Brown eyelashes for extension


Brown eyelashes for extensions are very popular, since usually two main colors are used for a cosmetic procedure – black and shades of brown. However, the brown tone can be used for different motives, since in some cases the method contributes to obtaining an unusual effect that the lady initially chooses.

When brown eyelashes are used

When applying brown eyelashes, a lady is usually guided by personal preferences and indicators of appearance. Take into account the characteristic features of your face in order to correctly perform the technique and get a natural result.

Brown eyelashes for extension

Brown is not often used when building up, but is usually in second place after the classic color scheme:

  1. If the lady has brown hair of a similar light shade. In this case, before the session, when performing the style of a black shade, she has to dye her hair in a dark color scheme. This contributes to the combination of style with her eyelashes. When using brown artificial threads, she does not have to use color first, and the result will look as natural as possible.
  2. The client wants to make a subtle gradient on the upper movable eyelid, which will effectively emphasize her look and at the same time look like a classic extension. With the right choice of colors, the effect will look neat, and the gradient will appear partially, as it depends on external lighting and makeup.
  3. Depending on the characteristics of a woman’s face, dark eyelashes when performing stylistics can look aggressive and worsen the natural look. In this case, brown threads can be used to increase the volume and density of eyelid hair, but not spoil the client’s femininity.

During the provision of cosmetic services in the salon, brown eyelashes can also be used in other cases and for different motives, but it is important to take into account and assume how this result may look later.

Pros and cons of brown eyelashes

The positive aspects of eyelash extension represent cases in which it is recommended to use a similar color scheme after visiting a salon.

There are not many advantages of brown eyelash extension, but they are enough for applying the technique:

  1. When using colors for blondes or ladies with light hair color, the result is natural. The difference is especially noticeable when compared with the black shade that is used on fair-haired ladies.
  2. When making a gradient with brown and black colors, it does not always reflect too much, which makes the result natural, so the effect will work regardless of the occasion or external circumstance. This technology can be used if you want to make a subtle gradient.
  3. There are no peculiarities of care and recommendations for the extension, so the brown effect lasts the same as the classic version of the extension of eyelashes.
  4. The work done in brown looks noble, because it does not visually burden woman’s appearance and makes her look fresher regardless of the natural coloring of the eyelases.

Of the minuses of the cosmetic procedure, it can be noted that the brown color scheme can look sloppy and cheapen a woman’s appearance. This happens when the expected shade of stylistics does not coincide with the one that turned out in the end.

It should be borne in mind that a small mismatch in the color of the eyelashes with the shade of artificial threads can lead to an inaccurate result that looks unnatural.

How is it done?

There are basically no differences in brown eyelash extension from classical technology. The essence is approximately the same, but it is important that the cosmetologist provides the service correctly, and the client receives the initially expected effect.

The technique performed in salon can last up to four hours. It depends on the technique the lady chose:

  1. First, the client’s epidermis is cleaned with micellar water to remove the makeup residues from the face. The presence of mascara can lead to a decrease in the durability of the technology, so you should not lead to this.
  2. The master treats the sensitive tissue with an antiseptic to remove excess fat from the surface. This promotes adhesion of the adhesive to the hair structure.
  3. A liner is placed under the lower eyelid so that the lower eyelashes are not covered with glue and do not stick to the upper ones.
  4. A silicone substrate is applied to the upper movable eyelid, to which the eyelashes are attached, and the extension is carried out with additional special means and solutions.
  5. After completing the brown eyelash extension, the specialist detaches the consumables: the base and the base, after which the lady receives the result of the session. However, you need to carefully handle the added threads for several hours after visiting the beauty salon.

There is no need to provide care for the eyelashes after the session, because the sensitive skin is not damaged, and the lashes are attached only to the surface of the eyelash bulbs.


You can perform brown eyelash extension using different methods, this parameter depends only on the ladies preferences and her choice made in the beauty salon.

Not all technologies are standardly used in the salon, but check this factor initially to suggest the effect that will turn out after visiting the center.


The classic brown eyelash extension method involves the minimum addition of artificial threads to the movable eyelid. Usually an additional artificial thread is added to one natural eyelash. The result looks natural, because the increase in volume is not done many times, but only twice.

3D effect

In brown colors, you can make extensions with an increase of several times. The technique involves the addition of two or three artificial hairs to the upper movable eyelid to maximize the volume and density of hair on the eye.

Brown eyelashes for extension

It is impossible to make a technique on the lower eyelid, only the classical technology is performed on it, since it will look unnatural and does not last long.

Fox effect

When performing extensions in the style of a fox look, the beautician uses a special technique of attaching artificial threads to the upper eyelid. To do this, a specialist adds long lashed at the outer edge of the eye, and they gradually become shorter to the inner corner. This gradient creates a cunning and natural effect that makes the eyess look more graceful.

Beam method

If you want to make a spectacular volumetric extension and an increased density of lashes, you can perform the extension by using beam technique. In this version, women are attached to the eyelashes by a bundle made up of several artificial threads of different lengths.

With the correct implementation of the style, the result of eyelash extension looks spectacular and neat.


Brown eyelash extensions are used in many variations, but with the correct addition of hairs, the option looks impressive. Keep in mind that the technique is not suitable for everyone, so it is often worth making a color mix with a gradient or changing the main color scheme of the procedure’s style.

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