Types of eyebrow permanent make up


Eyebrow permanent make-up techniques provide the lady with an option of choosing the types of desired option. The types of PMU differ in the effect that comes out after a session in a cosmetic center. There is not much difference in the recommendations for care and restrictions, therefore, eyebrow PMU techniques allow you to make choice only for aesthetics.

Eyebrow permanent make-up

Eyebrow permanent make-up is a technique in which specialist uses special equipment, injects them with dye under the epidermis in the selected pattern. The peculiarity of applying the dye depends on the technique of permanent eyebrow makeup, which client does.

Types of eyebrow permanent make up

PMU is a lightweight version of a tattoo, but almost any drawing can also be applied here. The style depends on the woman’s preferences and desires as a result of work.

It is best to choose a PMU technique in specialized beauty centre, because this way you can consult with the specialist, based on the options. So the risk of making a mistake with the technique is reduced, and the beautician takes responsibility for the quality of work.

Types of permanent make-up

The permanent make-up technique is performed and selected individually by the client from among the options. There are five main methods of performing PMU, however, not all cosmetic centers offer desired technique.

To ensure the high quality of the result of each technique, training and a special device is required, which is not provided everywhere

Hair stroke technique

PMU hair stroke brows technique is in demand as it is often available wherever the cosmetic service is offered. The essence of this option is that separate lines are drawn on the skin, which resemble natural hairs.

However, not everyone likes this option, since perfectly straight strokes do not always coincide with the natural eyebrows hair.

Hair stroke technique can be done in two variations, depending on the type of line drawing:

  1. Simple method in which lines are drawn symmetrically relative to each other. The same distance is created between them, and they are all directed in the same direction. Such an ideal arrangement of stripes does not always look advantageous, because for the competent implementation of such a technique, a large amount of experience is needed from a specialist.
  2. Improved technology, in which a different distance is passed between the hairs, they are often drawn in several rows (as the hair follicles are located). They also have different lengths and directions. The stripes are directed in three directions: at the base they are vertical, and then thicken towards the tail and become horizontal.

The lady can choose the technique herself, however, before visiting beauty centre, it is important to first warn the specialist about the chosen technique. Not always beautician can draw high-quality brow ridges in a complex version, so this point should be taken into account.

Powder brows technique

The name of the technique speaks of its essence, since during the execution of the work the specialist uses the unit, which in small portions gently covers the eyebrow with a spray in the form of a dye.

The sprayer has a maximum point dispenser, so it is not difficult to make such permanent make-up technique if you have experience. The only drawback of this method is that the boundaries are not always clear-cut. Spraying rather than applying pigment, results in a weaker effect.

Also, this method will not always last long, since the pigment is not injected into the epidermis, but is applied on top of it. But it usually looks natural, because a person’s natural eyebrows do not have an absolutely symmetrical arrangement of hairs and clear contours. If a woman strives to achieve such an effect after the service, she can choose this technique.

Pixel effect technique

This option is completely different from other methods, by its features and characteristic:

  1. The dye is injected under the surface of the epidermis, but during the work, the skin does not violate the integrity.
  2. The specialist works with the unit for permanent make-up with abrupt movements, constantly removing the tip – the blade from under the surface of the sensitive tissue of the womans face.
  3. The drawing is applied pointwise. A huge number of dots, which the specialist applies, makes up the general pattern, choosing a specific shape.
  4. This method allows you to create clear boundaries, and the regulation of the number of points allows you to constantly change the density of filling the eyebrow, and this affects look as a result. Consequently, the eyebrow will have a natural look, with darkening towards the ponytail.

You can use the pixel spray technique if you want to achieve an average natural result with clear boundaries and transitions from base to tail. However, the disadvantages of the method are that if the tool is incorrectly used, the specialist can make a large number of mistakes, and small dots will be very noticeable.

Watercolor technique

This technique is a combination of powder coating and shadow technology. Due to the fact that the main point in it is the smooth application of the coloring substance to the surface of the client’s face in the area of the eyebrows.

This technique is rarely found in beauty salons, because for a smooth, accurate drawing of the eyebrow stylistics, great specialists training is required. A specialist must absolutely confidently work with a tattoo machine, which not every cosmetologist can do.

In the watercolor method, the dye is applied on top of the skin, smoothly spreading over the eyebrow. Individual hairs are not drawn, and the selected area is completely filled. The dye applies smooth transitions, similar to their presence in the natural growth of hair: at the base the color is paler, and towards the ponytail it darkens strongly, approaching black.

The watercolor look can be called artistic, because the specialist works competently in it, directing the main activity towards maintaining the ideal proportions of the face and choosing the style of the eyebrow. Due to the high degree of complexity of the tattoo technique, it is not selected in all salons, so it is important to pay attention to the choice of beauty salon and specialist work.

Shadow technique

In this option, the drawing of individual elements is also not performed, the equipment only injects the dye in the selected style, uniformly distributed along the perimeter of the eyebrow shape.

The transitions are also smooth, but this method does not pay special attention to the smooth aspects. The specialist only tries to bring the look of the eyebrow closer to the natural one in this regard. The borders of the eyebrow are clearly drawn, and the tail is darkened relative to the base.

The result after the shadow technique is similar to wearing shadows on the eyebrows or other decorative cosmetics, it looks harmonious regardless of the degree of dye injection.

Types of eyebrow permanent make up

The result after the shadow technique is similar to wearing shadows on the eyebrows or other decorative cosmetics, it looks harmonious regardless of the degree of dye injection. Therefore, it bears a similar name because of the similarity with carrying a special cosmetic product.

Henna eyebrow permanent make-up

This permanent make-up technique cannot be compared to the previous methods, because its essence is radically different from the above-mentioned variations in the introduction of the coloring matter.

There are more differences than similarities:

  1. The pigment is not introduced into the surface of the skin, but is applied with an additional layer on top. This contributes to the absence of a rehabilitation period due to damage of the epidermis.
  2. Henna lasts up to three weeks, and then fades away.
  3. Such remedy has no restrictions on the state of health and the frequency of repeated procedures. This is due to the fact that the dye does not get into the cover of the epidermis. The only limitation is an allergic reaction to henna.
  4. The stylistics of this method is the same – continuous covering of the eyebrow with a solution. You cannot choose other types, because henna does not lend itself to changes in the form.

Henna is not suitable for everyone who wants to fix the eyebrow style for a long time. This is due to the fact that the effect quickly disappears from the ladies skin. However, everyone can carry out this type of PMU technique at home, since it does not need special consumables and devices.


Eyebrow permanent make-up, depending on the chosen technique, is applied in a certain style to the surface of the epidermis, which has many advantages. All methods have a common basis – instructions and restrictions prescribed by a specialist, however, they are completely different in terms of aesthetic value.

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