How to take care of eyebrows after permanent make up


Eyebrow permanent make up plays an important role, because after the cosmetic procedure, the sensitive surface of the facial skin is damaged. If you take proper care of your eyebrows after procedure and follow the instructions on what to do after eyebrow PMU, the likelihood of a good effect increases.

Why post-procedure care is required

Eyebrows care after permanent make-up is prescribed to restore the epidermis after a violation of its integrity.

care of eyebrows after permanent make up

PMU is a simplified type of tattoo that is applied to the skin. The method is considered to be gentle, because it is carried out on the thin and sensitive surface of the woman face.

During the session, specialist works with a special device, at the end of which there is a needle that distributes the dye in a certain shape. Post-PMU care is needed to restore the microscopic wounds that this device leaves. The rehabilitation period lasts especially long if the beautician does not work correctly with the machine.

It is important to take time to restore the epidermis so that the effect is good. It will not look neat if you do the wrong after care.

Post-permanent make up care

In order to rehabilitate the skin surface after the work of a specialist, it is important to follow the instructions that were written out at the end of the appointment. Usually they are given in a cosmetic centre, but they have standard indications as standard.

Contingently, the entire post care period can be divided into three stages:

  1. The first three or four days, is the time when a crust appears on the eyebrows.
  2. The first week, crust naturally leaves the area of the permanent make up.
  3. The remaining three weeks, is when complete healing of the skin is happening.

You need to pay attention to each stage in order to get beautiful eyebrows as a result.

First days

Care at this time should be as careful as possible, since recently damaged tissue quickly takes on infection or other factors that can lead to negative consequences in the end.

Immediately after procedure, begin to lubricate the eyebrows with antiseptic and healing ointment to ensure that they are covered with a thin film that prevents foreign bodies from entering the blood. You need to lubricate the skin gently, using a cotton swab or disc, without pressing hard on them. The frequency should be high – it is advisable to carry out the procedure every hour or an hour and a half, including at night.

Also, do not wash your face until a crust appears. Because you can damage the recently made PMU, visually spoiling its effect. If this does not happen, there is a risk of reducing the retention of the result. If necessary, wipe your face with a damp towel around your eyebrows without touching them. Do not rub your eyebrows, as you can damage their integrity and quality.

Sleep carefully. Do not roll over on your stomach or sides, preferably stay on your back not to damage your eyebrows and ruin your permanent make up.

Crust care

On the third or fourth day, a thin crust usually appears on the eyebrows, which after a while becomes stronger. Such crust becomes a barrier for the eyebrows from foreign bodies entering the body through an open wound.

After the appearance of the crust, the lady has some advantages:

  1. There is an opportunity to wash your face. However, this must be done carefully not to damage the surface of the epidermis. You should not use aggressive formulations at this time for the same purpose.
  2. You can sleep on your sides, but you should not turn too much to maintain the integrity of permanent make up.
  3. You can gently tint your eyebrows with cosmetics for a short period of time.

The crust must be continued lubricated with an antiseptic and a healing ointment, which the cosmetologist prescribes in advance at the end of the session in the cosmetic centre. This should be done less often – up to four times a day.

By the end of the first week after permanent make up, itching may appear, but it must be tolerated, scratching the sensitive epidermis at this time is not recommended. If you have a strong desire, wet a cotton pad with cool water, apply it to your eyebrows and press lightly on them.

Itching is a factor in the onset of gradual peeling of the crust; it should occur on its own, without the intervention of a woman, not to have an infection.

Itching usually ends two days after the onset of complete crust fall off. After that, the client can evaluate the intermediate results, which become similar to the result that will come out at the end.

First month care

During the rest of the time, eyebrows do not need careful care, you just need to maintain their integral and healthy condition. Also, make sure that the eyebrows are not damaged or cracked. Any deviations from the standard course of the rehabilitation period should be discussed with a specialist.

In the remaining time, it is undesirable to apply make-up, because it can reduce the retention period of the tattoo after rehabilitation. The main thing is to treat your face safely, so you will help the epidermis to recover, providing a positive effect.

General instructions

After PMU, there are general parameters that are important to fulfil during the entire recovery period. Rehabilitation of the cover usually takes place within a month, and then a second procedure (touch up) is prescribed by the specialist.

Personal instructions are written by the specialist, the basic instructions are usually applied:

  1. It is not recommended to use make-up, especially during the first week. Especially it is dangerous to dye eyebrows, it reduces the durability of the PMU.
  2. Facial care products should be used with maximum care. To do this, it is worth checking the components. They should not be aggressive, as they will violate the integrity of the facial tissue.
  3. You need to wash your face depending on the degree of skin healing. Before the crust appears, this cannot be done, you can start water procedures after it gets stronger. After the protective layer has disappeared, you can more actively start wetting your eyebrows, but you should not rub them with a towel. During the first week, you can only dab your face with a soft towel.
  4. You should not visit the bathhouse, sauna, pool and places with high humidity and temperature for a month after permanent make up. They disrupt the connection between the pigment and the woman’s body.
  5. You cannot peel off the crust ahead of time, because it should come off naturally after itching. This will introduce the infection into the bloodstream, which contributes to a poor result.

care of eyebrows after permanent make up

Observing these instructions, the effect of the cosmetic service lasts longer. Violation of the instructions removes responsibility from the salon and the specialist for the performed technique, since the client himself violated the literacy of the procedure.

The consequences of improper care

If a woman does not take proper care after permanent make up, she can get side effects that will affect the quality of the procedure.

The consequences have different options:

  1. Uneven distribution of the permanent make up ink as a result. This will give a woman sloppy result that will look bad.
  2. Change the color of the ink at the end. The pigment may have different color shims. Often, pink or blue tones appear, which are caused by the poor quality of the ink used. However, earlier fading of the permanent make up is usually the result of improper care after the session.
  3. Introduction of infection, this happens with early peeling off the crust when leaving or incorrectly applying healing agents. Foreign bodies in a woman’s body often have other consequences: the formation of inflammation, a local increase in temperature, and a deterioration in the quality of PMU.
  4. Reducing the time to save the result of the permanent make up. This factor is often encountered, because not all woman strive to properly take care after permanent makeup.
  5. Sloppy stylistics. Changes in the shape and size of the eyebrow can also appear due to local fading of pigment associated with care, or improper work of a specialist in a cosmetic center.

If you carefully follow the recommendations for eyebrow care after the work done in the salon, negative consequences usually do not appear. The reason for them in this case can only be the illiterate work of the master or the use of consumables of poor quality. These criteria should be checked before signing up for a session.


Eyebrows PMU after care is very important and takes a lot of time. Skin should be especially carefully handled during the first week, when open wounds only heal after tissue damage. Follow the instructions written by the specialist to prevent the consequences reflected on the quality of the technique.

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