Hair strokes permanent makeup


Eyebrow hair strokes permanent make up technique is usually common among other methods of permanent makeup, because the hair stroke method allows you to bring the effect closer to natural. Eyebrow microblading is also used in the hair stoke method, drawing individual hairs on the ladies eyebrows.

Hair strokes technique with PMU device

This is one of the permanent make-up techniques-hair strokes method. Its name describes the main essence of the cosmetic procedure. During the work, the beautician draws lines on the client’s face, which as a result resemble natural hair.

Hair strokes permanent makeup

Hair is applied in different forms, which affects the effectiveness of the service as a result:

  1. Lines are drawn in one direction, approximately the same size, and the distance between them is similar. This distribution contributes to the creation of an almost perfect eyebrow, in which the hair lies flat and neat. If you perform this method, the result is not always neat, because perfect hair styling often looks unnatural.
  2. A more complex technique, in which the hair has different lengths, and is drawn in three directions, as real eyebrows. The distance between the stripes is set by a specialist so that the result is a semblance of a natural eyebrow.

Not all beauty salons offer both techniques, since a complex method requires certain skills to draw correctly. So, it is important to clarify before the session about the type of hair tattoo that you will be doing in beauty center.

Technique performance

Eyebrow PMU with hair stroke technique in the beauty center is performed in the same way as regular eyebrow PMU. All work consists in using the equipment by the specialist. However, in advance, the client is also issued instructions that limit his or her actions before appointment.

The session also includes a detailed discussion of the work, finding out the possibility of hair stroke technique and restrictions on the state of health of the client if any exist.

Then the specialist cleans the skin of cosmetics, treats it with an antiseptic and applies a rough version of desired result. The draft is discussed with the woman, if she does not like it, moments are corrected, and then the introduction of the coloring pigment according to this drawing begins.

Depending on the complexity of the work, it is usually completed in an hour or an hour and a half, taking into account the application of the initial version. At the end of the session, the skin is re-treated with the necessary solutions, and then the client is prescribed indications for the care of the epidermis.

If there are questions, a woman can clarify them with a beautician, and then the next session is assigned – correction of eyebrows PMU. It will take place one month after the main visit.


For health reasons, not all ladies are allowed to undergo hair stroke technique of eyebrows permanent make-up, because this can become an obstacle to the high quality of the result in the end.

The prohibitions are written out as standard, since this technique involves the usual injection of pigment into the epithelial cells:

  1. Diabetes, regardless of the stage of disease progression, you should not do a cosmetic procedure.
  2. Menstruation is an indicator of hormone surges, against the background of which the emotional state changes greatly, irritability appears, and sensitivity increases.
  3. Pregnancy, especially the first trimester when development of the baby is in progress. The rest of the time, it is also undesirable to undergo this cosmetic procedure because defects may remain on the development of the child.
  4. Lactation. If you are breastfeeding your baby, you should avoid the provision of cosmetic services, because this side has not yet been fully understood, which has unexpected negative consequences.
  5. Diseases of the epidermis. Large injuries, scars, scars are cases in which eyebrow hair strokes permanent make-up is definitely not recommended.

It is not recommended to ignore the warnings and instructions of the specialist. They are required to save the lady from the undesirable consequences that affect the whole effect and worsens client’s health.


After any permanent make up, including the hair stroke technique, the client needs to go through a recovery period, during which the epidermis heals after the procedure performed in the cosmetic center.

Skin rehabilitation consists of three stages:

  1. The most sensitive time, during which the eyebrows should be handled very carefully. Otherwise, you can damage the integrity of the coating, resulting in a blurred pattern or uneven tone distribution.
  2. The appearance of a crust, and then – after a few days – its natural discharge. At this time, the client’s area of authority increases, since the protective layer prevents the introduction of infection into the blood.
  3. The remaining time, which usually takes up to three weeks, during which the skin is completely restored. This period doesn’t require woman’s help.

During the first and second stages, it is important to apply antiseptic to the face or a healing ointment, until a crust forms every hour, after that up to four times a day. You should not sleep on your stomach and sides at this time, not to lubricate the products and not rub the sensitive result of hair stroke PMU.

Also, during rehabilitation, you should not visit places with high humidity and temperature, use decorative cosmetics and cosmetics for skin care with an aggressive composition.

You can start washing only after the formation of a protective layer, this must be done carefully, and then gently wet your face with a soft disposable towel. It is undesirable to rub your face after washing with a towel, not to damage the protective layer and the quality of the results.

Is correction required?

After any permanent make-up technique, it is important to re-visit beauty center to carry out correction or simply examine the result of the work, assess the fixation of the dye layer on the woman’s eyebrows.

Correction is usually carried out one month after the hair stroke technique. During this visit to same beauty center, negative consequences or side effects after the performed cosmetic procedure may become clear.

Hair strokes permanent makeup

During the care after the hair stroke technique, inaccuracies can also be detected, which are then corrected by the specilist in cosmetology. It is not difficult to correct the technique: it is enough to supplement the drawing with a certain number of stripes, so the work will look supplemented and neat.

If the correction was performed on the work, after visiting the cosmetic center, the girl needs another month or less to rehabilitate the epithelial cells after reapplying the pigment.

How long does permanent makeup last?

Permanent make-up is a gentle and weakened version of a tattoo, not to damage the face with a strong lesion, aggressive pigment is not applied, but it is injected into the outer layers of the epidermis. Such a technique is also needed so that the woman does not have time to get bored with the chosen eyebrow style, and after the natural convergence of the result, she could change it to another. Alternatively, she can correct the shape of the hair stroke permanent make-up if she did not like the previous technique performed.

Usually the final result lasts for about one year. If a womanhas oily skin, and the dye that is used not very dark, its retention time is reduced, and permanent make-up begins to fade faster. In the best case, the excellent work condition lasts up to one and a half years.

Correction is carried out at a suitable time chosen by the lady, but the optimal time for repeating and overlapping the previous result is a year. During this period of time, the previous effect fades enough, and the epidermis is restored before the next injection of pigment on the eyebrows.


Prices for eyebrow permanent and semi-permanent make up are quite high, it depends on the amount of the work and the degree of coloring the eyebrow with pigment. The price gradation mainly depends on the quality of the pigment and the popularity of the salon and area where is located.

The work is done during one visit to the cosmetic center, and for one visit different specialists take from 200$ (new specialist, where the quality of the effect does not always coincide with expectations) to 2000$ (in such places there are usually a large number of quality guarantees and reviews from previous clients). The high price does not always correspond to the high quality, therefore, you should carefully approach the place in which you will perform the work.


Eyebrow hair stroke permanent make up is designed to duplicate the semblance of natural hairs. Using this technique, a woman can change the shape or give volume and density to the hairs. To obtain a high quality result, you need to follow the instructions and testimony of the specialist, this is the only way to create a neat result that does not have to be corrected.

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