Eyelash curlers


Neatly designed eyelashes transform your appearance, that’s why you need to take care of them daily and curl them. However, not all women know what eyelash curling is. The eyelash curler is a useful tool that will help you to change the natural curve of your hair by curling it. This will open the woman’s eyes, which will refresh her appearance.

How it works

You can use curlers to curl the lashes. However, you should first learn how the device works in order to use it correctly near the sensitive surface of the eyelid.

Eyelash curlers

Usually eyelash curler is metal, and on the area where it comes into contact with the lashes, there is a rubber part where the eyelashes are placed. And the device is powered by a lever which woman presses to close two cavities.

Handle the device for curling eyelashes carefully because careless work can lead to clamping the sensitive skin of the eye between the cavities. A strong pressure and load on the lever will damage the structure of the lashes what will cause split ends and premature hair loss.

Why to use

Not all women use an eyelash curler because makeup is often applied to the clean hair layer of the eye which is why the bend is not always effective and attractive.

Curling is used according to the following factors:

  1. To make a creative makeup and perform a spectacular volume and lengthening of the lashes you can use a curler. It will highlight the look, transforming the classic makeup of the eyelid.
  2. A natural feature of a woman’s face structure such as half-closed eyes, can be visually corrected if you lift the hair using a curler.
  3. An overhanging eyelid can be visually corrected if you raise the eyelashes. However, you should correctly use the curler for that.
  4. If a woman has short and thin natural eyelashes, it is recommended to use curling iron for eyelashes or a mechanical device to visually lengthen the lashes. However, be careful not to damage weak hair with an aggressive device.

Almost all women can use curlers, but it’s important to handle it carefully to get a neat and natural result without damaging the face health before makeup.

Types of curlers

The” thing” for curling eyelashes may have a different look, which is why the client gets a different style after using the device. It is worth paying attention to its choice in advance to get a positive result of curling.

Generally, two main options are used:

  1. Classic curlers. They are made of metal, with rubber elements for easy operation. They have been used for a long time, but they don’t always get a spectacular result, since they must first be warmed up to get the effect.
  2. Electric eyelash curler. You can use the electric option, but it also has disadvantages. And the main disadvantage is the possibility to burn the eyelid surface, as it has to be heated very much to get a curved shape of the hairs.

Choose an option that will correctly curl the eyelashes and fix the spectacular result for a long time.

When to use

Often women make mistakes using electric eyelash curler. The mistake is in selecting the wrong time for curling the hair layer of the eye.

To get a spectacular style of curl and even distribution of eyelashes over the eye, it is recommended to use the device only before applying mascara. Many women make mistakes at this stage when they use curlers after applying mascara to eyelashes. However, there is a risk that makeup will dry out and crack, which is why you won’t be able to achieve a neat result.

Use curler strictly before applying decorative cosmetics to the eyelashes. And then, when the hair has acquired a curved shape, you can use a cosmetic product to fix the curl. That’s how you will get a neat curling that will maintain for a long time, the result on the woman’s face won’t fade away, twisting her eyelashes.

How to use it

You have to figure out at first how to use the curler to get a natural result of bending the eyelashes. This will highlight the woman’s look, that’s why you should pay attention before performing an unusual makeup, one of the stages of which is curling your eyelashes.

If you use the device improperly, there is a risk that you will pinch the sensitive surface of the eye or damage the lashes, making them weak and broken. This will lead to premature loss of the hair layer of the eye, and the effect of the curler won’t look neat but will fall off after a couple of hours due to a strong inflection.

Eyelash curlers

The makeup technique using a curler is simple, but it is worth paying attention to each stage to get a positive result:

  1. First, prepare the surface of the lashes to properly perform the work. Moisten the cotton pad liberally with micellar liquid for that, wiping the hair layer of the eye. Thus you will get rid of the makeup remains at the base of the hair follicles, fat layer, which will prevent the fixing of the bend done by the curler.
  2. Heat up the curler. This should be done under a stream of hot air from a hair dryer or put in boiling water. Don’t heat the metal too much to prevent burning the skin of the face. It’s enough to expose the device to a hot temperature for fifteen seconds.
  3. While the curler is still hot, apply it to the upper eyelid, pinch the eyelashes between the cavities. Hold down the lever to curl the lashes. You have to implement the load on the eyelashes for fifteen seconds to fix the curved shape of the hair.
  4. Repeat the procedure again to fixate the result. Re-heat the metal and clamp the lashes between the cavities.
  5. Apply mascara while the lashes are fixed in a curved shape. Do this quickly so that they don’t cool down and dry in a raised shape and thick volume. You can apply mascara twice but after the first layer is completely dry. Apply it with zigzag movements lifting the lashes from the base.

First, do the technique on one eye, and then repeat it on the other. This should be done in turn but not at once, so that the lashes don’t have time to cool down after exposure to the hot temperature of the curler.

Which one to choose

You need to pay attention to the choice of the device which will do a neat natural and long-lasting curl. You can look over the rating of the best eyelash curlers for that.

Shu Uemura

The metal tool has rubber pads which prevent damage to the sensitive epidermis of the face. This curler is often used in beauty centers because it helps to quickly obtain a curved shape of the hair. The platforms are slightly curved, which contributes to a delicate bend of hair.


The curler is suitable for home use because it’s safe – it has a silicone platform, a convenient large lever that will fit two working fingers for applying makeup.


A simpler brand of equipment but it will allow you to get a spectacular volume of your eyelashes. But there is a drawback – you should work carefully with the device since it has a fairly hard rubber backing which can damage the hair.


Eyelash curlers can be different but its proper use helps to obtain a spectacular curved shape of the hair layer of the eye. Be careful with the choice and use of the tool to avoid damage of the hair structure and sensitive facial tissue.

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