Is it allowed to drink alcohol after permanent make up


Before and after permanent make up, it is important to follow the instructions of the specialist, which help to prevent negative consequences after the provision of cosmetic services. After the work of a specialist, the skin is damaged, therefore, restrictions on care are also set for the client during the rehabilitation period.

Is it possible to drink alcohol after permanent make up

One of the limitation points after performing any PMU technique is that it is not recommended to take alcohol and coffee. This can ruin the result and cause side effects.

Is it possible to drink alcohol after permanent make up

Usually, all cosmetologists indicate this parameter, because if you take alcohol after permanent make up, healing slows down or turns the other way, impairing the recovery of epithelial cells after work.

Alcohol and strong coffee helps to thin the blood, and during the restoration of the skin, the essence of healing is the overlap of blood and the formation of a protective layer. Alcohol, impairing blood clotting and slows down healing. Bruising from this can lead to premature washout of the result or a change in its quality as a result.

What to avoid before and after permanent make up

The instructions that are written out by the specialist concern not only what is needed and not recommended after PMU, but also before it is carried out.

Usually, before the session, the lady has few instructions when compared with the recovery period:

  1. Stop using antibiotics and drugs with strong medical effects within two weeks. This effect on the body can lead to impaired skin healing due to the cosmetic procedure.
  2. It is not necessary to carry out cosmetic services in cosmetology, which have a strong effect on the facial tissue. This leads to an increase in the sensitivity of the epidermis, so it is dangerous for the client to carry out the PMU faster than after two weeks.
  3. You should not drink alcohol three days before the planned permanent make-up, regardless of the area of the technology.
  4. It is not recommended to consume weak alcohol and caffeine one day before procedure, because these drinks provide a strong vasodilator property. This leads to a worsening blood retention, which negatively affects the performance of the technique and the period after it.
  5. Two weeks before the technique, you should not expose the epidermis of the face to sunburn. In this case, it does not matter how the tan is applied: in direct sunlight or ultraviolet light in a solarium.

So, it is dangerous to ignore such instructions, because the incorrect course of the session leads to negative consequences after the work of a specialist and the broken technology of PMU in a cosmetic center.

In addition to restrictions on the state of health of a woman, she has other recommendations for care after a visit to cosmetology. The specialist writes out such tips at the end of the visit to the salon:

  1. It is not recommended to use decorative cosmetics for a month in the area of permanent make up. This can disrupt the connection between the dye and the epithelial cells on the ladies face, which spoils the effect of the service.
  2. It is not possible to start washing your face immediately, so as not to wash off the dye prematurely. This can be done carefully only after the formation of a crust on the skin. After that, you need to gently wet your face with a soft napkin.
  3. Carefully use the skin care products. Aggressive components in the composition lead to impaired healing.
  4. At night you can sleep only on your back, so as not to damage the integrity of the protective layer after permanent make up.
  5. During the first week after the method, it is necessary to actively use an antiseptic and a healing ointment on the face in order to speed up the recovery of the wound and cover it with a new layer of skin.
  6. Do not prematurely rip off the protective layer after PMU, because this opens the wound, which as a result can lead to infection. Inflammation, in turn, leads to deterioration of the client’s health and damage to the effect.

Also, all restrictions include the prohibition on drinking alcohol after the session. Other small measures for the care of the skin are prescribed by the cosmetologist as a personal indication for the ladies health. It also depends on the cosmetology in which the permanent makeup takes place.

Negative effects of alcohol consumption

If you do not follow the instructions of the cosmetologist and drink alcohol, regardless of the strength and degree measure, you should be prepared for the formation of negative consequences. This is due to the incorrect flow of technology and the rehabilitation period.

This usually affects the change in the quality of the effect for the worse, and this can already lead to changes in the state of health:

  1. Uneven distribution of shade. This is due to the mixing of blood (when it is released with the wrong course of the rehabilitation period) and the dye. This effect is not always possible to overlap with correction, it depends on the quality of the permanent make up done and the degree of deterioration of the pattern due to mixing.
  2. Formation of non-standard shades, other colors on the result of PMU. This happens when the quality of the pigment is low and alcohol is consumed at the same time.
  3. Change of shape. After taking a strong booze, the boundaries of the stylistics applied to the client’s face can deteriorate. This side effect is common.
  4. Improper healing of the epidermis. This leads to slower skin rehabilitation, which is reflected in slower crust formation. The consequence of such a consequence may be too long the opening of the wound, which is prone to infection or foreign bodies. This leads to the launch of inflammatory processes in the woman’s body, which will further increase the risk of damage to the permanent make up result and change the client’s health for the worse.

Such negative consequences do not always occur in isolation. At an advanced stage of the recovery period, they can be added up, which worsens the quality of the permanent make upas much as possible. If you find such signs, you should immediately contact a beautician so that he can advise a measure for the rehabilitation of the skin.

And it is better to prevent such a wrong course of healing. This can be done if you follow all the instructions of the specialist, including the prohibition of alcohol consumption.

After how long can you consume alcohol?

When you can start drinking alcohol, beauticians usually do not indicate. The only advice they can give is that the later you start it, the better for the result of the permanent make up.

Is it possible to drink alcohol after permanent make up

However, having figured it out, you can determine the period during which it is absolutely not recommended to drink alcohol.

Alcohol has an effect on reducing the amount of blood that comes out of the wound. Therefore, alcohol can be consumed when blood can no longer leave the epithelial cells. Typically, during the first week, the formation and natural convergence of the protective layer from the surface takes place.

After peeling off the crust, no large wounds remain on the skin, however, there is a possibility of their appearance, because the tissue at this time is not completely restored. It is advisable to prevent the formation of side effects and endure this period. If you do not drink alcohol during the entire rehabilitation period (that is, a month), it will be ideal, so the skin will definitely have time to recover. However, two weeks will be enough to close the wounds, because of which you can resume drinking.


It is categorically impossible to drink alcohol after PMU. This often leads to many negative consequences, therefore it is not recommended to violate this restriction of the specialist. It is not necessary to introduce alcoholic beverages into the diet for two weeks after the visit, and then you can safely take them without harm to health and the effect of technology.

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