Difference between 2D and 3D eyelashes


Before doing faux eyelash extensions to increase the volume of lashes on the upper eyelid it’s highly recommended to learn the difference between two techniques: classical extensions and unusual 2D and 3D extensions, that will emphasize the eyes of client and change her appearance. Take into account all the features of each technique to get a positive outcome.

How 2D and 3D eyelashes look like

2D and 3D eyelash extensions aren’t used quite often, but the result of skillful cosmetologist looks trim and emphasize women’s eyes effectively.

Difference between 2D and 3D eyelashes

You can imagine how 2D and 3D eyelashes would look like if you compare this technique with the classical method. There’s completely another volume of eyelashes being applied. The main difference between 2D and 3D lashes is the amount of faux single lashes added. In the first case the cosmetologist applies two additional lashes to each hair follicle on the upper eyelid, in the second variant – three lashes are applied.

Both methods end up showing effective results, because of double or triple volume boosting of a lash line. This technology is widely used to replace heavy make-up for events or ceremonies. These variants, however, might not be a proper alternative for the client, that’s why it’s important to look at the previous works of the master before a visit. This will help you imagine the result of each method.

2D and 3D faux eyelash extensions can look absolutely amazing, especially if the cosmetological procedure has been done professionally and with high competence. It’s better to spend some time choosing a proper cosmetology center and the master.

2D features

Features typical for differents methods are important for a cosmetology service. To get effective results after visiting beauty salon you need to pay attention to the smallest details in each technique. That would help you with preventing negative consequences after an incompetent procedure.

There aren’t many features of double volume boosting, but they should be taken into account as well:

  1. Double design is to be made lash-by-lash method (when individual single lashes are used), because flares consisting of two faux lashes would look artificial, ridiculous and sometimes even inappropriate on the client’s eyelid. Be cautious when the extensions are made with use of flares.
  2. While wearing faux eyelashes the client doesn’t feel any inconvenience that might be caused by growing lashes. There’s no pressure on the eyelid, and that makes it comfortable and keeps the effect.
  3. This method is ideal for weakened eyelashes. Double volume of lashes causes no harm for eyes and tender skin, especially if light materials are used when applying faux lashes.
  4. The procedure is safe to perform up to three times in a row, because this technique doesn’t damage natural eyelashes of the client.

There’s a huge difference in 2D and 3D technology of lash extensions. It’s significant to compare those methods first to get a successful result after a cosmetology procedure. We advise to consult a specialist before the process to prevent possible negative consequences after a visit to a beauty salon.

3D features

Distinctive features of faux lashes application, difference in 2D and 3D volumes play significant role when doing lash extensions. You should get acquainted with them first and imagine the final result. It will help you in choosing the most proper method to change your appearance and to emphasize your eyes with additional volume of lashes.

3D lash extensions have several important features that make the whole procedure completely different from 2D method:

  1. The result fades away faster. This design vanishes quite fast in most cases, so we advise to choose another option for a long-term wear.
  2. This method is ideal for quick and effective visual results. You can see how fast the client’s appearance changes and the eyes become more expressive. That always influences the whole image of any girl.
  3. The technique might be amazingly beautiful but sometimes is not convenient in wear. Lashes are lush and touch the eyelid way too frequently. It might cause some inconvenience for a girl or even cover the eyes of a client. Such lashes would look artificial and absurd.
  4. If you want to get an effective design after visiting a beauty salon, you can try extensions with use of flares or unusual way of applying materials to the lash line. These methods provide rare and exceptional kinds of extensions, and will help to perform an interesting visual technique.

Consider all the features of technology, so the result would look trim and would fit the client’s individuality and facial characteristics.

The main difference between 2D and 3D lash extensions is in the technological process. To choose the best variant for eyelash extensions consider every feature of the method before the procedure.

What to choose

To select your way of performing lash extensions for sensitive eyelids compare 2D and 3D techniques and use this difference as a basis for your choice. This knowledge is helpful in preventing the negative consequences after an incompetent cosmetology procedure.

Choosing a proper method to get a successful result rely on your primary preferences:

  1. For visually effective outcome, that would perfectly replace make-up during events or ceremonies, a 3D technique is advised. Take into account that this complicated but stunning result would fade away quickly.
  2. For more natural look and a long-term wear choose a double volume technique. The use of two layers of faux lashes wouldn’t change your appearance much, but would allow you not using mascara. This method is perfect for everyday wear, and the result lasts up to 1,5 months.

Devote some time to choose the proper method of lash extensions between 2D and 3D techniques to prevent undesirable consequences and not to be disappointed after seeing the result. Your expectations would meet the reality after visiting a beauty salon if you learn a bit more about the difference.

Faux materials that are used for extensions

Before performing lash extensions procedure it’s important to pay attention to the quality of lash materials. A professionally made job is impossible without good materials, they will help to create a natural realistic look and provide a long-term wear.

Comparing 2D and 3D eyelashes you should consider this feature to prevent untidy and undesirable outcome after the procedure is finished. All methods have their distinctive features that influence the final result.

Difference between lashes with 2D and 3D volume

There are usually three kinds of materials and expendables used in lash extensions. A choice of material influences the technique:

  1. Faux fiber. Convenient for everyday wear, because these materials are not affected by negative external factors. That’s what it’s widely used in 3D lash extensions.
  2. Mink. This material is very popular for making additional lashes. They are convenient in wear, and used in both 2D and 3D methods. Lash extensions with mink materials are widely spread and make no difference between 2D and 3D techniques. Mink eyelashes have matte finish that graciously emphasize the appearance of the client, that’s why it is most commonly used for procedures in cosmetology centers.
  3. Silk. Silk is the lightest material used for lash extensions but sadly it has a major problem: it’s easily affected by agressive external factors. Single silk lashes can be a bad idea for 3D volume boost, because huge amount of lashes would negatively affect the final result. But for 2D technique silk is perfect. Silk lashes have glossy finish, that helps eyes to shine. This material always refreshes the whole look and lightens the face, and would be suitable for woman of every age regarding condition of the skin.

Before the procedure pay attention to the materials and expendables used by the master. It helps to prevent negative consequences after use of low-quality goods (that can lead to allergic reactions or damage the health).


Difference between 2D and 3D lash extensions techniques is a primary feature of a successful procedure. Spend some time comparing those methods to get a desirable result, that would be suitable for your facial lines and individual characteristics of appearance. For this we recommend to ask for details and distinctive features of each technology, to make the final result tidy and good for a client.

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