How long does eyebrow permanent make-up last?


How long does permanent eyebrow makeup lasts is the main factor in favor of which ladies decide to carry out a cosmetic procedure. How long does eyebrow retouch last, this factor is influenced by many criteria, including the quality of the pigment and the work of the specialist. It is important to know these parameters in order to prevent the formation of side effects of the PMU field in advance.

How long does eyebrow PMU lasts

Permanent make up is a technique similar to tattooing, when the client’s skin is clogged with a dye that remains on it for a long time. However, the effect of PMU remains much less, because the technology is gentle.

How long does eyebrow permanent make-up last?

There are average periods of time in which the client’s remain total result. Usually the effect lasts a year in a bright state, and then gradually begins to fade. So it stays on a woman’s eyebrows for up to two or three years, if you take into account how it holds up to the end of the term, it’s rather a weak shade.

The time during which the effect lasts differs for many factors, therefore, the resistance is different in different cases. It is clarified how long the result lasts, only according to the characteristics of the lady.

If permanent make up is done incorrectly, the result is reduced. So, if the technology remains for a couple of months, and then it starts to fade quickly, it is advisable to contact a beautician for correction.

When corrections are made?

Regardless of how long the result of eyebrow permanent make up lasts, a lady can undergo correction in a cosmetic center. In this session, the dye is also introduced, but in smaller quantities and in a gentle technique.

To carry out the correction, the conditions must be met, and it lasts as long as the technique remained:

  1. A repeated visit should be carried out no earlier than a year after the main appointment. Therefore, it takes some time for the epidermis to fully recover and partially remove the color.
  2. You should not do the correction early, not to spoil the result. It is not necessary to do this if the same work is still going on.
  3. It is advisable to carry out the correction in the same place where you performed the method on the eyebrows. The use of the old pigment and the literacy of the specialist contributes to the absence of the risk of negative consequences after the visit.

Consult a beautician and perform corrections when the technique is no longer persistent on the face. This way you can correctly update the drawing while maintaining the same high quality.

What affects how long the permanent make up lasts?

On the eyebrows, the pigment is stored in different ways for a woman. A large number of personal indicators of health status and the quality of the stylistics performed in the cosmetic center by the specialist depend on this.

The following external factors usually affect the durability of eyebrow tattoo:

  1. Literacy of a specialist. If the specialist did not perform the technology for performing the technology on the eyebrows, then there is a risk of low durability of the result. The beautician should use the equipment for applying the pigment agent as competently as possible in order not to harm the sensitive skin of the epidermis.
  2. Low quality of used consumables. This includes the poor quality of the pigment used at the reception and the disposables. It is also important that the device for permanent eyebrow makeup is of high quality, since the whole essence of the procedure depends on the equipment in cosmetology.
  3. The care that the girl provided during the recovery period and preparation before the session. The skin must be prepared for the dye injection, and then it is important to provide thorough care of the crust. This will preserve the quality of the eyebrow PMU result.
  4. Absence of contraindications for health reasons in women. The specialist always writes out instructions and restrictions before the session. If there are prohibitions, it is not recommended to provide a cosmetic service, as it will not leave a good result. Because of this, there is a risk of getting negative consequences, reflected on the client’s health and the style of the drawing. This also affects how long the effect lasts.
  5. Personal indicators of the client. The technique remains on the epidermis and depends on the woman’s skin. It is important that the epidermis is of a normal or dry type. And the younger the surface, the better, because wrinkles negatively affect the retention of the dye. In this case, the result lasts longer than the standard target dates.

How long does eyebrow permanent make-up last?

All of the above criteria affect how long the eyebrow permanent make up lasts. If you can change for the better the retention of pigment on the surface of the skin, it is better to anticipate the presence of such features in advance.

How to make eyebrow permanent make up last longer

Permanent make-up stays on the skin for a different time, depending on a large number of different factors. If you want to keep the effect longer, follow the instructions and directions given by the beautician before and after the session.

You can also read readings that, what accurately increase the quality of work retention:

  1. Do not neglect the prescribed health restrictions and epidermal care measures before the procedure. Such instructions are intended for the correct course of the cosmetic procedure, without deviating from the standard case.
  2. Follow up properly after visiting cosmetology. Care is needed to restore epithelial cells that have been damaged by the PMU equipment specialist. The rehabilitation period usually lasts up to a month, during this time you need to handle the eyebrows as carefully as possible.
  3. Take time to find beauty center in which you will perform cosmetic services. Most of the work depends on the actions of a specialist, so be careful about this selection. To choose the right salon, just read the reviews of previous clients and look at the photos of the work performed earlier. This will allow you to conduct a session without negative consequences. And before visiting cosmetology, it is important to check the consumables used. To do this, it is worth checking the certification available in the salon, comparing it with brands of dye and equipment for eyebrow PMU.

With these methods, you can prolong the quality of the work performed, and the tattoo lasts much longer after that. But one should not forget about the presence of personal indicators that can negatively or positively affect the properties of the dye applied to the skin surface.

Also, a woman may have an allergic reaction, which negatively affects the durability of the effect of permanent makeup. Allergies are reduced with medication, which can be obtained from a specialist at a cosmetic center.


Eyebrow permanent make up is held differently for everyone, which is influenced by a large number of different factors. Knowing these criteria, you can deliberately increase the safety of the technology result. However, before using such attempts, it is worth consulting with the master in order to change the durability of the work for the better.

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