of the work.

The main characteristic features of the technique are presented by the beautician before visiting the salon. Check if you should do the method so that after its implementation the result looks neat and does not interfere with you. Otherwise, you will have to use stylistics correction or its complete removal.

Ways to create the effect

8D eyelashes can be performed in different technologies, it depends on what effect the client wants to achieve. The difference in techniques is to change the way the extra hair is attached to the delicate surface of the eye.

However, not all beauty salons have service delivery techniques, so be careful about the technique you are going to do in the center.

Fox eyes

The fox eyes type of build-up leads to the fact that after rendering the service in the salon, the ladies eyes becomes fresher and more cunning, which is associated with a fox.

An unusual effect is obtained, because the specialist predominantly places artificial lashes along the outer edge of the eyelid. However, hairs are also attached along the main part, but they are smaller in length than those on the outer side of the eye. The smooth transition that the beautician makes creates an interesting extension style that looks neat.

Squirrel look

This method is similar to the previous technology, but no transition is created here. The master uses mainly two types of eyelash length – short and long.

Medium hairs are located along the main part of the eye, which create a natural look for stylistics. And long hairs are attached to the outer edge of the eye. Such a sharp gradient looks like a squirrel’s tails, which is why the name of the technique was formed.

Even distribution

The even distribution of artificial hairs during 8D extension in the salon contributes to obtaining a result close to natural, which looks neat.

The technology uses hair of the same length, which is evenly distributed over the ladies mobile eyelid. The same length of eyelashes contributes to obtaining a neat effect, but there is a nuance – after the session, you need to carefully monitor the external condition of the eyelashes. This will keep the look and structure of the hairs clear as they can get tangled.

Puppet look

The resemblance to doll eyes is created using artificial additional lashes of the same maximum long caliber. When applying the 8d effect, the puppet technique is rarely used, but in this case the result looks voluminous and as impressive as possible.

But taking care of the eyelashes after the session is difficult, because it is based on the possible inaccurate arrangement of hair follicles on the eye.


Extension 8D can be performed using lashes of different lengths. They alternate evenly and attach to the ladies mobile eyelid. The result looks natural, so women usually use an interesting way.

Pros and cons

8D is a non-standard way of eyelash extension, so you need to treat it carefully. Such actions contribute to the correct implementation of the cosmetic procedure and the visual aesthetics of stylistics.

There are not many positive aspects of the technique, but in many cases they can create competent work:

  1. The technique is suitable for performing unusual solemn make-up, as it creates a large volume of eyelashes on the eyelid. For temporary makeup, 8D extension is suitable.
  2. With natural thin eyelashes of a lady, the procedure can increase this volume. This one looks spectacular when the eyes are wide apart from nature on the client’s face. Visually, after providing the service, this distance decreases.
  3. Artificial eyelashes 8D do not create stress on the ladies eye, so the result lasts for a month after the procedure. In addition, the lady does not feel discomfort when wearing a volume of 8D per century.
  4. When adding 8D lashes, light, thin filaments made from soft materials are used. This contributes to the fact that after visiting the center, the result lasts longer, due to the small weight of the lashes, and they themselves are not rigid. The soft structure contributes to the appearance of gloss and pleasant texture on them.

The advantages of the method create a positive impression of the client after the provision of cosmetic services in the salon. However, there are also disadvantages that can lead to the formation of negative consequences:

  1. Extended 8D eyelashes do not look natural, so they are not suitable for everyday wear by a girl. Pay attention to this parameter, since it is desirable to do the method for a temporary total. They can visually weigh down the look.
  2. When using poor quality consumables after visiting the center, there is a possibility of side effects. They are reflected in the aesthetics of stylistics or the state of health of the client.
  3. After the result has passed, there is a risk that natural eyelashes will come off and you will have to go through a recovery period using lash care products and cosmetic oils. During the first two weeks, the lady appearance will deteriorate, which should be counted on before 8D.

Consider the pros and cons of 8D build-up to decide on the method. Otherwise, there is a risk that you will not like the result.

How long does it last?

How long the eyelash extension 8D lasts is the main topic, since the compilation of the load on the sensitive eyelid provides a decrease in the durability of the style. But the 8d effect is performed with lightweight materials, so this does not affect durability.

Eyelash extension 8D

Usually the work lasts up to a month, but from the third week the eyelashes can begin to fall out from the eyelid, which will lead to a gradual natural removal of the result. But the time to save work depends on the client’s actions. It is worth following the recommendations of the cosmetologist so that the style is preserved longer.

Care after 8D

After completing the 8D extension, you need to provide proper care for the sensitive epidermis of the eyes. Special recommendations due to the fact that the 8d method is not assigned, the standard advice is followed.

Leaving after stylistics is simple:

  1. Mechanical actions can be started three hours after visiting the salon, when the adhesive is fixed.
  2. Do not use the bath and sauna, not to violate the structure and integrity of the attached hairs.
  3. Pay attention to the care products you are using. If there are aggressive components in the composition, there is a risk that the style will be damaged.
  4. Brush the hair daily to prevent tangling.


8D eyelashes look voluminous and massive, so they effectively emphasize lady appearance. But be careful with the methodology, as there is a risk that the work will not look very neat after providing the service. Pay attention to the recommendations of a specialist so that the style looks natural.

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